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  1. Fiddlestix said: I haz booked and am ready to roll!! Woot!! What if you don't own a copy of Ragnar? Poor little moi, I haven't got any! Woot on the booking, but seriously dude, you don't have a copy of Ragnar? For shame!! Remind me and I'll bring a copy to prerelease for you.............
  2. It's not just peeps from America or Canada we'd like to see over here, any Europeans, mad Kiwis, anyone!! We are a friendly bunch, we even have someone who will lick icing off your face..........
  3. babelfish666 said: Also i would like to see a Block 4 Ragnar Hammer, otherwise we will see cards like amy's and prowess turning up in all the Ragnar decks ruining the stabiness of it all. I'd like to see people stop whinging about cards being too powerful, or broken, or a NPE and go away and actually putting some thought in to how the beat them, but it's not going to happen......................... Just to make everyone really happy: Ragnar's Hammer Tournament - LEGACY
  4. I'm sure Ross will have pointed you in the right direction, but if you need any help contact me at: steveg@esdeviumgames.com and I will gladly help. Also let me know if you need any demo decks or the like.
  5. I'm not so worried about the indirect damage, it is more losing card draw or resource generation. Thanks for answering though guys.
  6. Got to play the game in the flesh for the first time last night and despite being totally robbed twice I lurve the game!! One thing that came up though is can you play units to a burned area and still receive the effect? So for example, can I still play a unit to the Quest area and still benefit from increased card draw or does the effect go with the crumbling walls?
  7. Osiris said: ChaosChild said: Osiris said: Portsmouth U.K Hello from the SOuth Coast *waves* Make sure you find your way up to Aldershot for the release event (once the details are sorted out). Posting this so Tallgeese doesn't have to. Aldershot is but a stones throw away. Probably be a couple of us at minimum? that ok? Osiris The more the merrier dude........... As soon as I have the details for the release event in Aldershot I will be posting them on here.
  8. How many times do you think I will have to ask for this to be pinned?
  9. Senglon said: I would love to come but i think i can't afford that for the moment, income taxes has just arrived and i am unemployed for the moment It would be great to see you again if you can make it over, it would be great to see any of the European players, always is..............
  10. It will be awsome to have all you guys visit the deepest, darkest Hampshire as usual...............
  11. Bumping in the vague hope a mod actually pins this..................
  12. All details can be found here: javascript:void(0);/*1250605910241*/ It would be nice to see some colonials make it over......................
  13. What: UFS UK National Championship. When: Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September. Where: Phoenix Games, 51 Church Street, Leicester. Starts: Registration starts at 10:00, First Round starts at 11:00. Entry: £5.00 Format: BLOCK 3 Standard Constructed, current banned and errata list will be in effect. This will be a Swiss Tournament with a Top Cut. Prizes: Lots of them, but at this minute I am still awaiting news on exactly what they will be. There will be many promos and muchos other stuff. C'mon, have I ever let you guys down? Ok, there has been much discussion about the whole block rotation thing straight after GenCon. As Steve H stated in the video that gives you a stiff neck, we in the UK are free to run what is a major event as we see fit. After much discussion between myself and the management of UFS UK Nats (Plc), it was decided that it would be unfair to make people start rebuilding decks now with such a limited card pool and no real knowledge of the Tekken 6 cards. It was also decided that this would be a cool way to say good bye to the block. I know this choice will not be popular with all, but that is how it is peeps. Getting There: By Train: Leicester is a mainline train station with many connections from the North, Birmingham and London. By Air: There are two airports near by East Midlands and Birmingham International. East Midlands to Leicester: javascript:void(0);/*1250603096600*/ Birmingham International to Leicester: Train from Birmingham International to Birmingham New Street, then New Street To Leicester. By Car: Leicester is right next to the M1, you can't miss it, although many people try. For SatNav types the post code is LE1 3AL. Staying there: Here are a selection of sites that can provide hotel and B&B details: javascript:void(0);/*1250603441250*/ javascript:void(0);/*1250603491433*/ Sunday: Sunday will be the day of the top cut, but do not fear for there will be side events to keep people happy and occupied. So far we are looking at doing: Mini-Block Regional: All the fun of a regional, but only with Five Point Cards. Ragnar's Hammer: Not 100% certain we know what is happening with this yet, but you can only use Ragnar. T Shirt: Not 100% certain there will be one, if you are interested or think it is a good idea please let me know. The design is already sorted, it's Cammy on a Union Jack. Ok, that's about it for now, no doubt I will have forgotten mant things and will be reminded of such over the next few days. As usual, if you have any problems or questions please contact me. Can a Mod Please Pin this!!
  14. For those who are that way inclined the Facebook page is here : javascript:void(0);/*1250601779486*/
  15. Just doing that bump type thing, subtle reminder and what have you .................
  16. If anybody needs the trauma cards I have quite a few at my disposal...................
  17. After a discussion amongst the management commitee for the UFS UK Nationals it has been decided that despite the recent announcement at GenCon the event will remain a BLOCK 3 event. The UK National thread will be posted this weekend, honestly, and I will put all of the details in that.
  18. Tallgeese

    UK Nats

    Any event I plan for the Sunday for those who don't make the top cut will be like that though dude, unless you fancy taking part in two events at once? I had thought about a mini-block event, but I would rather do something a bit more quirky, a bit like the Gief Belt thang. If anybody has any cunning, and not too mental(!), ideas feel free to let me know.
  19. tearmat said: Tallgeese said: deejay says I was wondering where in the world Aldershot was....[i love that well known mapping software]...I shall have to come and visit as it may be a touch closer than the Heart of England; don't worry Tearmat - I shall make both trips! Waterloo to Aldershot, less than an hour.......... We can just drag Mark and Lee down and make a session of it.... I'm sure we can be convinced to travel occasionally....... don't know about getting the Heart of England going regularly agian. We'll have to see what we can do and what the interest develops. But it looks good initially. I'm hoping to do some sort of launch event, haven't quite worked out what or what we could use as prizes as yet, but as soon as I know the exact release date I will put more thought in to it. Beer will be involved at some point over the weekend.
  20. When: Sunday 6th September Starts: 10:00 in the morning Entry: £25.00 Format: Sealed Prizes: Tekken Boosters, Promos and anything else I can find that is funky. Players will receive: • SIX Tekken 6 Boosters • ONE Street Fighter: Domination booster • ONE SNK: Cutting Edge booster • ONE Darkstalkers booster • TWO Street Fighter: Warrior's Dream booster packs • ONE RANDOM SoulCalibur: Soul Arena, Street Fighter: Domination or Street Fighter: Dark Path starter with which to create an all conquering deck of ultimate destruction!!! (yes it does need that many exclamation marks ) Places are limited so be sure to sign up or risk being a social outcast with a taste for Celine Dion and Knitting patterns.
  21. When: Saturday 22nd August Starts: 10:00 in the morning. Entry: £6.00 Format: Sealed Prizes: Oh yes, we have those. Players receive one random starter and three boosters with which to create their deck of ultimate doom. Come on down and join in the fun, if you are lucky I may even let you demo to YuGiOh players.
  22. Is anyone aware of a player group in Telford? Got some random stuff through the post today relating to four players there. There is a reward for information leading to a positive outcome.............
  23. maly said: Warhammer Fantasy Battle is much more poupular than WH40k in my country. That is because Warhammer is a real game and Warhammer 40000 is for 12 year olds................. maly said: Empire FTW I think you will find it is Wood Elves FTW ...................... Where do you get your stuff from Maly, I deal with a few of the Polish gaming stores.
  24. Tallgeese

    UK Nats

    Yup, Tekken will be legal. See this cat, I'm just going to throw it amongst these pigeons over here....................
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