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  1. Coldmoonrising said: I overlord plenty of games and I require my heroes, even the melee to roll the +3 on attacks. Since Melee require 0 range to attack they need at least a 3, which is really easy to get. If you compare stealthy with D1e, melee and ranged both had to add in the clear stealthy die (which had 2/6 sides being a miss). This is why I require even my melee heroes to follow this rule. Until further notice from FFG, this is how I'm playing it. I started that thread on BGG and I play the same as Coldmoonrising, quoted above. I feel there's some room for interpretation both ways (and may have made the thread worse at one point playing devils advocate) but I think as I and Coldmoonrising play is how it was intended, even if there is some question as to how the rules are written. I have yet to see any official statement one way or the other from FFG.
  2. Is Stealthy affected by melee attacks? If yes, does it requires a total range of 3 or 4 to hit adjacent targets?…. and would Reach requires Range 4 or 5? Thanks!
  3. I actually had a post on this same subject… that appears to have been removed from the boards. If I wasn't so certain that I had put it up and people had responded I'd think I was going crazy. None the less, I would purchase at least 1 set, possibly two. I know one of the people I played Descent 1st Edition with would purchase his own set as well.
  4. While I plan on buying Descent 2nd Edition because I enjoyed 1st Edition so much I have to say the following: Most recent videos from FFG seem to not do their games justice. If I was at a store with a Fantasy Flight Media Center (and I been to two) this video wouldn't MAKE me want to buy the game. All I would learn is it's a dungeon crawl theme and comes with, admittedly, beautiful minis. Where the substance videos talking about mechanics and things that make the game what it is? Videos that didn't do their games justice, imho: Descent 2nd Edition (I assume) Fortress America WizWar A Game of Thrones 2nd Edition Blood Bowl: Team Manager Videos that made me WANT games: Gears of War Mansions of Madness Civilization Rune Wars Chaos in the Old World I'm just saying it feels like recently FFG isn't doing any favors to their media center owners.
  5. It would seem from the most recent preview (4/19/12) that the second (lower) box with the Feat is a once per game ability and the arrow to its left indicates to flip over the character sheet to indicate it has been used. So this would explain the back of the sheet looking the same but with missing text in the lower field.
  6. alaterra said: http://www.gametrademagazine.com/Home/1/1/58/591?articleID=117244 Doh! I don't know why I didn't even think of looking for a site with the article. But hey, I did add some card text that you don't get to see on that page! Thanks alaterra!
  7. For those of you who don't read GTM (Game Trade Magazine) they had an ad/article by FFG in their February issue about Descent Second Edition. Not a ton of new information, but here some points I found interesting, anything in italics is my speculation: 9 monster types As opposed to having to remember status effects from tokens (which there will still be) you'll also receive a card with the rules for the effect. (Ex. Stunned card reads: Exhaust: Discard this card. This is the only Exhaust you may perform on your turn while you have this card.) Hooray for not having to remember what you have to roll on a die to get rid of a burn or bleed token or having to scour the books for the rule! Turn markers are now replaced with a turn order card that has Heroes turn procedure on one side and the Overlords on the other. There will be 20 quests, most divided into two encounters (Encounters = Two map setups?) These quests can be played individually or as a campaign called: The Shadow Rune Quote about campaign mode: "The emphasis on narrative, coupled with the campaign's many possible plot branches, creates the feeling of a living breathing Terrinoth" (Are we looking at something like the overlord making decisions in the set up like the Keeper in Mansions of Madness for campaign mode?) We already know that there are four classes with 2 archetypes each. Here's some text for Knight and Berserker class cards for the Warrior archetype: Knight: Shield Slam: While to have a Shield equipped (even if exhausted), all of your attacks with a Melee weapon gain: Surge: A single monster of your choice adjacent to you is Stunned. Berserker: Whirlwind: Exhaust: You may perform an attack with a Melee weapon against all adjacent monsters. You make 1 attack roll; each monster rolls its own defense dice separately. (I hope the rules specify who gets to decide what order they defend in.) For campaign mode the Overlord will also choose a class. Ex. Saboteur: a master or traps. (Can we assume there will be a master of creature's class and a master of spells/events class like the advancement in RTL?) There WILL be a Curse of the Monkey God! Lastly, the article lists the game as available March 2012. I hope this info was helpful, please excuse my poor structuring of information and my use of the word "Exhaust" in place of their arrow card turning symbol.
  8. jibbyjackjoe said: Steve-O said: As far as parts go, there was at least one online store that had started selling 1e in bits before 2e was announced. Hopefully that guy will keep up the good idea with 2e boxes and you may yet be able to circumvent such a happenstance after all. Hopefully it will be a long time off, though, if it does happen. I'd like to see that guys store! Can you message me with info? Theres a couple of things I'd like to get... auggiesgamesonline.3dcartstores.com/Descent-_c_90.html
  9. I couldn't find a specific answer here and I wanted to make sure I was ruling as accurately to the rules as I could during our game. The Mirror Shield makes characters immune to lingering effect tokens... such as Curse. My question is about when a character that has both Mirror shield and a cursed item. Is there any rule indicating that the player must equip the cursed item prior to equipping Mirror Shield. All I see is that the player MUST equip or discard the cursed item immediately. But one would assume in general that equipping happens all at once. At this time I ruled that the mirror shield does indeed protect the wielder from curses from cursed items in addition to curses from things like Black Curse. Any thoughts? I wouldn't normally question it, but it makes a pretty awesome combination of mirror shield and ANY cursed items. Thoughts?
  10. Decks can be made of as many, few, or no factions (though I don't recommend a neutral only deck) of any combination you like.
  11. www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp This is the support page for CoC LCG. It should have the most recent update FAQ's and rules. Just make sure you're not looking at the CCG FAQ.
  12. Hey, I'm in Northern Maryland as well. Westminster. I'd be very interested in playing in a group a couple of times a month perhaps.
  13. I've played CoC Tournaments in both those places back when it was a CCG. I'd love to meet up sometime and play. I've got a hectic few weekends ahead but maybe we can set up something in PM's.
  14. IvanVladislav said: At the same time, I believe the stories say printed skill 3 or higher/2 or lower, and thus the shoggoth would NOT effect the outcome Yes, correct, I'm sorry if my answer didn't clarify that.
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