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  1. SoulCaliber IV, **** this site and its lack of editing features!!!
  2. Ok, I'm a lazy sod and decided a new thread was the easiest way for me to do this. So prizes: Unofficial Legacy Nationals: 1st Place: Incremental Set of SNK Flames of Fame and SF Warrior's Dream + Promos. 2nd Place - > down: Promo goodness until I run out. Hampshire Regional: 1st Place: Incremental Set of Shadowar and SoulCaliber Flash of Blades + Promos + Life Counter + Art Print 2nd -> 4th: Promos + Life Counter + Art Print 4th -> 8th: Promos + Life Counter Particapation: Promo Pack for all.
  3. It would be easy to tell, if I sent it it would have an Esdevium frank label on it, if it was from America it wouldn't............
  4. Lack of bbq mostly, go me and my forward planning.
  5. runnerb3an said: We got ours in Helston... Are you sure I sent them this month and its not just a case of someone finally going in to Exit? Just asking as I haven't sent a thing to anyone as I still haven't received the cards from America yet.
  6. That we have made it to the 18th and no one has really hassled me about the lack of prize support, I know I haven't sent any out, so does this mean everybody has plenty spare?
  7. No and it won't let me post just that.........
  8. Veggy? V e g g y? Erm, what is this veggy that you speak of?
  9. It is with deep regret that I must inform all of the demise of the Great UFS BBQ. Do not fear though, for from the ashes arises The Great UFS Breakfast!!! I have had a chat with Heather and she is going to open the cafe at 9 O'Clock on the Sunday morning so we can all have a serious cooked breakfast before some serious card playing. For those of a more delicate nature there with be other options available. As there seems to be several people staying at mine ( and you are all more than welcome, just remember the sleeping bag) you have slightly less choice in this matter, I want a breakfast so everybody gets to walk down when I do.
  10. So far from talking to people on here and on the it does seem that most people are in favour of having the bannings in place for the event. As such, and with the fact that people are going to have to do a bit of rebuilding, the new banned list is in effect for the Regional and Legacy tournaments.
  11. Funny enough I was contemplating this after reading the SotG last night, as with the Warhammer Crads in Legacy I will leave this open to debate for a few days before making my mind up. I totally understand Mark's point about having to rebuild three decks, but by the same token I understand people being keen to have the ban in effect. Just for the record, my deck was running Chester's and LotM, but not Owlface as I prefer Lynette's.
  12. Bloodrunstrue said: Helston already get the bottom end of the stick. Just curious, how?
  13. COME TO ALTON FOR THE REGIONAL!!! You know you want to ...............
  14. Tallgeese


    You pay and I'll go
  15. That's three yeses, as it means I can run them too..... To give people a chance with deck construction and what have you I think I'll leave this until Thursday night, if nobody raises a serious reason to say no then we'll go with it.
  16. Oh man, don't tempt me, seriously, I get the feeling I would be about as popular as Nick Griffin if I allowed that, but, in the spirit of democracy I will let the masses speak. So, Warhammer cards at Legacy, Yes or No?
  17. ChaosChild said: Oh, and does this mean I can cancel the Steve Graham Memorial Fund? No, I'd still like one of those.........
  18. Hi guys, due to a huge change in my life I am extra keen to make sure that this day is huge. I'm not dieing or anything like that before anyone goes down that road either. Suffice to say things are going to be very different for me from now on, and that is a huge part of why I want to make this the biggest Regional so far. Part of the reason for holding the Regional at the River Wey was to make a bit of money for the cafe and that is even more important to me now. So I'm asking you all, all of you who can make it to Hampshire that day to please come down and join in what I hope will be a great tournament. Thanks Steve
  19. Spoke to Dan yesterday, this event has been CANCELLED and will be rescheduled for July hopefully.
  20. If Ben is coming down to Aldershot for the Legacy of the Regional and people want to send the for collection I am happy with that as long as Ben is.
  21. I'll drop you both a pm with the total in Canadian
  22. Ok, so that leaves: 2 x Medium 2 x Large Grab em whilst they are hot....................
  23. For those who fancy facing our bretheren from across the channel you can find details here: www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp The Current French champions is JJ I believe and wouldn't it be a shame if the title stayed in this country?
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