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  1. Although I don't think the style of these illustrations is as good as Julien Delval's art for the original Battlelore I'm glad FFG have found artists and let them develop a consistent style for the new battlelore stuff. "Fantasy Flight games- unannounced project 2010", could it be the human army pack?
  2. Glad to make you laugh, Caboose But more seriously, I have contacted FFG through the contact form (http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_atencion.asp) with questions about why there has been so little information about upcoming BL stuff a few times, and while I haven´t gotten the answers I wanted, they have always answered. The company also seems to have a not overly complicated adress structure for email adresses so if someone wanted to mail for instance Rob Kouba, or Executive Developer Corey Konieczka, or Executive Producer Michael Hurley directly I don´t think it would be to hard to figure out their adresses. And i really do think FFG need to say something, preferably release new rules, about how to use the new CTA-cards. The way it is described in the rules (just ad them to the decks already featuring goblin cards) seem to make for very large decks and a very random deployment, which don´t really let "players field a goblin force in any drafting mode" (qouting from the HoHo rules).
  3. I just want to say i agree. The rules for how to use the new CTA-cards needs to be elaborated to work. Has anybody contacted FFG directly about this?
  4. diaper

    log plays?

    Eh, number eight...
  5. diaper

    log plays?

    http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_comunidad_stats.asp If you scroll down about half the page there is heading called Statistics by Collection, the first list there is "Most played in the Community". Battlelore is currently number nine in that list.
  6. diaper

    log plays?

    Is there a way to log plays on this site? I was looking over att the statistics page (http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_comunidad_stats.asp) and there is a list ranking games for being "most played in the community), but i cant find a way to log plays or register as a player of this game...
  7. I mailed them and asked about it and got the answer that it was an oversight, Horrific Horde is now on the upcoming page.
  8. To get back to the question that started this thread: I have seen several internet stores stating that Horrific Hordes will be released in june. But then i saw one store (forgot which one thouch) that said november. I don´t know either why Horrific Horde is not on the upcoming page. The two Operation Tannhäuser expansions that were anounced today are already on that page. Seems to me that Battlelore is just not handled with the same enthusiasm and profesionality as FFG:s other games, so maybe someone just forgot...
  9. Since they have decided on the contents for the Horrific Horde army pack I´m pretty sure which figures to be in the reprint has already been decided.
  10. something to be anounced on the Third Age-event in june perhaps?
  11. Found these two larger versions of the two pictures released for the Horrific Horde. Nothing new, but its nice to see them in bigger versions... ogre: http://cghub.com/images/view/56916/ hallberdier: http://cghub.com/images/view/56915/
  12. Great idea for a card! also, a very well put last sentence...
  13. FragMaster said: Maybe the Goblins are not supposed to have good archers. They do have Slingers and Ostrich Riders though. Doesn´t seem like the Ostrich Riders are being reprinted though, the Marauders expansion is just listed as "not availible" while the Skirmishers (with the slingers) is listed as "not yet availible".
  14. some info from a guy who got to try the game: http://www.heroscapers.com/community/showpost.php?p=1019268&postcount=2008
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