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  1. My biggest gripe with Rebels so far was that the main cast had only problems when they have to deal with big shots like Tarkin, Vader and now Thrawn. Not to belittle them but the Empire's servants are often portraied as so .. inefficience that i my suspension of disbelive simply brakes. They would not have survived so far along if (my feeling by the show so far) 90%+ of the imperial military/navy are incompetent bunglers. Yes, i am happy that Thrawn is back and portrayed like in the books, but again such a big name is needed. The rebels operate at the same level as several smugglers/pirate groups and the Empire usually knows how to deal with those. So far i don't get the feeling that the heroes earn most their successes.
  2. Well, i warned my players about altering canon but they were too stuck in their ways of kissing up to the Empire and ... how should i phrase it: They dragged it behind the shed, shot it, burned it and pissed on the burning corpse that was once canon before dropping the ash in a lake of acid. Amongst other things they 1. ratted out the Dac resistance to the Empire (no Mon Cal ships for the Rebells) 2. had a personal vendetta with Bail Organa and proofed his connections to Rebel sympathisers 3. hunted and killed Obi-Wan Kenobi leading to 4. Luke ending in imperial control. (He's 3 years old but Vader knows of him) The year is 16 BBY, Bail Organa and Garm Bel Iblis are on the run, Mon Mothma is under more scrutiny than ever for her connections to them and the Rebell Alliance as such might never come into existence. But i know my players, they'll get cocky and start a civil war, once/if they make Moff.
  3. I am currently running a quasi-imperial campaign with my EotE group. Long story short: After the Clone Wars a few small-time criminals got out of prison and tried their hand in smuggling and bounty hunting. They tried to work for the last Seps (there were small fractions in the Outer RIm) and tried to double-cross the Imperials sniffing around. What should be a simple job went wrong so hard that the Seps got beaten by the Imps and the characters were blamed for it - no more working for the Seps. But the Imps seemed impressed enough to give them some assignments. Fast forward 3 years and the group represents the governour and his retinue of a small colony in the Mid/Outer Rim. That forces them to deal with political backstabbing and scheming, special projects of the Empire, dissidents, sabotage and bootlickers (if you got money and power those pop up all by themselves). They do their best to please those in power in order to get some of that power and keep an eye on their rivals to not get overtaken. Our smuggler/governour awakened his Force senisitivity and does 'hunting and archeology' trips in search for knowledge about the Force. And since Jedis have that knowledge and are worth a lot of credits for bounties resulting in several dead padawans/knights. After the 4th they got the attention of Lord Vader and his Inquisitors. Yesterdays game was quite interesting when an Inquisitor handed him a crystal containing the infos for a 'demonstration job' to proove his worth as a possible Inquisitor. My player was not happy about being on Lord Vaders leash feeling somewhat choked, proofing that the Lord of the Siths can 'force choke' people in different ways.
  4. Sure, if it's funny enough. As for the premise: i am just rewatching The Wire.
  5. My players met an a prison transport. They had been arrested by the Republic Army for loitering, instigation, theft or simply for existing. Getting out and some new IDs was fun.
  6. Meh, the PCs are the stars of the show so what they do can change history in my games. If they do something that puts them next/in front of a movie character than that just happens. Like sitting in a conference room on Coruscount negotiating for an official contract with the Empire to build a supply depot for the Imperial Navy above their planet (sub-contracts for supplying the necessary food from their planet were attached) and Bail Organa was one of the Senators discussing the deal. Pacifist as he was (and supporting the Alliance) he was against further military installations so far out in the Middle Rim (nearly Outer Rim). I give no one plot armour, neither the PCs nor any NPC. Do i boost an NPC to make sure he is a big bad worthy of the whole groups attention? Yes. But no one is invincible.
  7. Or somebody did not check the existing gear and made a new cool toy that outclasses its predecessor. Or powercreep. That would be my 2 guesses.
  8. From the design and my limited knowledge of the now Legend material i would guess that the Sith and their Mandalorian mercenaries won the last war 2500 years ago. Now the Sith Lords rule with an iron fist, the Mandalorians do what they do best and the Jedis are in hiding/a resistance movement against the Sith Empire.
  9. I took a look into my trusted Imperial Handbook and would argue that the usual response would be about an Attack Line: 3 Heavy or 6-8 Light Cruisers plus fighters Or if they suspect your team to be heavily entrenched up it up to a Heavy Attack Line: 4-8 heavy cruisers, possibly including a Victory Star Destroyer(!). If your group tries to build a 3rd front as new rulers of a planet ... the Empire could go so far to upgrade that to a Heavy Squadron, thats usually 2 Heavy Attack Lines. OR they add a torpedo sphere to one of the lines to, and i quote the Handbook, 'penetrate planetary shields and quell uprisings on rebellious worlds'. The Empire as i GM it has no tolerance for upstarts and mercs running amok. Leaving your banner and recordings of your doings behinds makes it so much easier to find you. The Rebels did not do that and even they got found. Even in the Outer Rim or Wild Space they will send someone after you. So the PCs should consider faking death and retreating.
  10. My group tries to stay loyal to the Empire for now. But since 1 char has the motivation to overthrow the Empire he plays the long shot, trying to get people into his fold and all that jazz. We are all looking forward to the day when (not if) it goes into the open. Who needs a Rebellion if just as an example several moffs band together and sever ties with the Empire.
  11. My group is running with the 'big boys' with all its own problems After a few stints for the Empire and GM Tarkin in particular they got the job as Governor/ruling council on a planet of the edge of the Mid Rim. So they set up the usual triangle of agricultur, mining and light industry to make their new home self sufficient. Once that was done they wanted to go bigger. My group has had their problems when they tried to get those development projects for their planet like a real ship yard/supply depot for the Imperial Navy. Cash was not that much of a problem, they had to deal with people in their own weight class like a certain senator from Alderaan who opposes all new military installations. Then there is their new boss, the Moff running the sector with his own designs, and Imperial Intelligence keeps an eye on them since they like to trade favors with them. I said it in another thread about this topic before but as a GM you just have to think big too and cash or a higher position is not only a boon for your group but a very good adventure hook in itself. Be creative.
  12. This is somewhat my problem with the new canon. I am not exactly happy about the reset but i got to a certain understanding that it had to be done since the old one was too clogged up and a huge mess at times. But what bothers me more is that our new canon is more or less built for/with a tv show for 6-9 year old kids. Sorry, but i'm over 30 years old and have been a Star Wars fan since i was 7. And while i do not complain about attracting new people to SW, i am worried about the (intellectual) niveau of our new canon. That it will be too simplified, streamlined and outright childish for the mature audience. And they are the bigger part of the audience. Most of the new books are not rating high in my opinion too since they are rather simple. No Suncrusher? No Vong? Less Uber-Jedis? Fine with me. But barley any enemie that can think further than their nose? Thrawn was a bit too strong but needed to keep the Alliance from wining the war in just a weekend it seemed. Your mileage may vary but i want a bit more mature stuff, and thought-out content. Edited for spelling mistakes.
  13. Do something i did and make a (little) roster of the power players of both factions and what their goals are. They all do not work the same way, just look at the 3 founders of the Correlian Treaty: Mon Mothma's ideal was to recreate the old Senate and a plattform where all species could discuss their differences, Bel Iblis wanted independence (for his system) if necessary by force, and Bail Organa wanted peace with a minimum of bloodshed. So think about it. Are all surviving senators interested in restoring the old system, and if yes then why? To regain their power? Because they believe it is the right thing? Are all Imperials powerhungry? Or do they believe in order, loyalty and security? Are they willing to follow horrendous orders like bombing a city to dust? Are your rebels the shining heroes and underdogs? Do they simply want revenge? How far are they willing to go for it, even at the cost of civilians? Even important civilians for the war efforts like inventors and scientists, factory owners? Create a few persons. The stats and skill can come later.
  14. Meh, i like my shades of grey (No, not that book!) so i think of the various motivations for the NPCs. Why does he/she do it? What will it accomplish? Is there an end-goal? Even Tarkin who was an evil bastard did not kill anybody on a whim, there was always a plan behind it. So yes of course i show nice Imperials as well as evil ones.
  15. 1. Bust out yourself 2. Bust out with help of criminals 3. Bust out with help of rebels 4. Play 'The dirty dozen' 5. Create new characters. May sound harsh, but for finding certain secrets and getting caught execution is the way to go.
  16. Not necessarily. With the new tools and methods they developed when building the first DS they could likely boost productivity. And the DS2 was just the reactor core with the superlaser and an absolute minimum of housing. About half or 2/3 are still missing, not to mention all the weapons, equipment and personell. DS 1 was fully stocked, DS 2 relied for everything except the superlaser on outside help.
  17. This is still a work in progress, but i intend to update at least once a week, maybe with some tweaking or anecdotes how my players fare with it. Patching the Cracks An investigative adventure in the Spires of Sepheris Secundus Adventure Background Sepheris Secundus, best known under its other name The Suffering Kingdom is a harsh world. Not just due to its climate but the strict social hierarchy and laws of obedience. The serfs work the mines and few fields, delivering 9/10th of their product to their barons, who in turn give 9/10th of their income to the royal ruler, Queen Lachryma III. Other rules regulate marriages which require the barons consent, regulated competition of the serfs for the best mining claims and other things. Serfs are required to work hard, pray, sleep little and eat less. The priests of the Ecclesiarchy constantly preach about servitude and not asking, challenging or even changing ones position in this society. The technology is highly regulated, most miners work with their forefathers tools, working decades for newer tools, and even their barons barely have better gear than steel armour and swords. Modern armour, vehicles and weapons are reserved for the queen and her guard, the Royal Scourges. So far every uprising has been put down either by baronial troops or laser-fire. The people only have the choices to serve or die. Or to leave the more hospitable parts and hide among the rubble and unstable regions. Among high radiation, pollution, mutants and other sinners survival is even harsher than under the hard rule of the Imperium. Truly a Kingdom of Suffering. For a better understanding I recommend you as a GM to read the chapter about Sepheris Secundus from the Dark Heresy Core Rulebook. But this adventure is about revenge, a tale of one of billions who got out and came back. A product of a non-sanctioned relationship, the child was delivered by their parents to the Tumble to die there before their master could discover their disobedience and sentence all three to death. Instead of succumbing to the environment it was found by a group of Loathers. It underwent the strict training of the assassins, surviving with clenched teeth whatever was thrown at it. After its tutelage one of the assignments was to deal with a smuggler that had angered some of his customers. Instead of killing him a bargain was struck, to take the unwanted one up to the stars, where bigger rewards awaited someone of its skills. After decades and dozens of contracts that person now returned in another smugglers junker, equipped with tools of his trade far above what the locals can usually handle. Modern Bolt weapons, armour, climbing gear and burglary tools make him a threat that even baffles the Royal Scourges. So far 7 barons and nobles have been killed in their fortresses or glass-stained homes. Blown away with stolen explosives, murdered in their sleeps, garroted and poisoned, his bloody work sends shivers of fear throughout the upper echelon on Sepheris Secundus. The infighting between the relatives of the murdered nobles does further damage by complicating matters of succession, inflicting harm to the Empire by slowing down exports and tithe contributions. The serfs are meanwhile busy with spreading the rumors along to the lowest mutant-hole. Some curse the assassin, some cheer for him, but most are afraid that things will only get worse. Crackdowns and witch-hunts are already underway, to no avail. The rumors have reached both the ears of the Adeptus Arbites and the Inquisition. The Arbites are mainly interested in restoring the flow of tithes, less in the saving of lives. Some Inquisitors are concerned about who does the killing and why. Your acolytes, proven but replaceable, are sent to Sepheris Secundus to investigate the murders. Due to a certain sordid humor the assassin has been given the nickname 'The Crack', since his work starts to show the failures in the glass-towers of Icenholm. Adventure Synopsis SSS is an investigative adventure for experienced players and GMs, with rather little emphasis on action unless needed for more dramatic situations. That said, there is plenty of chance for violence, both desired and undesired. Part 1: The acolytes are given their task by their superior and get shipped to Sepheris Secundus. Offer them a chance to get accustomed to each other and with their destination. Once they are there they will be greeted by an acolyte of low rank, Malken, a scribe, who hands them the information about the killed nobles. Should they not be familiar with the local customs and people (from adventures like Purge the Unclean) offer them again a chance to learn. They get their small quarters in one of the glass towers of Icenholm amid the thousands of scribes tasked with the control of the tithes. Part 2: The acolytes will be in dire need of information since the reports of the dead nobles tell very little, and the Adebtus Arbites is about to launch their own investigation but lacks sophisticated tools. They will have to deal with up-tight nobles trying to protect hat they consider their house's honour; fearful serfs that do not even dare to look at them, less at their own masters; and a criminal underground that has no reason to trust them either. Part 3: Once their quarry is identified the acolytes still have a dangerous and elusive enemy to deal with, one that out of sheer hatred would see the nobles and their queen burn. If they do not work fast Sepheris Secundus will descend into chaos.
  18. Sniper is relative. But if you compare the levels of a hive city to say Coruscount out of the Clone Wars show ... there are huge open areas, market places, boulevards, ... You can hunt them from a safe and hard to reach distance. Corruption points don't migitate fear, Insanity points do. Corruption points cause mutations that make it impossible to work certain jobs. Worst case you get kicked out and go radical. Fun too if you like causing a mess, but in the end those chars will fry/die.
  19. How good is your gunslingers WP? I mean if it gets to a shoot-out with underhive gangs i throw in fire bombs and Volg VI 'Crank Cannon's. Suppressive fire with it's initial -20 to WP can mess up his day. Being set on fire is no slouch either. And as soon as the acolytes are running between buildings there is more than enough space for a 'sniper' Hell, just let the baddies take up position in an official building with a park or square in front of it. Gunslinger, meet hunting rifle. Dangerous enough in a Hive. Or have the sniper hide in the rafters (for lack of better word) or rooftops. In order to get to him your gunslinger has to either run through the house (booby traps!) or scale the outside. Give the sniper sprint to keep his distance. and maybe an grapple gun.
  20. Having friends is always a good idea and I will encourage my players to create a web of contacts and connections. However I don't like the idea of them having a literal armoury at their disposal. In my mind DH is a game when the Accolytes themselves are treated more as useful tools than normal people. When the situation will allow it, their Interogator will grant them some nice toys, but toehrwise it's stub pistols and lasguns, not Tranters and Bolters. By body parts you mean that they should pay for better augs right? I have a list of their enemies and friends, and if appropriate give them the free Talent to better represent that. Among other things they got Hatred (Dark Eldar) for free after crossing the Kabal of Crimson Woes seveal times. And yes, they hate them too. As for the Armoury: I see the Inquisition as a powerful organization despite its rather small size, and they like all power groups in the 40k-setting stockpile weapons. armours, tools (and secrets). And they use them just like they use the acolytes. I as the GM and their superior give them what i think is approrpiate for the job. Infiltrating a cult in the underhive? Cover identities, patchwork armour, low-grade weapons usually used in that hive, maybe a vox-bug to listen into those secret meetings. Taking a look at a noble's indiscretion? Other cover identities, good clothes, armour and refined weapons for those that have to carry one according to their new identity, far more and superior surveilance gear. Can think of something else and explain why you need it? If so, convince me. I don't mollycoddle them and give them Inquisitorial Stormtrooper Carapace with grenade launchers and assault rifles unless i send them after the Pilgrims of Hayte on an extermination mission. Appropriate ... but maybe a bit stingy ^^ I replace any lost limbs during service (not their down-time) with a standard replacement part. Upgrades in quality, modifications, or extras they can pay for themselves.
  21. My ways to deal with looting: Carry limits (already mentioned) Weary shop owners/fences (already mentioned Low prices: A fence or shop owner who takes your stuff will pay you 10-25% of the new price. Why so low? Because he can sell used stuff for half the price (it c/should be considered Poor Quality) and he still wants to make a profit/living. A moderate/generous supply from their Inquisitor: My group usually has the chance to borrow relevant equipment (small and medium guns, ammo, light armour, disguises, surveillance gear, ...) from their Inquisitors armoury. Of course they have to give them back after the job or get reduced pay for wasted equipment. All the things they buy with their income is their private stuff and their own responsibility. Replacement body-parts: When you loose a limb in service for the =I= you get a standard quality replacement. After all, one-handed or -legged experienced Acolytes are of limited use. (My SoB lost both eyes to a whitches curse (they exploded) and got them replaced. An Imperial Noble who owed the group a favor or two forked over the Thrones to upgrade them to Best Quality.) Make friends: My group usually does their best to impress their superiors and other high-ranking people they meet in order to collect favors and/or goodwill. By the Throne they make enough enemies as it is by squashing those cults and aliens. See the example above what they can be used for.
  22. How about raising the stakes? There are bullets that ignore shields (Shield-breaker Rounds), tanks that can level him, use a MP Las Cannon (like my group against CSMs), and worst of all the Power Stakes of Witch Hunter Rykehuss (in addition to their own damage they deal 1d10 damage extra for every point of Psy Rating the target has). Seriously, if anybody in my group creates a hab-block destroying murder-psyker and goes on a spree i will unleash the PDF, IG and =I= on him. The reason why such psykers behave is because that is done in the 40th millenium to deal with them. Or they constantly run and hide.
  23. But there's still the point of this thing costing 4500 credits, which unless your GM is routinely showering the party with credits is not going to be easy to come by. And if the GM is showering the party with credits, then they're breaking one of the tenets of an EotE campaign in that the PCs should always be hungry for credits, much like the crew in Firefly were. Also, your math on the Rarity is off, as Nar Shaddaa wouldn't count as a core world, as it's pretty solidly in the Outer Rim, so that's +2 to Rarity, and it's not on any of the major-league named trade runs, so no bonus there. snip Excuse me, but Nal Hutta (and Nar Shadaa) is a 'Civilised World', not some backwater hole. It sits on 3 inner-huttspace traderoutes, is called the Smugglers Moon and Small Coruscount around the galaxy because it is so densely populated, travelled to/from and the biggest shadowport of known space due to the lax laws. Even the legal goods coming and going are astounding, no wonder with a number of inhabitants reaching into the billions. Thats at least a -1 to Rarity. All you need is the cash. As for the price? Hey guys instead of buying 9 new torpedos lets get a pistol. Or instead of a new torpedo launcher 2 pistols. Hyper-jumping away is usually cheaper than duking it out. I mean seriously? What are your groups doing if their ship is lost? A light freighter costs 100k upwards, that is either impossible or nets you 20-50 obligation points. So i agree more to the OPs primary problem: Power creep. Is it really necessary to create a pistol with these stats?
  24. It was an entertaining episode, sanse the few logical holes. Maybe i'll continue to watch season 2, but i am still a but unsure. That plot-armour is getting on my nerves, or maybe i just read too much ASOIAF. The Empire managed to look almost competent and menancing for the most part, but i fear that will stop very soon. Edit: As for voices: i work in a call center. I, at over 30 years of age, 200 pound, 6 feet tall male get more often that i care mistaken for a young woman around 20 years old. Voices match most of the times the bodies of their owner, but not always.
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