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    segara82 got a reaction from StriderZessei in Defense stacking   
    Please, they had plot-armor. Nothing gets through that.
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    segara82 got a reaction from zsavk in If Stormtroopers aren`t Army, then who is?.. And how does local Police look?   
    Welp, every book has a note about 'What is Canon' in it too, so that is up to the GM and the group what they want to use.
    Me, i like to use the Stormtroopers as the Elite as they are called and seen in the OT (they kill everything that has no plot-armor).
    So for more diversity in enemies, a lower threat level for the PCs and such i use Army troopers a-plenty.
    When the white-hats show up my PCs know that **** got real.
    More diversity is fun, after all we enjoy all those different ships, aliens and gadgets not seen in the movies, so why stop there?
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    segara82 got a reaction from Felswrath in Imperial airspeeder/atmospheric patrols advice.   
    The Empire does not dial it down unless it is strictly a police action. Securing Air/space superiority is therefore a military matter.
    In my interpretation they use TIE/ln, Howlrunners, and whatever is left over from some special project or a previous war.
    I think somewhere in the Empire some pencil pushers decided that it is cheaper to just use TIEs for everything, keeps their price low and spare parts are never a problem.
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    segara82 got a reaction from Ogrebear in Help design a Ghost Planet   
    The planets previous population died out in a cataclysmic event, during which the atmosphere changed its composition and became toxic to them. There are still the empty cities left to explore.
    If you do not want to kill the entire race give them starships to evacuate, from time to time scouts look after the deadly homeworld and chase grave robbers/adventurers away.
    The haunted place is a left-over from a movie made hundred years ago. The eccentric director insisted in true-to-life sets. Some of the props (fog machines, chimes, ...) are still working.
    The planet was settled during the Ord Republic, but the few thousand inhabitants were infected with the Rakhghoul disease. Now the ghouls shamble around.
    The planet has a life form similar to those in Pitch Black (or Riddick 3), where you don't want to be in the open when the sun goes down.
    There is a hidden base (Imps, Rebells, Pirates, whatever floats your boat), and their sentries are using the old ruins and some costumes to scare trespassers away. Those that can't be scared ....
    It's a private hunting ground. The buildings are fakes, to make it a challenging hunt- There are kennels for the 'dogs', who get released whenever someone enters the area, traps to kill/wound the pray, and a very very well hidden lounge for the hunters to toast themselves after a merry day.
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    segara82 reacted to syrath in Looting   
    Also it depends on the item, pick up a bounty hunters disruptor and forget you have on you when you next land on a core world have it impounded and you're arrested by customs quicker than you can say "cavity search".
    Now bend over and face the South pole the customs agent says as he snaps on his duralex disposable gloves
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    segara82 got a reaction from Doc, the Weasel in Battle of Yavin - maintain or break the canon?   
    Well, i warned my players about altering canon but they were too stuck in their ways of kissing up to the Empire and  ... how should i phrase it:
    They dragged it behind the shed, shot it, burned it and pissed on the burning corpse that was once canon before dropping the ash in a lake of acid.
    Amongst other things they
    1. ratted out the Dac resistance to the Empire (no Mon Cal ships for the Rebells)
    2. had a personal vendetta with Bail Organa and proofed his connections to Rebel sympathisers
    3. hunted and killed Obi-Wan Kenobi leading to
    4. Luke ending in imperial control. (He's 3 years old but Vader knows of him)
    The year is 16 BBY, Bail Organa and Garm Bel Iblis are on the run, Mon Mothma is under more scrutiny than ever for her connections to them and the Rebell Alliance as such might never come into existence.
    But i know my players, they'll get cocky and start a civil war, once/if they make Moff.
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    segara82 reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Thrawn As Canon Confirmed   
    What, so the bad guys can't have their own equivalent of Sherlock Holmes?
    If you read the Holmes stories, he's extremely perceptive about his environment, very well-educated, and decently versed in the behavior patterns of people.  The Guy Ritchie films actually do a very good job of capturing this, especially that for all his intellect Holmes simply has no real social skills, but he can read and manipulate people quite well, and is often several steps ahead of everyone else in terms of planning.
    In the Zahn stories, the only reason Thrawn appears to have any degree of omniscience is because we don't see his thought processes, and any time we get an explanation, it's after the fact.  Like Holmes, Thrawn is very intelligent, very well educated when it comes to tactics, and goes the extra mile to try and understand the general mindset of a species/culture.  It's easily missed, but Thrawn does admit that his modus operandi of studying a species cultures has failed him in the past, and as a result to win he had to resort to standard Imperial brute force tactics, making it a tainted victory at best.  In the Heir to the Empire trilogy, if you pay attention you see Thrawn making little mistakes and oversights along the way, based upon variables that he'd have no way of knowing.  And even when he had all the facts, he could make erroneous conclusions, but was savvy enough to be able to adapt his plans as necessary to account for new or unforeseen variables.  It's been said that no battle plan survives contact with the enemy, and Thrawn was well aware of that fact, to the point that if he saw a fight was going to cost more than he stood to gain from the military action, he retreated, something generally unheard in Imperial military command.
    Sadly other EU writers overlooked this, and they instead treated Thrawn as some nigh omniscient tactical genius whose stratagems frequently went off without a single hitch.
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    segara82 reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Thrawn As Canon Confirmed   
    Most of Thrawn's appeal was that in his introductory series, he broke the mold of "evil yet barely competent Imperial officer" that the movies had given us.  Here was an Imperial officer that was very competent (and yet still made mistakes and miscalculations), was evil but wasn't of the Snidely Whiplash school of mustache-twirling villainy, and perhaps most importantly treated his men (especially those that performed well under pressure) well, contrasted to the then-entrenched idea of backstabbing and blame-shifting that we saw in the Imperial armed forces (largely due to WEG painting the Imperials as the bona-fide bad guys to match up with the films).  It was only in the hands of far less capable writers that Thrawn became some sort of tactical uber-genius.
    Of course, if you want to argue that Thrawn only looked so competent because of the narrative he was in, then the exact same can be said for Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and really any of the major heroes of the franchise, as it was ultimately only the narrative that allowed them to succeed when by all rights they should have been crushed.
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    segara82 reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Thrawn As Canon Confirmed   
    Glad that Thrawn's making a return, and that it's being done by the author that best understands how to use the character.
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    segara82 reacted to HappyDaze in Battle of Yavin - maintain or break the canon?   
    I break canon all the time. I don't always tell the players about all of it, especially if it's something that their characters will discover of the course of a campaign.
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    segara82 reacted to Ghostofman in The Nebulon B: 24 frickin' fighters!?   
    Deckplan is located in the old WEG supplement The Far Orbit Project. Check the d6 holocron for more info. In there it shows the hanger on the forward starboard side, just like in the x-wing games and such, and it is sized such that it can cram 24 TIE fighters in on racks, 25 if you count the repair rack. Takes up most of forward deck 5.
    That said
    You are correct in that observation, if you use the closing shot in Empire, you can use the window to get a good estimate of the ships size, and (like many things star wars) the measurements that were originally recorded were in feet, but some editor changed it to meters without running the math, essentially tripling the ships size, and making the room.
    Its a common problem with star wars, it was made for entertainment, not accuracy. Even the falcons interior set was made larger then the exterior. And the inability of editors to change feet to meters didn't help.
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    segara82 got a reaction from SirSprinkles in Would you read comic strips about Custom Officers and Smugglers?   
    The Tippsy Turvy?
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    segara82 reacted to Revanchist in How do I rebellion?   
    Also remember that as a under-staffed, outmanned, outgunned rebel cell another priority will be establishing a supply network. This would be another aspect where you could push the ambiguity of the Rebel/Imperial struggle. Where are you getting your supplies from? Most likely the underworld, those who are going to be doing some rather disgusting things. For example, your main supplier of food may contact you to defend its business interests from an Imperial attack. When the PCs get there they discover that the "interests" are a human trafficking ring and the Empire is trying to bring this to an end. If they help the supplier they're turning their back on the very freedoms they claim to uphold, but if they don't help they'll lose their only supplier of food.
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    segara82 reacted to Maelora in How do I rebellion?   
    I'd have to respectfully disagree, Mr Penguin.  I've been running a Firefly-style game since the EOE Beta and it lacks any real heroes or villains, just a bunch of different perspectives.   Our Empire has various factions that tore it apart in a civil war, an independent Fringe faction with both good and bad members, and the main antagonists of the campaign are the Jedi Order.  The Alliance is nominally the 'good guys', but the theme there is how hard it is to fight a moral war when everyone else plays rough.
    The PCs are still expected to be the 'good guys' (mostly) and the campaign is full of karma - bad stuff will still (mostly) come around to bite you on the behind.
    I've got a lot of useful stuff from a guy who goes by 'Chortles' on the forums, who is very good at pointing me in the direction of EU things that get away from the PG-13 stuff.  Is that 'Star Wars'? What's 'Star Wars' anyway? Caravan of Courage? The Holiday Special? Or Red Harvest and Death Troopers? 
    I understand the post-movies EU had a time when the New Jedi were at war with the Rebels, and there was a more humanised Empire remnants faction under the Fels?
    @SSB_Shadow, the Fel Empire might be a good place to start for a more humanised Empire faction.
    Is it fine to play things in black and white morality? Of course.  Is it fine to play like Firefly or Guardians of the Galaxy or Mass Effect? Why not? I'm no Empire apologist but I'm happy to have better antagonists than clichéd moustache-twirlers. 
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    segara82 reacted to Richardbuxton in Players and the Perpetual Poverty Problem   
    Definitely sounds like the start to a very short action packed epilog rather than a disaster.
    "So who is on watch tonight?"
    "Me!"... waits for everyone to sleep before stealing all the credits and alerting every Bounty Hunter in the sector to their hideout and retiring to their own personal planet. Fast forward 10 years to when said planet gets blown up by the Death Star 3 that the Hutts built using plans stolen by the surviving members of the original group...
    Just because they have money doesn't mean they have no problems, it really means the problems just got much much bigger.
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    segara82 reacted to Desslok in Players and the Perpetual Poverty Problem   
    Okay, I missed this when the thread was live and kicking but I just had to comment anyway. . . .
    Dude, they just murdered a Hutt. MURDERED a HUTT.
    There is no amount of money in the galaxy that will shield them from the divine shitstorm that would descend upon them from the heavens after that. Their lives would be plagued with a constant, righteous infliction of retribution manifested by appropriate agents.
    Hell, without a huge bankroll, the odds of them surviving to see three more sunrises are non-existent.
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    segara82 reacted to the mercenary in An Imperial Core Rulebook?   
    Personally I don't treat the Empire as this monolithic entity of pure evil. There are probably billions of men and women serving in the Imperial Armed Forces; I somehow doubt that EVERY one of them is a miniature Palpatine. I consider it highly likely that it's a lot like the Wehrmacht, the Red Army, and how the US, UK, Germany, etc, are going: some evil sumbishes at the top (because scum rises to the top), a whole bunch of people just trying to get by and do what they consider is their duty, and very little in the way of questioning orders. There are probably a lot of GI Bill enlistees in the Imperial Army and Navy. They do what they have to do get through their enlistment alive. Yeah, there are plenty of corrupt and/or evil bastiches wearing the uniform, but that's no reason that a group of PC's couldn't be among the decent beings in the service of the Empire. Maybe they think that the Empire is a good idea and are just waiting for Palpatine to kick the bucket. Maybe they think they can do more good on the inside, changing the culture a little bit at a time. I don't know, I"m not running a group of Imperials. 
    There is SO much opportunity for moral ambiguity here. It's great. I love it. I think the grey areas are the places where the best roleplaying happens. Where you really discover who the characters are. And I think playing as an Imperial has a LOT of grey area.
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    segara82 reacted to Ghostofman in An Imperial Core Rulebook?   
    I don't agree, but your observations have merit.
    This is kinda the thing. The argument isn't that Imperials are selflessly serving the Empire, the argument is that Duty, from a purely mechanical perspective, is a mechanism from which to gauge how a characters actions can be translated into those "results" of yours.
    The "Combat Victory" Duty will generate rewards though your characters contribution towards the war, specifically something he does that can help achieve victory in battle. There's no requirement that he be doing it selflessly, or for the greater good, only that he do it. By doing so, his duty goes up, and when the threshold is reached, the entire party gets a bump in rank, clout and access to resources.
    The difference would really only be a matter of themes.
    A group of Rebel players would blow the dam, flooding the valley. This would contribute to the Sabotage Duty, as the valley would now be too muddy for the Empire to deploy walkers in the coming battle, and limit them to infantry and repulsor craft.
    A group of Imperial players would blow the dam, flooding the valley. This would contribute to the sabotage Duty because the Rebels have to divert transport vehicles and personnel to evacuate the village that is now flooding. In the coming battle the Rebel infantry will have to get to the battlefield on foot, making them arrive at the battle tired and only with the weapons, equipment and supplies they could carry in.
    See, the motivation for blowing the dam and getting the Duty reward is irrelevant, and the results (you impress your commanders) are the same. The difference is only in what blowing the dam means to the story. One version of events shows the players as smart underdogs, the other as heartless a-holes willing to make life miserable for the common man if that's what it takes.
    But, you do hit a good point with:
    Which is an A+ observation.
    The thing is, these don't have to be activated like Obligation or Duty, because they'd be better off as recurring themes throughout the campaign. Playing the villains allows you to do things like provide the players with credits in the form of a bribe or having the players get foiled by an "ally" or putting them in a position to get what the want by simple force. Things that are harder to do in a heroic campaign.
    But that all gets back to what I've been saying...
    The "Let's be bad guys" sourcebook would really need to spend a lot of time covering ground like this. Existing materials would keep "Chapter 4: Weapons of Oppression" fairly short. The thick part would be "Chapter 8: Designing Adventures for Jerks" and "Chapter 9: How to play a Jerk without being a Jerk."
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    segara82 reacted to HappyDaze in An Imperial Core Rulebook?   
    You seem to be confusing Duty with Motivation.
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    segara82 reacted to Blackbird888 in An Imperial Core Rulebook?   
    Thrawn was totally loyal to the Empire. So was Pallaeon. The key difference was that they weren't completely self-absorbed ninnies, and had a degree of honor about them. But they were both Imperialists to the core.
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    segara82 reacted to Segmentvs in Sorely missing   
    Oddly enough, I would like to see a core rulebook for playing as characters in the Empire.
    I think it would be interesting, especially as starting points for when characters want to start in the Empire, but then run to the fringes, or join the Rebellion.
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    segara82 reacted to Richardbuxton in Sorely missing   
    Just a full blown Errata and FAQ would be great, I'm aware its being worked on, but its definitely needed.
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    segara82 reacted to Vorzakk in Sorely missing   
    Hang on; I take that back... there are two things that I want as a GM:  Spacetroopers and the Gamma-class assault carriers that they ride in on. 
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    segara82 reacted to That Blasted Samophlange in Sorely missing   
    Species: Bith (jawas are overrated), Abednedo, Talz, uggnaught (once again, before contemptuous jawas)
    Specialization: I'll second scavenger, or settle for rules for scavenging.
    Region: Imperial Ranks - sector book to running imperial centric games
    Weapon/gear: Conncussion Rifle - the ones that send peopke flying from Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games
    Ship: nothing per se, but would love to see art for every ship. Yes, I CAN go through wookiepedia for ships, though that is a hassle, and some new ships have NO art whatsoever. If I had to list a sepecific ship it would be the Imperial Raider and an accurate Imperial Gozanti
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    segara82 reacted to Kestin in Sorely missing   
    Species: Jawas (obviously!) and Cathar
    Spec: Martial Artist (though I'm sure you can build one out of a few trees, there's nothing that's explicitly Brawl focused!)
    Region: I second Deep Space - though the region details would need to talk about ways to even get there. 
    Ships: I really want Hammerhead Cruiser (Old Republic) rules for reasons... but I'd have to say the Gladiator! We need more small SDs for Inquisitors and ISB agents to throw around!
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