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  1. Hi guys! I was wondering... While reading up on more detailed information on the Calixis Sector, on the Lexicanum wiki, I kept stumbling over bibliography mentions of a "Guide to the Calixis Sector", aparently published by Black Library, before they moved all the Dark Heresy stuff to FFG. I know that FFG has a page, title exactly that way. But comparing that page, well more like a list of planets and their location and type, to the information on Lexicanum, I guess the BI PDF must contain much more. (I was checking Sepheris Secundus, after playing Edge of Darkness with my crew, and the information there is much more than I could find anywhere else, including pictures of the Queen of S.S.) However, there is no trace of this document on the web, at least none that I could find, other than several mentiones on Calixis Sector sub-pages on Lexicanum and one or two "does anybody have this PDF" on other forums. It seems to me, that this document (always mentioned to be a PDF) was free to download. Or was it? Pay-for-PDF? So, I guess asking here would be the most logical thing to do. Anybody got more info? Maybe even the PDF, if it was circulated for free? Thanks a bunch for any light shed on this
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