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    You know what to do dude, don't go running round a castle dressed as a medieval dude and come down to Hampshire instead..
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    Ok, just one for now though........ Summoning Evil Action 3 Difficulty, 5 Control Check. Low +2 Block Chaos, Death, Evil. Breaker:1 R: Before Destroying a foundation to pay the cost of an ability, commit it instead. This foundation still counts as being destroyed for the purpose of the ability's cost.
  3. Dude, the is need to say sorry, you haven't done anything that most of us haven't don ein teh past and there is certainly nothing wrong with asking. If I was any good at the game I would pass on much sage wisdom, but as I only win on average one tournament a year and only seem to be able to build decks of Wind or Good I'm not really the best person to tell you what to do. Although I would say that you can't go far wrong with Chester's Backing, Chinese Boxing, Lord of the Makai and Feline Spikes, the down side to that being its expensive to put together. I wouldn't worry about asking about decks and next time I'm back visiting the folks in Newcastle I'll let you know and maybe we can meet up for a swift half and a couple of games.
  4. Joe if you ahve something done that would be great, if not don't worry, it was just an idea and what ever you draw is foing to be better than my stick man drawings........... Love the idea of teh ink blot style, sound very cool.
  5. Crazy Elf said: but on the ffg shop bit the starter box topper is cassandra well thats who is in the image Oh yeah, it is isn't it, I was confusing the SC IV Topper with the prerelease card, bah............
  6. unashamed bump, come to Hampshire, we have cookies!!
  7. Hmmm, can I refuse people begging? For the minute I will tell you this, the Shadowar Starter's box topper is a character and she is not friendly. The SC IV Starter box topper is an Action card with a niffty affect. The two booster dislays get Foundations as their toppers, both of which have a very handy affect on them, especially the Shadowar one. There, I'm sure that helped everyone.................
  8. Nope, not going to, people can wait until the get to a pre, or some other person spoils em ..........
  9. I have one here, sat next to me on the desk, looking all new and lovely.......... Just so you know, it rocks, its rocks more than a load of rocks in a really rocky place, if you aren't going to a prerelease this weekend you are missing out, or you have a life, one or the other................... See, I could spoil the box toppers, but.........
  10. babelfish666 said: It is highly unlikely they will get any rights to star wars (assuming they even wanted it), seeing as how they forgot to get the license for Soul Calibur 4 in the UK and Europe (we're getting prereleases, and then thats about it). One more good point about Shadowar... at least that wont happen. You shouldn't listen to gossip, SC IV will be able in the UK and Europe, so no need to panic. If anybody does have any concerns regarding UFS in the UK please contact me rather than just guessing.
  11. Set 12 is, barring any delays, pencilled in to be released on the 24th according to my paperwork. That would in theory give people 24 hours to come up with something cunning using the new cards, hardly fair really.
  12. You can't pass up the chance it's that simple!! And if you happen to have done anything with the artwork you could bring that down too?
  13. That would be more than cool, always a joy to see you guys down here............
  14. Thats cool, so that is yourself and Bevan confirmed, Sam of the Smithers variety said he would try and get down too, so we are up to nine, hurrah!! Only seven places left to fill then.
  15. I couldnt remember if you said on Saturday that you would be coming down or not so I didn't want to put you down if you weren't, but that is cool, just need a few more willing peeps.........
  16. Ok, as places are fairly limited for this it would be handy if peeps could say yay or nay. So far the names I have are: Me Craig Ray Ray's mate who's name I have forgotten Nick Nick C I only have a 16 player kit and what with one thing or another this is an awsome oppotunity to grab SC IV and Shadowar early.
  17. melfice said: Tallgeese said: Guten label Deutschland!! I don't know what you wanted to write, BUT the word label does exist in germany only as an assimilated form of the english word label, as in sticker. So, your sentence doesn't make any sense. But it isn't offending either, so I think that's fine If you wanted to say something like good day (Guten Tag) or good evening (Guten Abend) I don't know what your translator wanted you to write... Last time I trust an online translator...................
  18. Singapore, its not that far to travel over here! Drop me a line at the above address and I will do what I can, I'm sure I can sort something out. @ Senglon It would be awsome to see some French players over for the tournament, it would add to the international feel with the Swedish players coming too. If I need to sort anything out about sending cards over again could you drop me a line at the above address and I will sort that out. Although you know les rosbiefs will beat les bleus.
  19. Volunteers Needed! With the 3rd anniversary events kicking off this weekend I have had several calls from shops this week to see if anybody would be good enough to drop in for a few hours to run demos, teach the newbies, generally froth about UFS. Having an existing, knowledgable(?) player in store will be a huge help to these guys and a massive help in getting UFS started in the new stores. So if you aren't busy this Saturday or next and aren't a million miles from any of the new stores it would be great if you could volunteer to help out. A huge thanks to Justin who has volunteered to demo at Chimera this Saturday, ever the trooper.
  20. Cascade said: Have we had any information on how many people will qualify for Nats (if there is one) from this? Is it just the winner, top 2, top 4, etc? The Regionals have no bearing on who is allowed to take part in the Nationals, and yes there will be one, I've just started work on the what, where, etc., now. What the Regionals will do is get you entry to the CHampion of Champions tournament, an event that will be ran after the UK Nats later this year. The idea is to finish the Nats on Sunday lunchtime, this will be followed the Champs tournament and other side events to be confirmed. More info to follow, watch this space. Well, not this space perse, otherwise I'd be highjacking the thread even more.
  21. Fiddlestix said: Sorry Tuesday, I'm in Cardiff on the weekend pretending to know about the medival period, which means I'll be missing ALL the pre-releases this time Very annoyed by this, as you can imagine! No dedication some people............... We need to have a conversation away from the boards about this, ways and means dude, ways and means .................
  22. Guten label Deutschland!! Hopefully that translated properly and I haven't just accused somebody of having a donkey for a sister. The PotM finals is indeed on 30th May, in the delightful (?) town of Loughborough. It would be really cool if any of the German players could make it over, we have some of the Swedish and Spanish players coming over, but if you can't then I'm sure I can arrange something. I think the best way to do this is instead of trying to find random people to help you out I will take care of this. What I need you to do is email me at steveg@esdeviumgames.com a full list of how many people need the promo and how many promos you require. What I will do is ship you the cards once I have received them from the states, no need for any 50/50 split or anything. If you could drop me that information or if you have any questions just drop me an email at that email address. Steve
  23. Tuesday said: everybody don't trust steve's car directions , i will try to send my brother to this as i will be in sweden There are no car directions to mistrust! Those who use satnav will have no problems, everybody else can look at a map I'm sure. Yeah send your bro down, its easy to get here on the train, its like two stops past Aldershot and the end of the line, so its not like he could go any further.
  24. ......Wont be in Aldershot!! Due to the shop being closed on Easter Sunday I have had to find a different venue and my better half is kindly allowing me the use of her cafe, hurrah! So the details are: When: Sunday 12th April. Starts: 11:00 am. Where: River Wey Cafe, Alton Community Centre, Amery Street, Alton, Hampshire. maps.google.co.uk/maps Entry: £20.00 which gets a Starter and Six Boosters (£8.00 saving on retail price) Getting There: By Train: Alton is served by Waterloo Train Station, there are trains every half an hour and the journey from London takes just over an hour. On exiting the train station follow signs for town centre, you will walk past the local cinema. Just keep going straight until you get to the bit that goes down hill, walk past Peacocks and you will see the Baker's Arms, turn right in to the alley here. On exiting the alley you will see the library and slightly further on on the left is the Alton Community centre, the cafe is inside. I have checked and trains are running on the Sunday. By Road: This greatly depends on which direction you are coming from and as I don't drive it may be slightly a case of the blind leading the blind if I give directions. Alton is just off the A31, just head in to town centre and the communtity centre is easy to find. There is also a car park serving the centre called The Bank Carpark. You all know the score by now, you get your starter and boosters, you build a deck, you play games, simples. Hot and cold food will available at the venue, including rather scrummy pork and stuffing rolls. If anybody has any questions please drop a line on here or email me at steveg@esdeviumgames.com
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