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  1. When: Saturday 30th January Where: The Games Shop, 6 Wellington Street, Aldershot. Starts: 14:00 or 2 o'clock if you prefer. Entry: £3.00 Format: Standard Constructed - So basically everything that is currently released. Prizes: I finally have a League Kit!!! After a valiant battle the forces of light managed to stop the forces of darkness' advance, but now can they turn the tide and force as retreat?
  2. When: Saturday 30th Where: The Games Shop, 6 Wellington Street, Aldershot. Starts: 10:30 ish Entry: £3.00 Format: Standard Block Constructed Prizes: Yup Need I say more? You know the score now chaps, build a deck out of the five point stuff and get your badselves down here!!
  3. Just to make life easy: javascript:void(0);/*1262612228675*/
  4. Tuesday said: www.commitone.com Maybe this as a format at nats Persuade (or bribe) me ............
  5. OK, just briefly as I haven't worked the whole thing out yet, but I have had several people ask already I will impart the little knowledge that exists: Date: Don't know yet, possibly March, Possibly May, not sure yet Where: The Games Shop, Aldershot - I make no apologies for this, I have travelled this country and others for tournaments, but I work in a shop with 2200 square foot of gaming space that I can use for free. Format: There will be two events, one Standard, one Legacy, that way people can play in what they want to play in and say good bye in their own way. Prizes: Buggered if I know, what ever I can beg, borrow or steal really. There you go, that is the current state of play.
  6. Coming soon.........UFS UK Nationals 2010..............The wheels have been set in motion............More News to follow.............. I shall not go quietly in to the night.....................
  7. With the very sad demise of the game my boss obviously would like to get rid of as much stock as possible, as a result please find below a list of everything we have left: Street Fighter Akuma Vs Ryu Battle pack @ £1.00 3 available Street Fighter Starters @ £1.00 Dhalsim - 2 available Ken - 1 available Ryu - 1 available Street Fighter Dark Path Starters @ £1.00 T.Hawk - 2 available Ryu - 1 available Chun-Li - 1 available Street fighter Domination starters @ £1.00 Sakura - 3 available Ken - 2 available Akuma - 2 available Sagat - 2 available Street Fighter Extreme Rivals Boosters @ 50p - 16 available Fight for the Future Boosters @ 50p - 18 available Domination Boosters @ 50p - 23 available Warriors Dream @ 50p - 17 available Deadly Ground @ 50p - 36 available King of Fighters/Samurai Showdown Starters @ £1.00 Terry - 2 available Haohmaru - 1 available Ukyo - 1 available Cutting Edge Starters @ £1.00 Rock Howard - 3 available Yoshitora - 2 available Hoahmaru - 2 available King of Fighters 2006 Boosters @ 50p - 24 available Flames of Fame boosters @ 50p - 48 available Soul Caliber III Starters @ £1.00 Voldo - 2 available Nightmare - 1 available Astaroth - 1 available Flash of Blades Boosters @ 50p - 23 available Soul Caliber IV Starters @ £4.00 Cervantes - 1 available Siegfried - 1 Available Quest of Souls Boosters @ £1.75 - 24 available ShadoWar Starters @ £4.00 Astrid - 2 available Ragnar - 2 available Zi Mei - 2 available Yi Shan - 2 available Dark stalkers Realms of Midnight Boosters @ 50p - 39 available This is a first come first served offer, we can't keep stock back for anyone, sorry. We can take payment via PayPal or Credit Card over the phone, or cold hard cash if you pop in the shop. Postage cost will vary depending on amount and on if it is 1st or 2nd class, etc. Please call the shop on 01252 311443 to place order, no orders will be processed via these message boards.
  8. The messenger ran in to the throne room, sweating and out of breath. "My lord tis truly a Christmas miracle, Esdevium have finally got the league kits and we shall have them in time for Saturday's joust!!" All in the room did rejoice.....
  9. As it is Christmas, Uncle Steve has managed to, ahem, acquire the following cards for those coming down on Saturday: *Lizardman* *Yun-Seong* *Sophitia* Arrayed For Battle Everyone will get a full play set of all four cards. Merry Christmas
  10. Hmmm, I know, **** Michael and his Chaos deck........ You could swap sides too!!
  11. GAME ON!! Esdevium got the pre stock about 30 minutes ago and even if I have to go and get it myself I will have a pre-release on Sunday!! So get yer bad selves down here!! Not sure what will happen for everone else I'm afraid, looks like it may be next week, I am still waiting for Esdevium to give me an answer on that, sorry.
  12. When: Saturday 19th December Where: The Games Shop, Wellington Street, Aldershot Starts: 14:00 or 2 O'Clock in old money Entry: £3.00 Prizes: League Kit if it has arrived or something else if it hasn't. Format: Standard Constructed using Core Set and Skavenblight Expansion. The battle of Mordheim went badly for the beleagured Empire and Dwarven forces, the chaos polluted city proving no place for a sane man to stand his ground. With winter starting to bite hard the forces of good have been forced to retreat through increasingly inhospitable weather. The small town of Siegfriedhof, home to the Order of the Raven Knights, may offer some respite..............
  13. When: Saturday 19th December Starts: 10:00 Where: The Games Shop, Wellington Road, Aldershot Entry: £3.00 Format: Standard Constructed Prizes: It's Chrismassssssssssss!! (just say it in a Noddy Holder fashion ) OK, last big mash up of the year, fun and festive frolicks for all!! The new SCIV may or may not be legal, depends if it is even out by then. Come down for a bit of season madness!!
  14. This event is still going ahead, despite the rumours (Rhys ), so get yer buttocks down to Hampshire and turn back the tide of Destruction!!
  15. Ross Esdevium have the Store Champs Kits, all Patriot have to do is pay for it.
  16. Sorry, it's postponed until Sunday 6th December now, well, in theory anyway...............
  17. Hi Guys, I'm sorry to say that it has happened again and the stock for pre-release will not arrive in the UK until next week at the earliest. In theory the stock is being shipped to New York now in time to catch Esdeviums restock, this weekend is Thanks Giving in America, a notorious time when the country pretty much shuts down so the lardiest country in the world can get even more lardy. Dave how you want to handle this is totally up to you mate, I totally understand the players and the shops frustrations, I'm going through it myself, but whatever you end up doing is cool by me. If anyone has any major worries or questions call me at work on 01252 311443
  18. If by tomorrow you mean Wednesday then you may struggle there, Esdevium don't have the stock yet. Why am I getting that sinking feeling again?
  19. Always assuming that the stock turns up on time this will start at 13:00 on Sunday 29th November.
  20. You were all warned ...................
  21. Wytefang said: Wow, talk about a slow FLGS. If our local games stores were THAT far behind the curve for a new release that's showing up everywhere else (at least in the USA), I'd dump them and either find a new one or just shop online, like you said. Cheaper anyway, really, to do that. And with board games creeping up in cost these days, it's almost a necessity. I don't think the day is far away where this hobby will be bought and sold entirely through online e-tailers. North America will always receive products before the RoW due to the nature of the economy built in to this kind of hobby. The UK and Europe barely makes up the turn over of one American state in some cases. As such I can understand the various manufacturers favouring their higher grossing markets. Unfortuantely a lack of same day world wide release dates leads to resentment and apathy toward some companies and products which only serves to cause customers to stop buying certain games, which sucks. FFG are notorious for their inability to launch products at the same time around the world, let's face it, half the time they won't even commit to when it will be available anyway. As for there ever being at time when there will be no B&M stores? That will never happen imo, internetters need B&Ms to generate new players and to provide venues. OK there may be community centres/scout huts/pubs used for events, but how often do you see MtG demo'd at the local YuGiOh tournament? It rarely, if ever, happens, demoing is the bastion of the B&M and an essential part of the gaming hobby. Anyhoo, enough derailing, I'm miffed it won't be here for another week, but I will be buying three.........
  22. Store Champs Tomorrrow guys, turn up or the kitten gets it....................
  23. mikelosaurus said: Hey Rhys - you realise this is the same day as Dragonmeet...? This isn't Rhys
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