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  1. Yes they are legal, they have been given out in the States and seeing as we were meant to run our event at the same time it seems slightly churlish to me to stop people playing them. This of course leads to a couple of things, why would you pay for them in advance when you would get them for free at the event? And how do I give them all out before the event actually starts as that isn't what I had planned?
  2. I appreciate all the love guys, and I know that the job I do is appreciated right back, but believe me I didn't post this in some vain attempt to have people tell me how good I am. I posted this becuase I was looking at this huge pile of Rashoteps and wondering why I had them and why only one guy in Plymouth wanted it? If the reason I'm not sending this bits of card out is becuase everyone who wants them has them then is cool, I wasn't aware that FFG had dumped that many copies into the system, but it explains the lack of uptake. If you wan't more copies of the card then send your box tops in, if you don't then it's all good, I'm sure I'll find something to do with them. (Guess which card everybody will be given at Potm! )
  3. www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp So far I have had the grand old total of one, count it, one, person bother to redeem for this. I take it by that stunning response that I shouldn't bother persuading the Americans that we will want to do the redemption schemes in future and not to bother sending cards over here so I can then use my own time to sort it out. Kinda pissed of that only one perosn has bothered, more pissed off that I went out of my way to arrange this and now I look like an idiot for doing it. Thanks all.
  4. As I'm heading home on the Saturday night it will all be finished!
  5. There is a Tesco Express around the corner, plus if you are driving over to mine I can point you in the direction of a proper size Tesco, or Sainsburys and I think there is an Asda somewhere too, but it can all be easily sorted. I really don't fancy people giving me money to buy stuff with in advance, but I may organise something if people wish, mostly as I can get Heather to buy the stuff at Cash and Carry then. I'm going to be getting stuff in, I'm not expecting people to bring half a cow, but you know how it is at these things.
  6. Thought it was about time I posted something about this. This could be possibly the biggest weekend in UFS this year and will all be held here in sunny Hampshire!! First up we have: The UFS Unofficial Legacy National Championship! When: Saturday 27th June Where: The Games Shop, Wellington St, Aldershot. Starts: 10:00 Sign in for a 10:45 First Round Start.. Entry: £3.00 Prizes: To Be Confirmed, but have I ever seen you short? Format: Standard Constructed You all know the score by now, you build a deck, using the current banned list, you head on down here to the fighting capital of Hampshire and you prove yourself in the ring!! Further details, should they arise, will be posted up here. The Great UFS Barbecue!! When: Saturday 27th June. Where: In my garden. Starts: On the Saturday night Entry: Free Format: Please bring something to cook on the bbq, I'm not that rich. Basically lets have a party, eat various meat poducts in bread type objects, maybe drink the odd falling down water and possibly annoy my neighbours. I'm trying to organise a Street Fighter IV competition for the night also, but this depends on weather, and borrowing a PS3. Anyhoo, you get the idea. The South East Regionals!!! When: Sunday 28th June Where: The River Wey Cafe, Alton Community Centre, ALton, Hampshire. Starts: Registration @ 10:00, First Round @ 10:45. Entry: £6.00 Format: Standard Block Three Constructed. Welcome to the biggest, the baddest, most kick ass Regional tournament going! This is the tournament that will sort the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff, the English from the skirt wearing jocks!! Ok, this may be bigging the tournament up just a tad, but you know it is gonna be a blast. This will be a standard constructed tournament, using the most up to date banned list. Depending on turn out we will cut to a Top 8, unless we get hordes of people, and then we'll go top sixteen, Diversity will be in effect. Some Useful Links: Local B&Bs: maps.google.co.uk/maps National Rail: www.nationalrail.co.uk/ AA Route Finder: www.theaa.com/route-planner/index.jsp If you have any questions please give me a shout.
  7. floating fatman said: Pleased to know the click are Scotland's UFS HARDEST! Lmao, they wear skirts dude!! @ Ross, Kirkcaldy is East Coast and Ayr is West Coast, its not a huge distance, but would take about 3 hours on the train to get there, or just over an hour for the Glasgow players
  8. Hey, welcome to the UK!! The nearest UFS group that I'm aware of is Glasgow I'm afraid. Having had a look at the list at work there is lack of gaming shops in Ayr I'm afraid, so it looks like a trip to Static for you.
  9. A: You are not a mod, feel free not to tell people what to do, especially in caps, that's just rude. B: Not everyone feels confident posting in a global deck building forum, especially new players. C: What is wrong with posting a deck in this forum? I would agree with you on the multiple thread thing though.
  10. Does this mean somebody has actually spoken to Mark at EXIT and explained to him that he has to order the Regional kit in? Just wondering as the last time I spoke to him nobody had and it is a hell of an assumption to belive he will do it if somebody doesn't have the decency to talk to the guy about it first.
  11. Of course, there is the fact that every colonial now knows that if they face you then it will be Akuma time........... Just thought I'd throw that in there..........
  12. Tuesday said: dammit people i keep seeing new messages. maybe one day one of them will be help only kidding Put your cards in deck protectors, hope that helps..........
  13. Speedsta said: Tallgeese said: This been solved? Yes, but now we need to solve exactly why Matt has been keeping secret pictures of me and Dan....... Don't we all? Erm, ok, I'll just be over here pressing the delete button.............
  14. Zzasikar said: B-Rad said: I dunno who ya are but I had a good laugh on that one. I'm pretty insignificant. I'm not cool enough to roll with the big boys of UFS like the afforementioned team, but a boy can dream *sigh*. Says the only person to hold three seperate National Titles at once..................
  15. IOf Ross doesn't solve the problem by sending you the form JJ let me and I'll sort it, but tbh, you are far more likely to get a fast response from Ross than you are from FFG........
  16. lol Mark, I'm well past the PotM finals, pretty much finished sorting the Legacy Nationals/ My Regional weekend and have now started on the Official UK Nationals, although I wish I didn't have to work so far in advance. Right, as far as the event is concerned there is nothing set in stone yet, but at the minute it is looking like the event will be held in Leicester on, possibly, the final weekend in September. Please don't go quoting this as 100% what is happening, I have so many things to sort of, but rest assured, as soon as it is all sorted I'll be posting left, right and center about it!! Right, enough derailing topic........
  17. As Shajir says, a lot of the decks posted in Deck building on here are not necessarily (sp?) the good decks, lets face it, most people aren't going to post their super secret tech before a major national. That said, a lot of the Canadian and American teams have their own message boards, they may be worth have a look see at, but I'm sure you already thought of that.......
  18. Matt, the moron at work took your number down wrong, sorry, he is a tad special though. As a result I can't return your call, it is not a case of me being rude. I'm not even sure if you hit teh forums from work, but devoid of any otherw ay of getting a message to you. Anyhoo, could you call me back please fella. Steve
  19. Remind me before the event and I'll bring them along, I have a memory like a metal thing with holes in it....... Filth FTW!!
  20. Awsome, the more the merrier, and I know that feeling Rob, even after my fantastic showing on Saturday, 2nd in the Block 3 and 1st in the Legacy, Old Skool Tira + Spike = Filth Win................ Bevean you may want to check with Mark, I have a feeling that is the weekend he is away visiting our Canadian bretheren, if Craig is wanting to come down he may be scrounging a lift.
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