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    CanadianPittbull reacted to Animewarsdude in Star Wars: Rebellion Deluxe Edition   
    In the event that someone did want to use miniatures in place of the Leader tokens, despite having to refer back to them for tactics values and such, and that you have a copy of Imperial Assualt's core set then you would need:
    Rebels: $62.41
    Mon Mothma
    General Dodona
    General Rieekan
    Princess Leia (IA)
    Luke Skywalker (IA, included in core set)
    Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight
    Han Solo (IA)
    Wedge Antilles
    Lando Calrissian, Hero of Taanab
    Chewbacca (IA)
    Crix Madine
    Imperial $49.82
    Darth Sidious
    Darth Vader (IA, included in core set)
    Grand Moff Tarkin
    Star Destroyer Officer (General Tagge)
    General Veers
    Baron Fel (price unknown, wasn't listed on MM)
    Boba Fett (IA)
    Moff Jerjerrod
    Imperial Dignitary (Janus Greejatus)
    Admiral Piett
    Admiral Ozzel
    Admiral Yularen
    So for the low low price of $112.23 you could have miniatures to replace those Leader tokens.
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    CanadianPittbull reacted to bnorton916 in Painting Twilight Imperium?   
    CanadianPittbull said:
    Yeah I frequent BGG quite a bit and checked but not a lot of actual images of people painting their Twilight stuff (and quite understandable considering the bulk of it). I finished painting the Federation of Sol and they turned out rather well. Now only 13 more races to go. And the Twilight I think I got it for around 40 bucks.
    Nice pictures! Can you post details of what you did?
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    CanadianPittbull reacted to mkevans80 in Painting Twilight Imperium?   
    CP, when I saw you posted a message on the Twilight forums, I remembered your excellent work on his Descent minis, and said "sweet, this is gonna be good..."  And sure 'nuff, those minis look great!  I'd love to see the rest of your minis as you finish them.
    I painted my ships so that every race would have its own color, but not like one would paint regular miniatures (no drybrushing, highlights, or extra colors).  I just got some good spray paint.
    These are the extra colors I did, and which race got them:
    Xxcha light green
    Sol light blue
    Winnu light purple
    Naalu pink
    Saar tan
    Yin white
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    CanadianPittbull got a reaction from hanssaunders in Painting Twilight Imperium?   
    Finally been able to get some images taken of the Sardakk N'orr. Hope folks like what I did here. Had to actually take some time away from it but closer to completion.

    Sardakk N'orr
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