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  1. My biggest gripe with Rebels so far was that the main cast had only problems when they have to deal with big shots like Tarkin, Vader and now Thrawn. Not to belittle them but the Empire's servants are often portraied as so .. inefficience that i my suspension of disbelive simply brakes. They would not have survived so far along if (my feeling by the show so far) 90%+ of the imperial military/navy are incompetent bunglers. Yes, i am happy that Thrawn is back and portrayed like in the books, but again such a big name is needed. The rebels operate at the same level as several smugglers/pirate groups and the Empire usually knows how to deal with those. So far i don't get the feeling that the heroes earn most their successes.
  2. Well, i warned my players about altering canon but they were too stuck in their ways of kissing up to the Empire and ... how should i phrase it: They dragged it behind the shed, shot it, burned it and pissed on the burning corpse that was once canon before dropping the ash in a lake of acid. Amongst other things they 1. ratted out the Dac resistance to the Empire (no Mon Cal ships for the Rebells) 2. had a personal vendetta with Bail Organa and proofed his connections to Rebel sympathisers 3. hunted and killed Obi-Wan Kenobi leading to 4. Luke ending in imperial control. (He's 3 years old but Vader knows of him) The year is 16 BBY, Bail Organa and Garm Bel Iblis are on the run, Mon Mothma is under more scrutiny than ever for her connections to them and the Rebell Alliance as such might never come into existence. But i know my players, they'll get cocky and start a civil war, once/if they make Moff.
  3. I am currently running a quasi-imperial campaign with my EotE group. Long story short: After the Clone Wars a few small-time criminals got out of prison and tried their hand in smuggling and bounty hunting. They tried to work for the last Seps (there were small fractions in the Outer RIm) and tried to double-cross the Imperials sniffing around. What should be a simple job went wrong so hard that the Seps got beaten by the Imps and the characters were blamed for it - no more working for the Seps. But the Imps seemed impressed enough to give them some assignments. Fast forward 3 years and the group represents the governour and his retinue of a small colony in the Mid/Outer Rim. That forces them to deal with political backstabbing and scheming, special projects of the Empire, dissidents, sabotage and bootlickers (if you got money and power those pop up all by themselves). They do their best to please those in power in order to get some of that power and keep an eye on their rivals to not get overtaken. Our smuggler/governour awakened his Force senisitivity and does 'hunting and archeology' trips in search for knowledge about the Force. And since Jedis have that knowledge and are worth a lot of credits for bounties resulting in several dead padawans/knights. After the 4th they got the attention of Lord Vader and his Inquisitors. Yesterdays game was quite interesting when an Inquisitor handed him a crystal containing the infos for a 'demonstration job' to proove his worth as a possible Inquisitor. My player was not happy about being on Lord Vaders leash feeling somewhat choked, proofing that the Lord of the Siths can 'force choke' people in different ways.
  4. Sure, if it's funny enough. As for the premise: i am just rewatching The Wire.
  5. My players met an a prison transport. They had been arrested by the Republic Army for loitering, instigation, theft or simply for existing. Getting out and some new IDs was fun.
  6. Meh, the PCs are the stars of the show so what they do can change history in my games. If they do something that puts them next/in front of a movie character than that just happens. Like sitting in a conference room on Coruscount negotiating for an official contract with the Empire to build a supply depot for the Imperial Navy above their planet (sub-contracts for supplying the necessary food from their planet were attached) and Bail Organa was one of the Senators discussing the deal. Pacifist as he was (and supporting the Alliance) he was against further military installations so far out in the Middle Rim (nearly Outer Rim). I give no one plot armour, neither the PCs nor any NPC. Do i boost an NPC to make sure he is a big bad worthy of the whole groups attention? Yes. But no one is invincible.
  7. Or somebody did not check the existing gear and made a new cool toy that outclasses its predecessor. Or powercreep. That would be my 2 guesses.
  8. From the design and my limited knowledge of the now Legend material i would guess that the Sith and their Mandalorian mercenaries won the last war 2500 years ago. Now the Sith Lords rule with an iron fist, the Mandalorians do what they do best and the Jedis are in hiding/a resistance movement against the Sith Empire.
  9. I took a look into my trusted Imperial Handbook and would argue that the usual response would be about an Attack Line: 3 Heavy or 6-8 Light Cruisers plus fighters Or if they suspect your team to be heavily entrenched up it up to a Heavy Attack Line: 4-8 heavy cruisers, possibly including a Victory Star Destroyer(!). If your group tries to build a 3rd front as new rulers of a planet ... the Empire could go so far to upgrade that to a Heavy Squadron, thats usually 2 Heavy Attack Lines. OR they add a torpedo sphere to one of the lines to, and i quote the Handbook, 'penetrate planetary shields and quell uprisings on rebellious worlds'. The Empire as i GM it has no tolerance for upstarts and mercs running amok. Leaving your banner and recordings of your doings behinds makes it so much easier to find you. The Rebels did not do that and even they got found. Even in the Outer Rim or Wild Space they will send someone after you. So the PCs should consider faking death and retreating.
  10. My group tries to stay loyal to the Empire for now. But since 1 char has the motivation to overthrow the Empire he plays the long shot, trying to get people into his fold and all that jazz. We are all looking forward to the day when (not if) it goes into the open. Who needs a Rebellion if just as an example several moffs band together and sever ties with the Empire.
  11. My group is running with the 'big boys' with all its own problems After a few stints for the Empire and GM Tarkin in particular they got the job as Governor/ruling council on a planet of the edge of the Mid Rim. So they set up the usual triangle of agricultur, mining and light industry to make their new home self sufficient. Once that was done they wanted to go bigger. My group has had their problems when they tried to get those development projects for their planet like a real ship yard/supply depot for the Imperial Navy. Cash was not that much of a problem, they had to deal with people in their own weight class like a certain senator from Alderaan who opposes all new military installations. Then there is their new boss, the Moff running the sector with his own designs, and Imperial Intelligence keeps an eye on them since they like to trade favors with them. I said it in another thread about this topic before but as a GM you just have to think big too and cash or a higher position is not only a boon for your group but a very good adventure hook in itself. Be creative.
  12. This is somewhat my problem with the new canon. I am not exactly happy about the reset but i got to a certain understanding that it had to be done since the old one was too clogged up and a huge mess at times. But what bothers me more is that our new canon is more or less built for/with a tv show for 6-9 year old kids. Sorry, but i'm over 30 years old and have been a Star Wars fan since i was 7. And while i do not complain about attracting new people to SW, i am worried about the (intellectual) niveau of our new canon. That it will be too simplified, streamlined and outright childish for the mature audience. And they are the bigger part of the audience. Most of the new books are not rating high in my opinion too since they are rather simple. No Suncrusher? No Vong? Less Uber-Jedis? Fine with me. But barley any enemie that can think further than their nose? Thrawn was a bit too strong but needed to keep the Alliance from wining the war in just a weekend it seemed. Your mileage may vary but i want a bit more mature stuff, and thought-out content. Edited for spelling mistakes.
  13. Do something i did and make a (little) roster of the power players of both factions and what their goals are. They all do not work the same way, just look at the 3 founders of the Correlian Treaty: Mon Mothma's ideal was to recreate the old Senate and a plattform where all species could discuss their differences, Bel Iblis wanted independence (for his system) if necessary by force, and Bail Organa wanted peace with a minimum of bloodshed. So think about it. Are all surviving senators interested in restoring the old system, and if yes then why? To regain their power? Because they believe it is the right thing? Are all Imperials powerhungry? Or do they believe in order, loyalty and security? Are they willing to follow horrendous orders like bombing a city to dust? Are your rebels the shining heroes and underdogs? Do they simply want revenge? How far are they willing to go for it, even at the cost of civilians? Even important civilians for the war efforts like inventors and scientists, factory owners? Create a few persons. The stats and skill can come later.
  14. Meh, i like my shades of grey (No, not that book!) so i think of the various motivations for the NPCs. Why does he/she do it? What will it accomplish? Is there an end-goal? Even Tarkin who was an evil bastard did not kill anybody on a whim, there was always a plan behind it. So yes of course i show nice Imperials as well as evil ones.
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