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  1. I've got a large Targaryen focused lot that also includes each of the box sets. It's currently on Ebay, but it doesn't look like it will be selling. I would be interested in a large X-wing collection or $$. http://www.ebay.com/itm/291154746924?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Here is the description for those interested in a possible trade if this one goes offline. This is a huge lot of Game of Thrones LCG cards. I got into the game and had plenty of catching up to do. In order to get as many cards as possible without buying every single Chapter Pack, I traded some cards with factions I did not wish to play. This leads my collection to be primarily geared toward Targaryen and some Lannister. There are several packs that I only traded for cards instead of buying the pack. Also, Several Plots are only one copy each because they were given to me by other players. If you are a fan of the Greyjoys, this lot will not be for you, most of their important cards are the ones I traded off here. Sorry for the detailed list, but I don't want you to not know what you're bidding on. My cards were always played in sleeves and are still in great condition. To reduce shipping costs, I do not intend to send the board or boxes. Tokens will still be included from two box sets. All cards are 3 each unless otherwise noted. Boxes and Cycles are in Bold. Chapter pack names are in italics. If you don't feel like reading all of the list some of the cards to note are; Rhaegar and Harp, Balerion, Dragon Sight, Griff and Young Griff. Core Set x3 (stark cards are only x2) Kings of the Sea Missing 1 copy of An Empty Throne (plot card) Princes of the Sun Battle of Oxcross x2 Threat from the North x2 Attack from the Sea x2 Alliance x2 Lords of Winter Take Them By Surprise x2 Kings of the Storm The Power of Faith x2 Queen of Dragons complete Lions of the Rock Frey Hospitality x2 Breaking and Entering x2 The Art of Seduction x2 Game of Throns x2 Shadows and Spiders x2 A Clash of Arms Fury of the Lion x1 Rhaegar Targaryen Rhaegar's Harp Disgruntled Mercenary Scorched Earth A Time of Ravens A Song of Summer Everything but Fishing Net The Winds of Winter-Complete Other cards Summer Encampment Summer Reseves A Time For Ravens x1 The Tides of War x1 King's Landing A Fistful of Coppers The Dragonpit x1 Tyrion's Chain Mercenary Contract Defenders of the North Pickpocket Khal Drogo Winter Festival x1 Ser Balon Swan Misinformation Golden Tooth Vaults White Hatchling True Power Return of the Others complete except only one copy of Blood of the First Men Brotherhood Without Banners Motley Crewman Rakharo Rakharo's Arakh Vaes Dothrak Deadly Khalasar The Prince that was Promised x1 Campfire Mime Aggo Aggo's Bow Timett, Son of Timett Hidden Vale Pass Blood-Crazed Screamer Lady Stoneheart Knights of the Hollow Hill x1 Stoic Resolve x1 Bungled Orders Dothraki Handmaiden Black Hatchling Tyrion's Thug Shadow Enchantress King Roberts Debt Refurbished Hulk Jhogo Jhogo's Whip Tyene Sand Nymeria Sand Bastard Daughter Blood of the Viper Alchemist's Shop His Viper Eyes Orphaned Recruit Gossip and Lies Secrets of Oldtown At the Gates x2 The complete cycle except for the following: At the Gates Riders of the Red Fork Burned and Pillaged Baelor Blacktide Iron Fleet Raiders Ser Bryden's Guile Famished Deckhand The Iron Cliffs A Tale of Champions Tourney for the Hand Missing; Nightfall The Grand Melee Missing: Euron Crow's Eye Old Bear's Crow The Grand Melee (only have 2 copies) On Dangerous Grounds Only have Meereen Tourney Grounds Ride Them Down The First Snow of Winter x1 Called to Court x1 Where Loyalty Lies Only have Ser Gregor Clegane Trial by Combat-complete A Poisoned Spear Missing: Ser Kyle Condon The Sparr Only two copies of Twist of Fate and Across the Summer Sea Beyond the Narrow Sea Valar Morghulis-complete Valar Dohaeris-complete Chasing Dragons-complete A Harsh Mistress Missing: Longship Red Jester Captured Cog Only two copies of Men of Honor and Men of duty The House of Black and White No cards from this pack A Roll of the Dice Only have the follwing: The Second Sons The Brazen Beasts Meereenese Fighting Pit Dragonbone Bow House of Dreams x1 Lead by Example x1 A Song of the Sea only have the following cards: Missandei Captain Groleo Fleet From Volantis Black Sails x1 Naval Reinforcements x1 Crossing the Ruby Ford x1 Doran's Scheme x1 Pentoshi Deckhand Vhagar Selmy's Scheme x1 Naval Superiority x1 House Targaryen Loyalist Balerion Fire and Blood Torrhen's Square x1 Negotiations at the Great Sept x1 The Long Voyage x1 Venemous Manticore Kingsroad No cards Conquest and Defiance No card
  2. Each set of six Adventure packs use the encounter set from the box before it. The hobbit boxes are a special case at the moment. The core set is followed by the Mirkwood cycle, Khazad-dum is followed by Dwarrodelf, and Heirs of numenor is followed by against the shadow. At this time, the hobbit boxes don't mix with any of the adventure packs. So many key cards are in the core box. While there are plenty of cards out side of the core box, I still don't see a good way to build decks without having at least one core.
  3. I'm looking to trade for one set of the Stark Core cards that only came with one copy in the core set. I have a set of Targ singles (excluding Blood of the Dragon.) A Few other things I have extra; Iron Link x3 Citadel Law x3 I would also be willing to trade via Paypal if necessary. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for all the info, guys. I'll get a chance to put some of it to practice on Sunday.
  5. I've been trying to build up my imperials and I've played a few games at several different point levels. Most of the posts I'm seeing on here seem to indicate that the Empire is winning most games. I can't seem to get it together at all with my Empire. If I take and sort of power ships, like vader loaded with missiles, etc, he just gets shot down first. Regardless of the strong attack TIEs I take, they can't seem to scratch an xwing for anything. Three attack dice in range 1 still doesn't do much to Luke who rolls 2 and gets to turn a focus result into an evade. Even getting multiple TIEs onto the same target doesn't really seem like much of an advantage since he still rolls 2 defense against 2 (normal) attack dice. Anyway, what are the things that make Empire superior? I already know they can outmaneuver the crap out of the rebs. I spent a whole game with two TIEs following a Ywing and couldnt hurt the stupid thing at all.
  6. That's pretty cool. Seems silly, but still cool.
  7. So let's say I have pilots with skill 9, 8, and 5. My 9 pilot has swarm tactics and at the beginning of the combat phase, he uses swarm tactics to give my 8 pilot a 9 skill. If my 8 pilot has swarm tactics as well, could he hand off the 9 over to the 5 skill pilot or just the 8 that he originally had? I'm sure this may not be the intent, but it doesn't really say if you use the base value or the current value.
  8. These should be perfect for the Civ combat cards. I just measured one and it is 2 5/8's for each side. The sleeves (as FFG usual) are just a hair larger than the cards at 2 11/16's.
  9. Awesome. Now to get my group playing the plot order right and we're in business.
  10. While we are on the subject, If I reveal and "outwit" plot card and an opponent reveals "valar morghulis," will I get the chance to cancel it always, or only if my card is resolved before his?
  11. ktom said: KristoffStark said: All "when revealed" effects initiate simultaneously, but those effects resolve in an order selected by the First Player. Correction: all "when revealed" plot effects initiate - and then resolve - in the order selected by the first player. The fact that they do not initiate at the same time (ie, "when revealed" plot #2 initiates after "when revealed" plot #1 resolves) makes a big difference for choosing targets. So in your situation, it all depends on what the first player says. If the first player said "summoning season before waste," then you could get the character(s) retrieved with summoning season. If the first player said to do it the other way around, you could not. Note that plots do not necessarily resolve in turn order. That is, if the first player is player #1, plots do not automatically resolve 1-2-3-4. The first player can choose any order s/he wants. It can be 4-2-1-3 is he so desires (turn order remains 1-2-3-4, of course). I've been trying to convince my group of this but they all swear that it's clockwise from whoever the first player chooses to be the new first player. Can I get a rulebook or FAQ reference to back this up so we can start playing the right way?
  12. I'm brand new to the game and I read in the rulebook that you can only have one copy of a plot card in your plot deck. Quite often, though, you can find three copies of a plot card in a chapter pack. Is this just a side effect of the 3 per pack collation or are there ways (or other cards) to add more to your plot deck? I'm guessing the first, since Valar Morghulis specifically says there can be only one in your plot deck.
  13. Hey guys. I posted on here a while back to get rid of my cards and I just couldn't land a deal. There were several gaps in communication. I decided to post them on that auction site. The lot includes nearly everything (lacking in some core Orc cards) from the core set until halfway through the Morrslieb cycle. It's the only lot up right now so it shouldn't be hard to find and it ends on Sun, Apr 8. Thanks for looking!
  14. The big downside of my situation is watching a drastic change from the guy who used to manage this stuff to the new guy that now has control over it. Pre orders are nice and helpful most of the time. I live in a military town and most of them are impulse buyers. Lots of money can be lost when you don't prepare for impulse buys.
  15. I would love to support my local gamestore, but new management has made it pretty hard for us. He doesn't order enough copies of the APs to go around on the first try. He wouldn't even know about the Osgiliath expansion if I hadn't reminded him several time that it was PoD. He ordered only one copy of the Civ expansion when at least three people had expressed their interest in it and this is the first time ever that I have noticed a mark up on the MSRP. I'm perfectly fine with paying a small mark up (assuming, perhaps, they had to make a separate order and pay shipping for it). They are selling copies at my LGS for 20.00US. LGS's fail when they don't meet the demands of the people that are still willing to buy from them even if the internet is cheaper. I've always bought from my LGS first. But now, I can't expect to get a new game for a month or two after it comes out because he only orders one copy (that an extreme board game fan gets his hands on first, always) and then he has to wait for the second wave of the game, which we all know isn't fast.
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