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  1. When: Saturday 10th April Where: The Games Shop, 6 Wellington Street, Aldershot. Starts: 14:00 Entry: £3.00 Prizes: League Kit Format: Constructed Swiss The Empire trembles as the foul hordes of darkness continue their advance deep in to the heart of the Empire. Town after town falls before their unwavering brutality, surely Altdorf will be reached or can the Empire and their allies finally halt the invasion? Build your deck, come down and join the fun!! Any questions please call us on 01252 311443.
  2. I had a fantastic weekend, it was great to see people make the effort for a "dead" game. Grats to Bevan for taking the win on Saturday and Grats to Rob for winning Sunday. Thank you all for making it a cool event, I think I may run the odd event the future now........
  3. 26 Different Legacy promos and 23 Five Points + Incrementals
  4. A 61lb (or about 30 kilo if you like) box turned up from Fantasy Flight today, packed with more promos and incrementals than you can shake a stick at!!
  5. squall14 said: Also, is Chun-Li definitely NOT banned for the legacy highlander? Referee Mills Lane says "She's Legal!"
  6. Instead of taking part in or as well as taking part in Legacy, lets see how many people we get, could probably run both one after the other. I have a truck load of stock to use up, it's looking more like THREE Decks and I don't know how many boosters for the sealed event.
  7. Antigoth said: When exactly are your nationals? 27th and 28th March, you fancy coming over? It would be nice to see colonials!
  8. Sunday Side Event of Doom!! Starts: Half an hour after the Legacy Nation Entry: £5 Format: Sealed For your hard earned you will get One Random Starter/Battle Pack plus at least Ten Boosters to build your deck with. The exact amount of stock will depend on how many people enter, the fewer there are, the more people will get.
  9. So far the response to this has been totally underwhelming, the grand total of nothing has turned up, no one has called or emailed me about it. That kind of sucks in my opinion, but then again, it's about the same response I got from FFG.
  10. Totally unashamedly asking if anyone has anything they would like to contribute to the prize pool at Nationals? I have mostly acquired a lot of stuff so far, but as this is the final hoorah I was hoping to make it super extra special for all of those that venture to deepest darkest Hampshire. So if any player groups, T.O.s or shops would like to donate to a good cause I would be eternally grateful. You can contact me on 01252 311443 or just sendf your random UFS goodness to: Steve c/o The Games Shop 6 Wellington Street Aldershot Hampshire GU11 1DZ Thank you............
  11. Cunning plan, with one small fly in the ointment, Rhys is playing in/running the 40K tournament, so I'll be on the shop floor. Another plan has struck me though, I can just run both events on the shop floor, there is seating for 10. CHANGE OF DATE - BACK TO THE 27TH!!!!
  12. Sorry guys, both the games rooms are being used for a 40k tournament on the 27th, no room at the inn..........
  13. Oh bugger!! Change of Date!! Now on Saturday 20th February @ 10:00 ish
  14. ** CHANGE OF DATE** NEW DATE: Saturday 20th February @ 14:00 Sorry about the short notice.
  15. Tuesday said: i will do my best sir (nice to see commitone's banned list lol) You better show up, the Sunday was your fecking idea!! @ Ross: given the choice between Aldershot and a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean I know which I would choose I'll certainly be here when the kotai is one so it will be good to see yourself and other Sheffield bods then. If you could prob a few about this though that would be hugely appreciated......
  16. When: Saturday 20th February Where: The Games Shop, 6 Wellington Street, Aldershot. Starts: 14:00 or 2 o'clock if you prefer. Entry: £3.00 Format: Standard Constructed - So basically everything that is currently released. Prizes: League Kit Despite a valiant fight that had looked to have finally halted evil's advance in to the heart of the Empire the forces of light are once again forced to draw back in an attempt to finally mount a defense capable of turning the tide...............
  17. There will be two days of fun and games!! Standard Constructed: When: Saturday 27th March Where: The Games Shop, 6 Wellington Street, Aldershot. Time: Registration - 10:00, First Round - 11:00 Entry: £3.00 Prizes: All kinds of stuff that I have begged, borrowed and stolen. You know the score, today is the Five Point cards tournament. Build a deck, get yer butts down here and play like you have a pair!! Legacy Constructed: When: Sunday 28th March Where: Sames place Time: Registration - 10:00, First Round - 11:00 Entry: £3.00 Prizes: More randomlly acquired thangs. Format: Highlander using this banned list: Current Banned list: •:Cassandra: (SC01) - Casandra was degenerate since day one and in an even more restrictive deck building format she does not get any better. •Enlightenment (SC01) – Card does not work as intended. Additionally if it did work as intended it still may prove to be too powerful •Defender of the Empire (SC04) - Too powerful an effect for it’s “cost”. An argument can also be made that it while it work as intended, as discard protection, it also has unintended effects. Also enables a number of degenerate combos with too many cards. •Higher Caliber (SC07) – Too powerful an effect for its cost. An argument can also be made that it while it work as intended, as committal protection, it also has unintended effects. Also enables a number of degenerate combos with too many cards. •.:Zasalamel:. (SC1P) – Does not work as intended. His character ability in this format proves to be particularly broken, as the format is meant to promoted singleton gameplay and he can still get any card he desires virtually anytime. •:Ibuki: (SF05) – Card is too powerful for “cost”. Her ability is also questionable as it combos so well with so many cards and leads to no escape situations (such as her with Red Lotus of the sun). •Kubi Ori (SF05) – Card is too powerful for “cost”. It is basically a one card combo and with certain starting characters can be a first turn auto win. •.:Dhalsim:. (SF3P) – Card is too powerful for “cost”. can completely shut off multiple deck types and strategies. It’s downside of having a “low vitality” is completely negated by its life gain ability. •.:Hugo:. (SF03) – Hugos ability combined with life total degenerate in the format. Being abile to tutor 3 cards every turn in a format that promotes singleton play is not acceptable. •Ruler of Southtown (SNK02) - Card does not work as intended. Can completely shut games down without any effort because a user can use the remove any number of counters ability when the card has 0 counters, which is not the intended function of the card. •Broken Leg (UFS5P), Broken Arm (UFS5P), Head Trauma (UFS5P), Bleeding Internally (UFS5P) - Card(s) does not work as intended. The card was meant to prevent one attack and then have an ongoing negative effect, but because of how the damage rules work in addition to the amount of recycling and asset sacrifice a player could use the downside almost never happened. The downside of the also did not work on itself, which was unintuitive and unintentional. •.:J Talbain:. (DS02) - Card is Broken. The character was meant to have a 2 sided, double edged sword style ability. In reality it just proved to almost always be a benefit to the owner and a large hindrance to the opponent. •Lord of the Makai (DS02) - Card is too powerful for “cost”. Infinite combo enabler and just bluntly overpowered compared to other cards with similar effects. •Fei Long’s Forward Kick (SF08) -Infinite combo enabler and automatic win condition. When combined with Hanzo the kick is a one card loop (as Hanzo starts in play). One has to be banned and Hanzo has a relatively better balance. If Hanzo proved to be too much this card should be reviewed because other than this degenerate combo the card is otherwise balanced. •Li Long’s Conditioning (SC9P) - Card was never officially released, additionally it is broken and does not work within the format of the games rules. The card is often an Auto win button when drawn first turn and is particularly unfun More details to follow. Now go book the time off work!!!
  18. When: Saturday 27th Where: The Games Shop, 6 Wellington Street, Aldershot. Starts: 10:30 ish Entry: £3.00 Format: Standard Block Constructed Prizes: Yup Time to get your deck sorted and give it a try before next months Nationals!!
  19. c pyrotecnic a said: beven is it ok if i grab a lift down to the event. if so can u text me what time u can pick me up at. Get your brother down, he can play UFS in the morning and YuGiOh in the afternoon!!
  20. I don't have a lot of cards either, still not 100% that I'm going to get in to this. I got a Death Knight starter for free and was lucky enough to acquire a load of chod common and uncommons, plus the odd rare, so I'm trying to build something out of that. It is going to be a busy day, run UFS and Pokemon in the morning, play Dan at Vs, you at WoW and run Warhammer: Invasion and YuGiOh in the afternoon, hurrah!!
  21. Fiddlestix said: lo! I'll be trying to come along to this event, anybody gonna be bringing any of the WoW TCG? How do you look sheepish in text? Erm, I can, I have an Alliance Hunter deck I'm working on............
  22. You know Esdevium have the League kits in now yeah? Get Colin to order one in for you guys..........
  23. I didn't buy much DC, not a fan, Marvel all the way!! I'll have a butchers though as I have some bits and pieces, if I have em you can have em.
  24. Nemesis said: I will be there I'll help to get as many colchester players as we can.. Also in anyone going to be taking any other decks from different games i.e. Yugioh, Raw Deal, VS, Pokemon It will be great to see any of the Colchester guys down here, you know that.......... As for other card games, we have a YuGiOh tournament on in the afternoon anyway, so you could do that if you wanted. I have to run and play in the Warhammer: Invasion tournament in the afternoon otherwise I would have dug out my Hellboy Vs deck, sod it, I'll bring that and my Hellfire Club..................
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