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  1. Very nice. I'm not sure about the uber-abbreviation, but it's certainly an interesting way to do it (a la Relic).
  2. As requested by our very own 80sVamp, here are a couple of pics of her newly painted set up with Leavon's fantabulous creations! That's some darned fine painting too! Is it October yet?
  3. Money going to the printer still means that someone is profiting from GW's IP, however indirectly. The non commercial stipulations of the artists would also be adverse to this.
  4. I'm afraid that any money changing hands for this expansion will result in action by GW over their IP, and the artwork cannot be charged for under the various stipulations set out by the artists themselves.
  5. Are you still interested in adding the rules for The Lost Realms? Sorry, but my memory is getting really bad!
  6. The rules state - Cursed Objects and Followers must be taken by a character encountering them, and cannot be ditched. Cursed Objects and Followers may be discarded, stolen and sold as normal. So, the only stipulation is that you cannot ditch them (i.e. drop them).
  7. Heh. It'd be cool, wouldn't it? I think there'd be a number of issues preventing it, but they could probably do something similar.
  8. +1 for Oasis...
  9. The six announced will come first, then apparently it won't be long before the others are reprinted. As for new expansions, only GW knows...
  10. The preview of Game Trade Media magazine #211 would suggest that pricing is in line with the FFG printings... http://www.gametrademagazine.com/downloads/GTM211Games.pdf
  11. This one?
  12. Awesome work, as per!
  13. I imagine it will be like in 3rd Edition. Craft/Strength points are just converted into XP, which you can spend on either attribute.
  14. There's a contact address here - https://www.facebook.com/talismanisland/posts/1236876693069033
  15. Not bad at all Mr A! Enjoy Brum!