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  1. You know the meta over the pond is way different to ours, taking something that is powerful over here may prove to be a curve ball deck overe there, possibly giving you an advantage, possibly not. Personally I love the Spike, although I'm getting a tad worried on my reliance on it and probably should find some other way to win, but as with tournaments over here I think you will face many Spike decks over there. I have faced your Akuma deck, it works nicely, but how will Set 12 affect it? I'd be tempted to stick with what you are comfortable with rather than attempting to create a world beating deck with no time to play test. I'm still miffed I can't come to this, love Canada, great country.
  2. Senglon, do you want me to send some acrds over now or are you happy for one of les bleus to collect them when they are over here? If you want them sent I'll need you to drop me an email at steveg@esdeviumgames.com please.
  3. Anyone planning on coming down for this? The missus wants to to know so she can be ready for any food needs as it is the cafe.
  4. It's going to rock like a mofo dude!! I mean, who doesn't want the oppotunity to play our European bretheren? You're not allowed to lose though Bevan, losing will result in ridicule and shame for you.
  5. The Potm Promo cards are here!! There are now many piles of shiney green cards sitting on my desk and they are all you you guys who are coming to Loughborough!! As some of you will have seen from this article: www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp the Americans on got 51 players for their event, we can get more than that!! There will be a European invasion at our event, French, Swedish and possibly Spanish players are coming over so we need a Great British turn out !! We can get more than that can't we? Can't we!!
  6. You'll be late, you know it..............
  7. Hi JJ, good to know you are still alive and kicking. Just a quicky on your card, I was speaking to FFG about this very thing the other day and it was requested that you contact James Hata and arrange to sign the release form for the card, once you've done that it's all yours.
  8. Bump to keep this at the top. It'll get pinned eventually, maybe.
  9. Helloooo New Zealand!! By default I seem to have become sort of the go to person for the Rest of the World, which is cool, I don't mind that. If I could ask you to do what the other guys have done an email me how many you need and where you would like them sent that would be cool. The cards should be arriving from America by the end of this week, once they do I can get them away to everyone.
  10. It would be awsome to see players from any European country over, everybody is welcome....... All the details for the airport and accomodation is in the other PotM thread, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. One question though, where do the French players get their cards, I'm guessing most of you guys will be Paris based, which would be someone like Starplayer, Troll De Jeux, Ludikbazar? Just curious.
  11. Bump and can a mod pin this please.
  12. You both coming down? I thought Mark was away playing the 12 year olds game? And bring Bevan!!
  13. Hi Markus, sorry for teh delay in replying, but you should have the email now.
  14. Tuesday said: stop tryin to give me heart attacks dam u 3rd or may grumble grumble That was not the intention, it is also not my fault, I'm blaming it totally on this daft site and trying to jump between about four other tabs at the same time, my head hurt yesterday........... @ Joe Hell yeah on the Chinese front, I was going to try and organise something anyway, major get together before going to the games club sort of thing.
  15. lets test that theory.. Edit: Nope, just the post you make, not the original one, bah. The date is definitely the 30th May.
  16. Maybe you have some godlike powers or you are an uber haxxor, who knows? I think it is more like you have a certain amount of time after you initially post to go back and edit, after that you are boned. Whatever it is, I can edit the original post.
  17. Oh arse, why doesn't this fething forum have an Edit function!!! the event is on Saturday 30th May, 100% certain of that.
  18. As people are asking and it's about time I posted this, here we go......... When: Saturday 30th May Where: Herbert Manzoni Building, Loughborough University, Loughborough. Entry: £2.00 entry to Con, you'll need Patches for the UFS Event though. Starts: Registration starts at 10:00, Tournament starts at 10:30. Format: Block 3 Constructed. Prizes: To Be Announced, but there will be lots. Getting there: By Car: Loughborough is very near to the M1 motorway, you need to leave it at Junction 23, which is the A512 New Ashby Road. You need to continue down the A512 for about 1 mile, then trurn Right on to the A6004, Epinal Way. The entrance to the University is on the Right, follow sighns for the Herbert Manzoni Building. Please note, I don't drive, I would check the directions yourself before leaving. By Rail: Loughborough is a mainline train station on the London St Pancras to Nottingham line. There are many regular trains from both directions, but please be warned Loughborough has a short platform and you will need to be in the Front Four carriages to get of. Trust me on this, its not much fun trying to leg it down a train with bags because nobody told you this before the train pulled in. Anybody needing train information should check out: http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/ By Air: The nearest Airport to Loughborough is East Midlands Airport. The airport operates a shuttle bus in to Loughborough called Skylink. This service is 24 hour and runs between the Airport and Loughborough Train Station. The journey from the airport in to Loughborough takes roughly 30 minuters. For more information check out: http://www.eastmidlandsairport.com/emaweb.nsf Staying there: Loughborough offers varying accomodation, from traditional B&Bs to hotels of varying prices. Here are a few links to check out: http://www.goleicestershire.com/contact/ http://www.greatcentralhotel.co.uk/ http://www.thecedarshotel.com/ http://www.ramadaloughboroughhotel.com/ http://www.bedandbreakfast-directory.co.uk/results.asp?town=Loughborough&county=Leicestershire&country=England With a bit of hunting I'm sure there will be some thing for everyone. The T Shirt: I will be doing a Limited Edition T Shirt for the event, this will again be restricted to 24 shirts as with the Street Fighter Nationals. The design for the back of the shirt will be: The shirts will be £12.50, with all profits going to charity again. For more information regarding the Convention please check out: http://www.donkeycon.co.uk/index.php If anybody has any questions please post here or email me at: steveg@esdeviumgames.com
  19. When: Saturday 23rd May Where: River Wey Cafe, Alton, Hampshire. Starts: 10:00 Entry: £1.00 Prizes: Yup, I'm sure I will have something to dish out. The idea is simple, build a Block 3 deck, bring it down and test it. Any changes that you want to make between rounds are cool, your sideboard is as big as the amount of cards you bring. The idea is to give people a real chance to test their decks before the following weekend's big finals.
  20. And because I forgot, again! Insert Random Block 3 Tournament Name Here.......................................... When: Saturday 25th April Where: The Games Shop, Wellington Street, Aldershot. Starts: 10:00 Entry: £3.00 or £6.00 for both Prizes: Yes we have those Real simple stuff here, build a block 3 deck, come down to sunny Aldershot, play games, hurrah!! Legacy Rears It's Head Again Tournament. When: Saturday 25th April Where: The Games Shop, Wellington Street, Aldershot. Starts: 14:30 Entry: £3.00 or £6.00 for both Prizes: Yes we have those Same as before but with more cards available.
  21. You harrassed Kenny yet? It would also be handy if a few more from North of the Tweed posted on here any way, it's odd having no Scotts around.
  22. I'll have the full details for PotM Finals posted by the end of this week, sorry about the delay.....
  23. Please mark all letters FAO Steve Graham, it will make life a lot easier..........
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