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  1. deejay said: I was wondering where in the world Aldershot was....[i love that well known mapping software]...I shall have to come and visit as it may be a touch closer than the Heart of England; don't worry Tearmat - I shall make both trips! Waterloo to Aldershot, less than an hour.......... We can just drag Mark and Lee down and make a session of it....
  2. Tallgeese

    UK Nats

    Hey man, awsome that you are planning this! You could try this website: www.bedandbreakfast-directory.co.uk/uploads/estate/html/to-Leicester.htm for cheap accomodation, it's the one I'll be using too. As for trains from Manchester: ojp.nationalrail.co.uk/en/pj/jd2#JourneySID1 looks like there is no direct one, but it's not a scary journey.
  3. I am not a fan of SC or SNK, but I bought loads of that, and I will do the same for Tekken, a game I haven't even looked at since Tekken 3. The joys of living in the "free" world is that we have the right to make our own choices for whatever reason we see fit. If someone wants to boycott Tekken becuase they think the license sucks then great, that is their choice and they are welcome to voice that opinion in a public forum. We won't all agree with it, but you can't take away the right. If you ask twenty UFS players which license they would like to see in the game you will get so many different answers, I would love to see Rival Schools or Guilty Gear added, but for me I don't mind which licenses are added, it all moves the game forward and appeals to a new area of players. If Tekken brings in yet more players then that is a good thing.
  4. Move GenCon to the UK!!! Hate missing out on so much cool stuff.................
  5. Come to Aldershot dude, I'll be ramping the game big style, so getting the league thang going as soon as that is available too.
  6. Tallgeese

    UK Nats

    I fecking hope so!!
  7. Tallgeese

    UK Nats

    Hey Brad No the Nats haven't happened yet. They will be held in Leicester on 19th and 20th September at Phoenix Games. It would be awsome to see any of our North American bretheren at the event, the more the merrier.
  8. Official PreRelease Page: www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp is here. It is due to be held on August Bank Holiday weekend, which in theory means the product would be released on 4th September if FFG stay true to the usual format. That in theory means Tekken would be released two weeks before the Nationals. Personally I'll be running the event on Sunday 6th September in theory. The details are more or less finished and look like this: Starts: 10:00 Entry: £25.00 - Players receive SIX Tekken Boosters, 1 Flash of Blades, Fortune & Glory and Domination Booster, 1 Soul Arena or Dark Path Starter. Prizes: Tekken Boosters and Promos, plus anything else I can find. Anyhoo, enough thread jacking.
  9. Hmmm, Saturday could be a quite day, I only have 2 confirmed and 3 possibles, bugger. I can't play either as I'm working at the same time in the shop, go me and running Pokemon....... I appologise now if it's a **** turn out, I thought a starter and three boosters for £6 may have got a few bods in. Meh, hopefully I'll be proved wrong.
  10. Tuesday said: so does that mean that if we can't get hold of that chase broken ultra in the set we can proxy it No way fella, if you don't have the actual card then no you can't proxy it for Nationals. What I meant about proxies was it allows people to play test before the nationals, it gives people a chance to test out ideas and work out ways to defend against what could be some uber card in the Tekken set.
  11. Yes, it does assume that teh cards will be in shops and on sale by September 11th. Steve H has already said that the whole set will be spoilered over the coming weeks, that will people an idea of what is to come and the abbility to test deck out using proxies.
  12. Tuesday said: is that a big hint mr steve Could be .......... You volunteering?
  13. Tekken 6 will be LEGAL for the UK Nationals.
  14. Ok, there will a sort of casual ish 6X10 Legacy Event in the afternoon for those whgo wish to play. I also need a volunteer or two to demo UFS to YuGiOh players, they need to see the light......
  15. I'll get the kits posted out today, Beven do you want em shipped to Future or Spot On?
  16. UFS Sealed Deck Tournament!! Saturday 18th July Starts at 10:00 Entry is £6.00 Players receive a RANDOM Street Fighter Domination Starter and THREE King of Fighters 2006 Boosters with which to create their all conquering decks. Places are really limited, I only have one Fight Night Kit, so please let me know if you wish to attend. Promos and prizes up for grabs! As I'm also working in the shop now I'm not sure what will happen in the afternoon, but I'm sure I can sort something, what do people fancy?
  17. 411 is the American equivilent of our 118 services, god I'm sad............
  18. First wave of Fight Night Kits have sold out, Wave 2 should be on it's way from America now, hopefully have them late this week or early next. I do have league kits though and if anybody needs one of three please let me know.
  19. shush you, I forgot about that...................
  20. The Fight Night Kits and July prize support has just turned up and is now piled next to my desk....... There has been more response from Europe than the UK for these kits, but those of you who did hassle you local store need to be ready for them arriving..... If anybody wants Dariya spoiling let me know................
  21. I just want want to say a huge thank you to all the people who made the journey to a very sunny Hampshire for the regional. It was a fantastic weekend, I had a great time, despite the odd hiccup on Saturday night. It makes an old man feel very happy to know that so many people are prepared to put themselves out and travel along way to get to a little tournament. Sometimes just saying thank you doesn't seem quite enough, but it is totally appreciated.
  22. Korrin said: Tallgeese said: This is only to be used in case of emergency, i.e., you are lost, late, in floods of tear over Michael Jackson!! THIS IS NOT TO BE USED FOR CALLING ME AT 4 IN THE MORNING!!! Ok, my mobile number is 07902 542 445 So, 3 or 5am will be okay then? See you all tomorrow! Kev Bah
  23. This is only to be used in case of emergency, i.e., you are lost, late, in floods of tear over Michael Jackson!! THIS IS NOT TO BE USED FOR CALLING ME AT 4 IN THE MORNING!!! Ok, my mobile number is 07902 542 445
  24. Hey Theo, you driving down Sunday morning or Saturday afternoon? If in doubt call me at work on 01420 593 593 and ask for Steve G, there are two Steves and people get confused.
  25. The envelope would have had an FFG sticker on it, doesn't mean they sent it. In fact I know they didn't any prize support this month as it was all sent to me and arrived on Friday.
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