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  1. We have a final answer and it's this: Thanks for the question. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. This was originally a contentious issue among the development team and the proper resolution brought up some debate. However, after extensive internal discussion, we’ve accepted that Spree should be able to chain together. This is based primarily on the fact that the newly drawn player is considered “committed” to the matchup and thus will trigger any “when played” effects, such as Spree. See the Matchup Phase structure on page 8 of the core rules for further clarification. (In addition, though he is no longer with the company, I can confirm that this resolution was the intent of the expansion’s designer, Jonathan Bove.) Sorry for the confusion. If we do an FAQ update, I will be sure to add that clarification. Jason Walden Board Game Producer Fantasy Flight Games
  2. OK what's done is done. My question is - Will there still be any files regarding ALL the games that GW and FFG has? I am talking about here in the FFG site and in Boardgamegeek. I mean the rulebooks or any extra things that we may have find or create? Are we gonna still be able to find them or to download them all now "just in case" Example: Some people have created blank templates for some of the games (ex. Warhammer Quest the card game). Will we be able to find them after February? - Also can FFG still make scenarios after February 2016 for Warhammer Quest the card game (or any other game for that matter) but not use any of the Warhammer Fantasy names and titles? Bottom line is that i am afraid of a total file purge from GW part Thank you in advance.
  3. There is a problem because we have 2 different opinions regarding how the Spree ability works. The rule says that when played, the manager draw the top card of his deck team. If it's a player with a standing power of two or less, he commits him to the matchup and resolves immediately his skills. Two questions arise from here 1. Do we resolve the abilities of the new card? On one hand the card only states to resolve the skills but on the other hand it says to commit the new player to a match (and so we are talking about the part in the rule book that says about what happens when we commit a player) 1.1. In regard with the first question what happens when the new card is a Night Goblin with the Spree ability....do we might have a chain reaction of may goblins? I know that some of you might try to answer this question thematically but this is board game and i don't want to disrupt the balance of the playtested game. So thinks like "of course the goblins would do that" is a not sufficient answer for me. Now the problem is that in this BGG topic the OP said that he asked FFG directly and they told him that you can't activate the abilities (only the skills) but in another topic (here in FFG Forum) one guy from the team said that you can? Here are the 2 topic for you to see https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1295297/some-ffg-rules-clarifications and https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/112934-goblins-spree-capacity/ What should we do?
  4. I play CoC here in Athens... but i only play for fun. I don't have a ton of cards but i really really like the game and i will try any deck.
  5. Do we have anything new on this one? I really like the sound of it.
  6. From the rulebook Some enemy and locations cards award victory points when they are defeated. When such a card leaves play, one player should..... My question is: Can a card be considered defeated even if it has no effect..... example a Hill Troll as a shadow card(do i get the victory points???)... OK, obviously a monster is considered defeated if killed by any means and a location is considered defeated if it is explored.... My question is based on the card Hummerhorn which has Victory Points. It has a really nasty shadow effect that can make you loose the game or cripples you real bad. Now OK if i kill the hummerhorn i get the VP for sure but what if i draw Hummerhorn as a shadow card and it takes effect??? Shouldn't i get the VP for surviving such a thing??? P.S. So far i am only counting as VP only killed and explored locations because i want to be fair with my results but Hummerhorns shadow effect with VP has got me into thinking.
  7. Nurgle. The one and true God. I go with the big green guy!!!!!!!
  8. The problem that i am facing is that i think we are playing Viserys Targaryen card wrong. OK I make a military challenge to a player that playes with House Targaryen and already has Viserys Targaryen in play. He looses the challenge and must kill a character OK? Can he choose to kill Viserys and then use his response ability to come back at his hand? Allthough it was his choice to kill him? I mean what the hell....... In a 2 - players game with this card the guy is practically immune to all military challenges (by always choosing Viserys to kill then pick him up tohis hand). His cost is only 1 gold. How can i get rid off this guy if the above is true? 1) Use a card to stop his ability then kill him 2) If I am lucky an someone wins an intrigue challenge and by luck the card to be discarded is Viserys. The way i see it,correct me if I am wrong is that you can save him if someone else forces you to kill him or a random character but If it is you that chose him the NO. For example If ther will be a character card that says something like : Kill a character to give him +4 to STR. Can I always choose to kill Viserys, get my character the +4 STR and then use Viserys response to save him from killing and return him to my hand. Next round. 1 gold. Viserys gets back in play. Repeat again...... I am new to the game so please don't be harsh on me. English is not my native language
  9. I am really happy when people think to expand an already wonderful game. I hope tobejust i imagined. Count my in for ONE of these babies
  10. The main point that we have to take in consideration is if we wanna keep the ol'favorite Citadel the way it is (with maybe a new set of characters from 1-9,some new purple districts and/or a new colour district) or give it a new twist. A board to play on New Mechanics that will take the game in to a new level Personally i prefer both. The more choices i have with a game i love the better.Let's bring a new expansions with 2-3 new variants to choose from.
  11. The best moment i had playing Dracula was last week. I was the Dracula and my team were chasing me around the world for over 4 Hours then the best (for others the worst) card showed up. EVASION. That send me completely out of their way. The hunters didn't lost their faith and resilience and kept chasing me from the beginning. So far nothing special, taking in consideration the long hours of play but then....... We all realised that it was almost 5 o'clock in the morning ,still dark outside and soon the sun would rise and we all had to go to our works at 6 o'clock. We started playing all like this would be the last day of Dracula. The game had entered our world. I had to stay alive for 1 hour and the Hunters had to kill me in this time. I am not gonna say what happend because it's irrelevant. The thing i wanted to say is that the whole feeling was one the best i had in years. I thank the game and my friends for this moment
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