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  1. Sounds like a neat addition, though it obviously takes a lot of the danger out of some situations. Maybe you could ditch/discard the Talisman so it's more of an emergency use?
  2. Thanks to reedstilt for the reminder! My mind these days... https://www.talismanisland.com/ros-veil-and-ghost.zip
  3. https://www.talismanisland.com/10030/the-realm-of-souls-sneak-peek-9/
  4. ...or you can see all of the previews so far on this page - https://www.talismanisland.com/previews/the-realm-of-souls/
  5. I forgot to update with these - https://www.talismanisland.com/10016/the-realm-of-souls-sneak-peek-7/ https://www.talismanisland.com/10019/the-realm-of-souls-sneak-peek-8/
  6. Yes, i'll certainly be able to release the two templates that I've made for the expansion.
  7. Maybe... The jury is out on whether or not it can be shared, but we'll see.
  8. https://www.talismanisland.com/9992/the-realm-of-souls-sneak-peek-6/
  9. More sneak peeks are coming... https://www.talismanisland.com/9955/the-realm-of-souls-sneak-peek-3/
  10. It depends. Are you familiar enough with the game and texts to skip forward without reading everything in minute detail? This can adds ages to playing time. Are you playing with a lot of expansions? The more you add, the longer the game will usually be (Unless you have The Harbinger in play!) Are you trying to get to a high level of Strength or Craft before assaulting the Inner Region? You often don't need as much as people think.
  11. Here you go http://www.talismanisland.com/?page_id=4888
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