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  1. Started looking at flights and hotels for this, I would love to come over and it is a great excuse to take my better half to Paris. Having fun reading the website too, man is it tsting my school grade French..........
  2. Admiral Ren said: i would liek one Cool, let me know what size and a location and I can get a price to you, Paypal ok?
  3. Ok, so after the event we have a few shirts left: 2 x Medium 3 x Large 1 x X Large Be the evny of your gaming group by wearing one of these shirts!! Yes I will ship outside of the UK too, so it doesn't matter where you are in the world you are you can show everybody that you had thirteen months of pain!
  4. Bon jour !! That is about the extent of my french. It will be great to meet up with you guys and I'm really pleased that you guys have made the effort to come across for this, merci beaucoup, it is more that some people in this country would do. We'll see you in the White Horse tomorrow night then.........
  5. Icky and Dizzy did try to get something going at Inner Sanctum, unfortunately I don't think anything really got started though, Maybe now is a good time to have another go at it? Not sure how you would go about getting hold of them, but there are others on here who will know.
  6. Oh yeah, a time may of been a handy thing to mention............. I was thinking of heading over at about 6 ish for a couple of drinks and then do food after that, so 6:30 ish, later if needs be, I'm flexable.
  7. Korrin said: I'll have the XXL mate if that's okay, unless you've already included mine in those numbers. Kev Yup your's has already been deducted from the totals.............. @Antigoth, It would probably be about $5-6 US, slightly more Canadian, I'd have to double check. If you would liek one then it is not a problem shipping over seas, but payment would have to be through PayPal.
  8. Bumping like a bumpy thing, page 2 indeed ............
  9. Okly, he had a large so xl for you sir. Xlarge x 8 left then.
  10. Mark that is a fecking awsome result, and certainly something you should be shouting from the roof tops. To 6 - 0 against some of those names is an achievement in itself, something that few people on here could match, especially me. Well done for representing blighty in the colonies, well done for showing we do know how to play and well done for a fecking awsome result dude.
  11. Not sure how many peeps are heading up on the Friday, but for those who are may I suugest a couple of falling down waters and a chinese at this place:javascript:void(0);/*1243260954296*/. It does great food, just ask any of the guys that went at the Street Fighter Nats. Afterwards, well that is up to you guys, you could hit the bright lights of Loughborough () or head of to the local games club to terrify the locals, again. Anyhoo, that is what myself and a few others will be doing, join us.
  12. Ok, I'm a bit late putting this up, but I didn't get teh shirts back until Saturday. Anyhoo, the PotM shirts look like this: Here you can see them being modelled by a sexy (?) bunch of misfits mostly known as Ray, Bevan, me and Craig. The shirst are availabe in four flavours, medium, large, extra large and gamer. I only had twenty four printed and seven are gone already! The shirts cost £12.50, with all profits going to charity. Currently I have remaining: Medium x 2 large x 5 XLarge x 9 XXLarge x 1 If you would like to reserve a shirt please let me know as soon as please. Otherwise the shirts will be onsale at PotM.
  13. Yarp, not legal, as the (hopefully) new Canadian Champs says.................
  14. No worries with using proxies on Saturday, I'm sure somebody will have at least one version of the card kicking about. I'm planning on bringing down all my folders, although my set 12 one's are a tad short as I haven't bought any yet. As for parking, follow the signs for BANK carpark, that is the one that serves the community centre where we will be. Alas there is a lack of strippers, this is a small, Hampshire market town, we don't have such things. The patches are already in my bag, along with the rest of the prize support for tomorrow, its another Steve gets generous day........
  15. Crazy is the way to go man!! Or you could try both, the amount of cards you bring is your sideboard, so if you bring 17 decks, you have a 16 deck sideboard, although that is a tad extreme.
  16. Oooh, pretty lights...................
  17. Good Luck Mark, Bring It Home!! Oh yeah, make sure you liberally use the "Eh" and "Whats than all aboot" in conversations, it will convince them you are a local............
  18. They had 51 at the event in North America, I'd love to get past that
  19. babelfish666 said: Cool, i currently have asked 2 people, one who wants to come and just needs to get the evening off work, and another who probably can come, but has only just got back into the game with set 12, and so isnt really too fussed about competitive play. But i will see what i can do. Do any of us really play that competively? Nah, we need as many as we can get, I want to make the event organiser cry when we need yet more room, I want to get more than the North MAerican PotM, but mostly I want it to be a fecking awsome day.
  20. Yes, you only need one patch to be able to enter the finals. If you wanna give them away so others can join in I'd be stoked, we want more bods than the colonials so the more the merrier...........
  21. Hewittzil said: Tallgeese said: Yes they are legal, they have been given out in the States and seeing as we were meant to run our event at the same time it seems slightly churlish to me to stop people playing them. This of course leads to a couple of things, why would you pay for them in advance when you would get them for free at the event? And how do I give them all out before the event actually starts as that isn't what I had planned? Playing devils advocate, it doesn't feel churlish at all. One of the points of PotM is to hand out promo's to players who have slaved for thirteen months of pain for the patches. To have the PotM promo legal for the event; and follwoing this logic to have players able to use and play a card at the event that opponents will (legitimately) be given only after they have played against these players seems wrong. Even more-so on the basis that the PotM promo is given to players in recognition of the effort they have put in, which could be seen as bitter if others have and are using the promo before them. Also the fact that you can obtain the PotM card from the States to be playable at an event where the UK copies are being handed out doesn't sit right for the players who have put the effort in for the patches. Personally speaking, I haven't attended the patch tournaments. I've got a few patches, but I've actively avoided mono-symbol tourneys as much as possible. It doesn't sit right that I can go on the trade forum, acquire the PotM promo and play it at the event when there are other players who will be waiting expectantly to receive copies of a promo that they have worked for. While there is nothing to stop players with patches from trading for the PotM promo before the event, it does make the patches themselves irrelevant. Totally valid point there Matt, and one I hadn't actually thought through properly. As a result of this I am going to make a massive u turn, possibly annoying some along the way and say that the PATH OF THE MASTER PROMO WILL NOT BE LEGAL IN DECKS. If you have already created a deck with them in then I'm sorry, but there are still two weeks before the event, so there is time to make changes. If you want to test those changes you can always come down to my Pre-PotM Tournament on the 23rd May.
  22. Well I sent plenty of prize support up to Glasgow, including Patch event kits, so it woudl be a shame if you guys missed out on the final. If you do come down don't forget teh ptaches!!
  23. Are any of you bods from north of the border coming down for the Path of the Masters fInals? @ Floating, not sure when you move over here dude, but it would be cool if you made it down too.
  24. Cascade said: Well I'll be coming down for the Regional, probably get a hotel for Saturday night, I'll try to attend the bbq as well. How big is Alton, Steve? Would I be able to get a taxi to and from the hotel to your place without murdering my wallet? Would be awsome to see you dude, you gotta try and get down for the over cooked meat madness! Erm, Alton, well lets put it this way, if you walk at a normal pace it will probably take you about 30 minutes to walk from one extreme to the other. Nah, the place is a small, Hampshire market town, it would probably take you, ooh, 15 minutes at most to walk to the B&B.
  25. Fiddlestix said: I will endeavour to make the whole weekened, even if it means maintaining sobriety to do some driving to attend. Sobriety on the Saturday night is optional of course, especially if you are crashing here in Alton. If you ciould make it for the whole weekend that would be awsome though dude.
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