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  1. I"m not opposed to getting a new version of CotDP. The original is so wonky and there are encounters that really slow the game down. I hate the encounters that drive the game to a halt as you dig through the monster bag trying to find a Hound of Tindolos to encounter. I'll wait and see what comes with this, but I've wasted $20 on more trivial things than this.
  2. There were a lot things that all stacked up rightly. 1. The GOO was Hastur. Usually the Greater Good is a waste, because with just one more clue you can seal instead of spending the 4 clue tokens. But Hastur's 8 clues to seal makes the mission a lot more tempting. 2. It was Luke. His starting postion makes it faster to get the White Ship. He can close a gate quickly and then only needs 5 toughness of monster trophies to grab the White Ship. And with Luke getting a clue everytime he enters an Otherworld space, that means he only needs 2 clues before going into the Other World. That's not too hard, especially if someone gives him a Tome or something that helps out his effort to get some clues. Luke + White Ship is really an awesome combo. I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't Luke.
  3. In my experience, if you're not playing with Innsmouth or Dunwich, winning the game by closing gates isn't uncommon. I've won a number of times by closing gates. I always had 5 gates sealed, and then while digging around for more clues, it occurs to me that I could just close the dumb gate(s) off and win that way. And if the 2 Mythos cards come up in your favor, then there you go.
  4. Usually when I play Arkham Horror, the game seems to screw me on purpose. I might be in the final Other World space before I come out to seal..and then I pull one of those dual-colored Other world battle cards and get devoured. Or I'll be rolling 6 dice to close and seal in order to win the game--and I roll 2,4,4,3,2,1 and then the next Mythos wakes up the GOO. But not today. I usually set up everything randomly. Random GOO: Hastur. Random roard: Kingsport. Random investigators: Luke, Trish, Rex, and Gloria. On my first turn with Luke in the Dreamlands, I drew the special choice gate card from Innsmouth, where I get the choice to draw any unique item and then roll a die for stamina/sanity. "I've got Luke, I've got Kingsport with the Captain of the White Ship open to get. Holy crap! I could actually do the Greater Good mission!" I went ahead and picked it out, didn't go insane, and went for the win with a mission. And that's what we did. For the first time in my life, I actually acquired the Captain of the White Ship cards. And for the first time, I actually won a game via a special mission. Man, I'm on cloud nine.
  5. Sorry to hear about your experience. It sounds like it was frustrating. But if you can, can you shed anylight on the new Cthulu and Daoloth GOOs? There's a picture up at BGG: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/834413/arkham-horror?size=large
  6. I would my question if I know how, because I'm 95% sure that Environments trump everything. I've played a hundred times with that environment "Peace returns to Arkham: Terror level can't be raised." If a family is found butchered next turn and the Headline says to raise the terror level, I've never even thought of raising it.
  7. It never came up before until last night. Playing with the Kingsport expansion, we drew the Worlds Drifting Apart mythos with the mystic environment that reads, "While this card is in play, no rift tokens may be placed on the rift track." Two turns later, while the environment was still in effect, we drew Unusual Phenomenon Sighted in Arkham saying, "The first player must choose one inactive rift (if any). That rift's track immediately fills up and the rift opens." Well if no rift tokens go on the track, then I can't really fill it up. But maybe Headlines trump environments. One has to give. Either Headlines trump Environment or vice versa. We played it that the Environment wins out. Has this ever been answered?
  8. I just finished a game with the Lurker herald, and I agree with most people here that this thing really is more of a guardian than a herald. I like the idea of the herald and the idea of the pacts, but in our games it just isn't dangerous. No one had any pacts until the end of the game, when clues become scarce. Then they trash their stamina/sanity, gain the power and seal. So what house rules for this herald is everyone using? From what I read, I'm going to try these: 1. Elder signs don't prevent a reckoning card from being drawn. Draw one as if a gate had opened. (Maybe even 2 on an elder sign) 2. Draw two corruption cards if you use power. (Someone mentioned this in a past post). 3. I have no idea if this would work, but maybe the idea that in a game with the Lurker, no clues start on the board and no clues appear during the Mythos. That might force people to draw pacts to get the power and then play with the consequences. thoughts?
  9. I'm going to be back in the States this summer and I'll be looking to pick up a small AH expansion or two. So besides the Lurker (which hopefully isn't a bomb), which is a better buy, CotDP or BGotW? Neither seems to get a lot of love from the community. By the way, I already own the large expansions and KiY.
  10. I play with only one expansion at a time, except I combine Kingsport and King in Yellow. I don't own CotDP or BGoW. I've tried many times to play all in and I really want to like it, but I hate it. I've even tried Tibs' Anti-Dilution variant, and I still hate it. Different strokes for different folks.
  11. I take Tasks and Missions out of their respective decks and set them aside. If an investigator finishes an encounter at a location final location listed last on the Task, he may take the task. For example, you can pick up the task "Patrolling the Streets" at the Police Station, visit the streets, and then end the task again at the Police Station. It makes them more thematic. The same is true for missions, except the investigator must have the sacrifice on him (ex. a gate trophy or ally) when he wants to pick up the mission.
  12. You're copy should have 8 infantry, 4 Calvary, and William. Check again to make sure that you didn't make a mistake. The infantry and calvary do look similar. Otherwise, go ahead and contact FFG about it. I've only heard good things about their customer service.
  13. Wouldn't it be a max 5? Since if you had 6 seals on the board, the game would be over.
  14. I've been trying to enter the AH games that I've played into the statistics spreadsheet for awhile now. But under the section for final battle modifiers, it mentions something called "KW's clues per seal limit." What is that? I can't find it when I search the forums.
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