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  1. I think my brother and I have almost all of the Star Wars minis to actually replace the Leader tokens. However it may clutter up the board with too many minis. I will have to try it and see what it looks like once I get my copy of the game. As far as the painting end it would be cool for a pre-painted set but I am looking forward to painting the game myself.
  2. These look fantastic! I can't wait to get around to paint mine.
  3. That's cool. I just think paying to play a Beta seems weird, at least at that price point.
  4. I have a solution. Pick your favourite RPG system and convert Star Wars to it. For the rest there is Star Wars Saga or for us old schoolers there is our Star Wars D6.
  5. What happened to the days of filling out a form that included your RPG experience and then being chosen to playtest the game and signing a NDF on behalf of your gaming group. Being sent the game via PDF for free and then playing and sending in session reports and questions pertaining to the rules and how they work in game? I have playtested a few RPG's that went to print for companies and had my name in them. It was a privilege to be chosen to help round out a soon to be finished product. This PAYING to playtest destroys the very concept. How about you PAY the people playtesting. very backwards FFG. I expect better from you!
  6. Or you could find a D&D miniature that is close enough to represent him on the board. Other option is fantasy miniature companies and again find a model to represent him.
  7. An all Ork Campaign would be wicked!
  8. I attempt to get here and check out what is going on but been busy myself in the last year or so which has led to me not stopping in as frequently as I use to. The boards are kept alive by those of us who still pop in from time to time and keep discussions going. Grimm is a very special game and although it only got one book there is still loads of stuff you can do with it. Lots of additional material found in faery tales and books that inspire. Like said way back when I was using it for a Spiderwick campaign. The next time I can get this to the table I would like to do something Alice in Wonderland inspired.
  9. H.B.M.C. said: Baradiel said: 1. Flesh out the other game lines first. Really? Putting aside Black Crusade as it's the newest, each of the other three lines have heaps of books. I think they've all been 'fleshed out'. That's not say that they can't or won't release more, but it's not as if each line's got a Core Rulebook, a GM Kit and that's it. BYE Gotta agree with H.B.M.C. on this one. At one time a Core Rulebook, a GM's Kit your imagination, and maybe even a players guide and a critter book was all you needed for a fully fleshed out line. The rest is all filler. I am really looking forward to this book and actually excited to see something like this come out. One book with loads of potential.
  10. It doesn't surprise me that people see a mix of other games that FFG does in this. It seems like most FFG products whether new or new editions of older games always seem to join the cookie cutter of game mechanics they have at their disposal. Not that it is a bad thing but most mechanics found in one FFG product can be found in another FFG product. I'm not all that keen on the new art direction but it looks like they are trying to appeal a bit to the MMORPG players to maybe tear them away from their computer screens just long enough to play one of these things call a "board game".
  11. I'm interested in seeing just what Second Ed is all about.
  12. I personally think all this whining and moaning over the stats being the same is of the nitpickers kind. The game is great for what it is. Enjoy it and people need to stop expecting it to be something it is not. It oozes theme and character. I love it how the 9 times out of 10 the people who ***** the most are the ones who have NEVER played the game but just read the rules online. Get a copy or find a friend who has it and play instead of causing hearsay and lies.
  13. Yeah I am sure the next print run might get some better care shown to them. I wonder if the pre-painted sets had any bend to them?
  14. I had done the hot and cold as per the norm with most bent pieces. However there are a couple that are being stubborn as hell and going back to their warped state. It is just the bases but man they just won't stay flat. I thought maybe after I soften them up I will put them in coloured gang bases and then dunk them in the cold and see this that helps. Even found my Duke fig I ordered had a bit of a bend in his base and sword was bent.
  15. Yeah the fact that we are getting plastic Lovecraftian critters is the icing on top of this cool looking cake! So looking forward to this one!
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