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  1. Yesterday we stopped the game in middle because of arguing about one unclear thing in rules that did matter quite much in the course of game. So, the question is - if it is said "discard", does the discarded piece goes to the pool or it's ouf of game ? And this time the question arised about conspiracy pieces, as discarding them out of game, in my opinion, would ruin the game balance (as you can still gain conspiracy bonuses, even if you cannot add the piece to the main conspiracy puzzle, so, imo, it should stay a legal option as long as there are unused pieces), yet the other players where against me in this matter and insisted in discarding conspiracy pieces completely out of game.
  2. I'm considering buying two expansions, one big box expansion and one small one. For now i only have base game. Some of my gaming buddies are complaining that AH base game is too hard. Although i myself love hard games, i'm willing to help them out via some expansions that would lover the game's difficulty level. So which AH expansions you think would make AH easier ? And why ?
  3. Scy800 said: I love Demons, they're killer. No sneaking up on them for a chainsaw attack without getting some serious damage, and also their attack is awesome. I always manage to throw insanely good with them for some reason. 8-9 damage is my standard attack basically. One of my marine players always lets out a slight moan when I put one on the board Same here My personal record is getting two 10 damage rolls in a row, which resulted in a nonwounded 10 hitpoint marine being ruthlessly killed
  4. As i am the gamemaster/invader player all the time then it is logical that i like those monsters that have the highest defense as they're simply harder to kill for marines. And scenario - everything with some added difficulty, like the third official scenario (it has a time limit for marines).
  5. "Download the results pdf" Where ?
  6. The base game rules state that phase order in round is: ranged - melee - magic. So if you skip one phase you just continue to next one. In your case if you skip melee then you continue with magic, of course.
  7. rdw5150 said: Are the Base Game and Isle of Dread linked? or seperate things all together? Anyway, thanks for the thoughts! Peace Roger Isle of Dread simply expands the Base Game, you get new board, new characters, new items, new adventure cards, etc, but it doesn't add any big gameplay changes, as opposed to the expansions i mentioned in my previous post.
  8. The gameplay depends on what expansions you have. Some do really add more competitive elements, some may increase the possibility of some players teaming up, etc. Expansions that change these game factors: Character deck expansions (all of them) (many cards to help or disturb some player) Crown of the Elder Kings (one becomes bad guy in the process of game) Midnight (one plays bad guy all the game) Sands of Al-Kalim (the pretty non-linear scenario gives more options to interrupt other players) Keep in mind that although all these expansions i mentioned add competitive elements, in that way they also encourage teaming-up, which will logically happen more often.
  9. No, discarded market cards go under the market deck.
  10. Checked that Golden Skull card, it clearly says that it needs to be used before attack.
  11. 1) No, you do not draw anything, you just waste your turn. 2) Yes, you can stay there even all game, if you want to. 2a) Yes. 3) Yes. 4) Before each combat there is "before combat" phase. But there is no refresh in end game. 5) It gives what's said on card, if it's combat roll bonus, then it is both defense and attack. 6) If you have special character skill or special item with such ability then yes. Otherwise no. 7) I don't understand this problem. Card is placed on track when it is discarded. What do you don't understand ? 8) If you play with doom track then it goes there, as there goes all discards. 9) It is writen on the card, upgrade your english reading skills. 9a) 10) Doom track, if you use it, of course, as then there's where ALL discards go. 11) You discard the most expensive one. 12) Yes. you can. 13) Yes. 14) Yes, of course.
  12. Legolas_1973 said: i saw it today in the shop... so dont worry you can still get it. Sweet, now those are some truly good news at last I hope my shopping 'agent' will be able to get it for me, as this expansion looks really fun
  13. I'm thinking about buying this game. But i know for sure that i will play it with more than 2 players. So is the core game enough for more than 2 players ? Or do i need some expansions ?
  14. 1) Yes, you are doing it correctly. It also means that sometimes you can make free building, t.i., build for one gold, get one back. 2) Yes, you are correct. And i haven't tried Citadels with bunch of kids as i don't have any myself yet, so i don't know how it would play out with bunch of 12 y.o.'s
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