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  1. Lightbringer said: Are you or any of your players Aussies or Kiwis, Cat, is that why you're interested in the Southern Cross? I think it's a neat idea for a campaign. From quickly glancing at Wikipedia, it seems there's a huge number of stars in the constellation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_stars_in_Crux but it would seem to me that given the galaxy is some 100,000 light years across, the majority of them are going to be in the Segmentum Solar rather than as far out as the Calixis Sector. That said, there are a few famous constellations mentioned in the background for 40k that you could substitute for the Southern Cross (there's the face of Saint Sabbat in the Sabbat worlds, or the wings of Sanguinius mentioned in the latest 40k edition). Neither of those are Calixis specific, though, so you could make some up yourself: the Sword of Drusus or the Face of Angevin spring to mind as possible ideas. If you're dead set on the Southern Cross idea, you could have a famous constellation called "The Southern Cross" visible from Scintilla that consists of stars lying within the Koronus Expanse. The constellation could have huge religious significance because it is identical to the Southern Cross constellation visible on Ancient Terra. Perhaps the players are hired by missionaries to ferry them to investigate the stars within the constellation, on the basis of a holy vision one of their number has had about a lost world to bring to the Emperor's light... Just a thought! not really lightbringer. we are all eurotrash here and that probably why opening lines of the hugo pratt's 'la ballata del maro salto' (I am the Pacific Ocean and I am the largest) resonate with the promise of exotic adventure. if we were aussies we probably would be already too jaded to notice that. to tell you the truth. I got that idea after reading 'Flashman's Lady' that is mostly set around malaya and singapore and then hunting down and reading sandokan novels. I decided that I want exotic, pacific-themed, sandbox setting in which it would be possible to run also an piratical, in certain way, anti-imperial campaign.
  2. Omnicrazzy said: Cat that Walked by Himself said: where would southern cross constellation would be located in 40k galaxy? it seems to me that it would be part of ultima segmentum. anyone care to input? Not to sound like an ass, but 'Who cares' seems like a perfectly valid response to this question. Hear me out: unless your players are astrophysicists you can pretty much move it to any part of the galaxy and nobody will know or care. (unless it's writen about in some of the other books as being somewhere else, which I'm not sure about but given people's reactions seems unlikely) Also this isnt an ultra realistic setting. Having a full set of armor and refusing to wear the helmet gives you all sorts of stat bonuses. It clearly exists in the fantasy/fiction realm of storytelling wherein a leather jacket and pistol will keep you alive better than a full suit of armor and assault carbine, Han Solo style. My suggestion is to just ignore any facts you may find about the southern cross and draw up your own star map in whatever corner (perhaps not TOO distant) of the galaxy you like and possibly make some sort of excuse for why the area isnt very well explored. Leave lots of holes in the history and loose threads because players will fill them better than you could and having a bit of mystery is essential. no, no, you are not an ass. au contraire, mon amie! your advice is sound and something that brings much needed perspective to this 'problem'. if I may say the favorite piece of gaming wisdom as far as published settings are concerned is one found in chaosium runequest books: your glorantha may vary and I think that our 40ks not only may but must vary. I just seek some little pointers, tidbits, already out there to get me started and nothing else. like this tyranid stuff.
  3. MKX said: Cat that Walked by Himself said: that puts it in segmentum tempestus? According to the map I'm looking at its in the Seg-Ultima, most of the Lev invasion went through Tempestus but it splintered, some ended up around Rigant (some crappy ag-world) in 997M41 and got attacked. thanx!
  4. eldar seem to the most viable. they are in there from the very start and seem to be able to support wide variety of possible characters. that would be my joice but who knows we might get jokaero
  5. in my group opposite is true. nobody would touch a kroot even with a hrud pole but ork freebooter is so popular that we would consider an all-ork campaign.
  6. guys I might wanna have an anti-imperial campaign (with evil imperial astral cardinal as the main villain) and as far I know it is distance in warp that counts and not in real space. if there is any turbulence in warp it is really not important if that system is 'close' in real space. that said, yes 'jewel box' idea also crossed my mind. but I would love to connect it all: southern cross, jewel box... also, I was just staring at the maps of galaxy (both the real one and 40k one) and it seems to me that southern cross is on the western edge of the ultima segmentum. any thoughts on that.
  7. I can not plot a drift of my sofa towards the kitchen but I hope there are some smart people over here that can do that that is tell me where in the 40k galaxy is the southern cross. I am planning a pacific-themed RT sandbox setting and have just thought that it would be wicked cool if I would set it inside the Southern Cross constellation. It is very evocative and it cries (at least to me) adventure and exploration.
  8. okee... is there an astro-something on the plane? i mean some educated guess would be nice...
  9. where would southern cross constellation would be located in 40k galaxy? it seems to me that it would be part of ultima segmentum. anyone care to input?
  10. Draggah said: Darth Smeg said: His name is Bob, apparently... That's just silly and inane! Everyone with any REAL knowledge of the fluff knows that his real name is Chuck! Norris...
  11. Less said about GW the better. editorial from White Dwarf 5 http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_LSIlUCixAQ0/S1nvf8IFDPI/AAAAAAAABE0/UJenzKnjt1s/s1600-h/wd5editorial.jpg things have changed since then
  12. I really feel that it benefits FFG and game designers to have open and even sometimes unpleasant discussion and not hero worship (that they deserve ). They are big boys and they can take it. edit: and I am a **** for not spotting your solution earlier on.
  13. Gaidheal said: No, I'd agree that cutting rules in favour of fluff is almost always the wrong decision. However, Star Trek is exclusively about life on a 'starship' (originally it was basically about starships fighting) and Traveller too started as exclusively about life on an armed trading vessel, Fading Suns mentions duels between nobles in their starships. Whereas Rogue Trader (original here) was about someone who used a starship to get around but the game focussed on the skirmishes on planets and starships, not on space battles. It's not the same situation at all, really, but I don't begrudge anyone who wants it and there is BFG (which I own) to draw on for more detail, if desired. I just don't think whining about something that really isn't a core mechanic of the game is warranted (pun intended). :¬) do I get a cigar as I said no biggie nor do I think that everybody should watch out his words at all times or even that whiner is particularly offensive. but for the sake of argument, and bear with me for a moment, it seems that people tend to, due to previous bad experiences, lump any complaint into 'whining' category. it seems that defending game as written is something akin to orthodoxy. IMHO, leaving out ordnances is sort of a faux-pas as far FFG is concerned. I say that as someone who has all of their books for DH and RT.
  14. I also think that it was something like that but I would LOVE to know for sure...
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