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    Two chained decks in ChainBound

    Alright, thanks for the info everyone.
  2. RedMageStatscowski

    Two chained decks in ChainBound

    If two decks both have chains, say 3 for one deck and 2 for another, and they face off, do they both start with the number of chains, or do they cancel out and only the one with more chains start with the difference (in the example, the first deck would start with 1 chain)? Both decks starting with chains seem redundant, but calculating the difference seem too unneeded. What are your thoughts?
  3. RedMageStatscowski

    Personal unofficial Chainbound

    I wonder if anyone else is doing this. Unofficial ChainBound events among friends (or, in my case, my own decks), with the stats tracked by a spreadsheet. This way, any chains are contained within the same group of decks and players and is separate from official events where you could be up against anything. Here's my results for my four decks after one 3-round proxy tourney: It's actually fun to run these mini unofficial tourneys. Thoughts of running small unofficial tourneys?
  4. RedMageStatscowski

    Rules updated Jan 17

    So my deck with three biomatrix backups can be played without anyone trying to loophole it? Nice.
  5. RedMageStatscowski

    Am I weird here? Self deck testing

    I take my deck testing one step further. I put them into a tournament environment, where I play all the decks against each other, with tournament scoring and pairings. I'll be able to gauge their relative strengths to each other this way.
  6. RedMageStatscowski

    Production order or bad luck? (Got 2 pairs of same factions decks)

    I'm from Australia too, and when I got my first 3 decks, I was also surprised with the same houses appearing. The 4th deck is fine though. 1st: Sanctum Shadow Untamed 2nd: Brobnar Dis Untamed 3rd: Dis Logos Untamed 4th: Brobnar Logos Mars All those untamed, and mars came in late. But even then, they each have their own styles of untamed, so not that bad.
  7. RedMageStatscowski

    Tournament Document Doesn’t Define “Dice”

    Hehe, a little off topic, but is that a fellow Anima icon I see?
  8. RedMageStatscowski

    Tournament Document Doesn’t Define “Dice”

    Because using spindowns are too risky because the chance of it shifting and changing values because of a simple bump, accidental or otherwise, is high. Tokens never change value when bumped, unless you have your pile of tokens right next to your ID card, which shouldn't be the case. We're not trying to stop you from having fun, we're trying to prevent issues from happening in the future.
  9. RedMageStatscowski

    Tournament Document Doesn’t Define “Dice”

    Why are we even arguing at this point. If he wants to use spindowns, how does that affect us? At most, he'll be refused entry to tournaments, and that doesn't affect us at all.
  10. RedMageStatscowski

    Tournament Document Doesn’t Define “Dice”

    What about the counters in Too Many Bones? They're still called dice even though you never roll them.
  11. RedMageStatscowski

    Tournament Document Doesn’t Define “Dice”

    If players are meant to memorize the board state at all times, there would be no need for counters. Counters are there to help remember, because there are generally a lot of other things to keep track of at a time. And what's to say neither player would try to cheat when the spindown is replaced after a bump? The owner might claim it was higher than it actually is, or the opponent might claim it was lower than it actually is.
  12. RedMageStatscowski

    Tournament Document Doesn’t Define “Dice”

    Two questions then: What would you do if you have your spindown to count your aember, and then a passerby bumps the table, the spindown rolls, and nobody remembers how many aember you had? What would you do if you go to a tournament and the marshal refuses to allow you to bring the spindowns and refuses to listen to your arguments?
  13. RedMageStatscowski

    The Girl that Punctually Realizes Castles

    My three decks at the moment are: Commando Cirina Scarletpiggy (Piggy? Really?) The Proportionate Stalwart (Behold, the fabulously proportioned archon) The Misfit that Prepares for Conspiracy (an actually ok sounding name)
  14. RedMageStatscowski

    Tournament Document Doesn’t Define “Dice”

    What's wrong with using normal tokens anyway? And with regards to RAI vs RAW, shouldn't we always play games as the designers intended? Feels like a jerk move to try and find the smallest loopholes that the designers may have missed.
  15. RedMageStatscowski

    Tournament Document Doesn’t Define “Dice”

    Don't you feel you're misunderstanding the reason why they don't allow dice as counters? Specially if the venue is crowded, it's highly likely for the table to be bumped by nearby people, if not intentionally by a cheater. Such a bump can move and modify the value of a die used as a counter, normal or spindown. If players forget the original value, the game wouldn't be able to continue. This is the danger of using dice as counters.
  16. RedMageStatscowski

    Tournament Document Doesn’t Define “Dice”

    Can I just point out the game Too Many Bones use dice as counters often. Examples include Boomer's Boom Counter and Tantrum's RAGE!. These counter dice are d6s, but never rolled and are usually spin downs. The game still calls them dice, because of their shape.
  17. RedMageStatscowski

    Rulebook Updated 11/16

    That feels so weird that the opponent makes decisions for your card.
  18. RedMageStatscowski

    Tournament Document Now Available

    Lloyd and Linus play KeyForge? Think the others in that example are called Legault, Jaffar and Nino?
  19. RedMageStatscowski

    Gambling Loot Box Blind Box

    Even from the previous thread, Lace still has not answered my question: If such a "gambling" game exists, and others enjoy it, does it negatively impact you at all? You can choose not to pay, you can choose not to play. You won't have to "gamble" anything, so why are you so adamant in ruining other players' fun?
  20. RedMageStatscowski

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG the new EA - Part 2

    Maybe because this one isn't as much of a flame-war as the Keyforge one... yet
  21. RedMageStatscowski

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG the new EA - Part 2

    The thread in the KeyForge forum got removed. Do you think this one will get removed too? FFG finally clearing out the troll bait.
  22. RedMageStatscowski

    Release date?

    Do we know when the release date is? Like, retail release. Really want some decks, and I couldn't go to GenCon.
  23. RedMageStatscowski

    Why Play KeyForge?

    I love the meta-less gameplay. I can play my own deck without anyone calling it trash. I can play in tournaments confident I won't have to face the same cookie cutter net-deck that 90% of the players brought. I can get fully built decks without having to search for $50 ultra rare cards.
  24. RedMageStatscowski

    Strengths vs weaknesses

    Don't blame the decks, blame the players. That's what I always like to say. A great player with an average deck will win more often than an unskilled player with a top tier deck. A knife might seem like a poor weapon in a gunfight, but a knife in the right hand can end a gunfight before it starts.
  25. RedMageStatscowski

    Replacing MTG for middle class casuals

    I think Lace is thinking that the act of a customer handing over money to a shop clerk in exchange for an unknown deck is gambling, even though the customer gets exactly what they paid for: a deck. Personally, as a TCG veteran (Pokemon, YuGiOh, Magic, and currently Vanguard), I love this cheaper way to enjoy card games, and would never call this gambling. If I get a deck that seems 'stronger' (very unlikely, but admittedly always a possibility), there is the chain mechanic that'll help, so I don't have to simply buy more decks to balance my collection.