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  1. Hi, Descent noob here (but not boardgaming, tactical gaming noob, far from it). We tried Road to Legend with 3 friends of mine recently. We studied the characters we had available and the RtL rules and decided to create a party to take advantage of the MAJOR bonus of monsters attacking the stone in many different circumstances. We breezed through the campaign like it was nothing. On hard... The usual scenario was, party stacks on the door, Geomancer opens and throws leveled-up Stone (defensively). Most of the monsters would attack the stone (`````80% of cases, maybe more) which absorbs HUGE amounts of damage, especially when the monster count is low (ettins etc.), then Fighters go in and scoop. Next turn, stone gets thrown near the remaining monsters, they attack it and so on. Healer heals the rest of the damage. This party never lost one scenario throughout the whole campaign and we did double-triple check the rules. The RtL manual specifically mentions how the Summoned Stone plays! It's like FFG wanted the Stone to be played that way. The problem is that having a 2hp damage absorber which has the potential to redirect monster damage from the heroes, available turn after turn after turn made the game ridiculously easy. Now I'm pretty sure that maybe there are other classes out there that may be even more broken than Geomancer but I just wanted to vent I guess. I also know that the first thing someone would propose is to utilize the rule about monster behavior and let them target a hero instead. We kinda wanted the AI to be a bit more intelligent than that I guess. Sometimes it says 'target the lowest Strength' and so on but STILL the RtL manual goes on about familiars not having a relevant stat count it as 0 (as in 'lowest') when the AI checks for it! Again, this looks like someone in FFG WANTED the stone to be targeted ALL the time. I don't know, going through the campaign with such a cheesy tactic didn't feel right and we didn't really felt it was fun after all. Maybe FFG should bother a bit about the balance of classes with RtL in mind instead of just releasing it to the wild and letting a vague rule of 'choose yourselves how you want the monsters to behave' dictate the gameplay here? OK, vent over. Thoughts? I'm not asking for comparisons here, please refrain from posting 'yeah, you should see X class in RtL, it's OP' and so on, that's not the point. The point is why there are so many passages inside the RtL manual boosting the Stone's power and tanking ability? Maybe the new campaign mitigates this thing a bit? Can anyone tell us (without spoilers please)? Should we use Geomancer with our party going in the 2nd campaign or should we replace him with another class?
  2. Do we have an answer to this question yet? Anyone?
  3. Please do ask with specific examples because I'm still not convinced that Corey answered exactly what we are talking about here.
  4. So any official answer to this? It's getting annoying. Everytime I see that card I feel like I'm playing it wrong. Right now I just check if all COGs are in cover and if this is the case I draw a new AI card even if a Wretch could fulfill the first part of the text. I don't know if that was the intent though. Anyone from FFG reading this?
  5. mi-go hunter said: Ologotai said: OK - thanks. So the rolling of multiple Omens makes no difference in this case? As the wounded Boomer in my example has 2 health on his wound marker he causes no damage to himself. Cheers Andy Yes, since the Boomer's wound marker has a printed 2 and its triggered ability only happens once per attack, it can never kill itself regardless of how many omens were rolled. Their tough hide makes up for their lack of intelligence in this case Cool. We forgot about using it only once and I was wondering if Omens are resolved one by one or all together. I guess it doesn't matter now.
  6. I had that situation yesterday and didn't know what to do. I believe that this question qualifies for the FAQ. Can anyone post it on the relevant thread or maybe even ask Corey about it? I don't have time to do it myself right now.
  7. Taeblewalker said: toddrew said: sepayne7l said: I like BattleLore, but the whole, "No one on the left board has any idea what to do until maybe next turn-hopefully-if I draw the correct card" doesn't work for me. To each his own, but I prefer to look at this as "maybe I should have played my command cards a little more judiciously." I greatly enjoy the element of command in the game,do not like mechanics that blunt the advantage of having a command of 6 over a command of 4, for example. Ocassionally, one does in fact get a bad hand of cards (all pertaining to one mostly empty section, for example). Usually the game is a matter of management. Play with Battle Savvy rulesyour bad hand problems will go away.
  8. Many players complained that the Mounted Knights image is so similar to the basic cavalry image that they couldn't distinguish the two. By changing the image this problem is solved. Nothing more, nothing less. I really like that FFG is trying to correct some mistakes that Days of Wonder did when they had the game's rights. I don't like the whole series expansion policy at all but at least they are trying, I give them that. If only they stopped releasing so small packages. I'd prefer 1-2 expansions per year with lots of content rather than 4-5 small boxes with a few new units that they are doing right now. I'm tired of writing about this over the years though. I have already stopped buying BattleLore products after Bearded Brave. I want to hear a clear and precise answer from FFG on what are they planning to do next. A preview at least. If they are going to continue releasing small expansions with new units even after Age of Chivalry then I'm not going to support them anymore. I have plenty of BL left to play. I want to see completely NEW content, gameplay changes or something dramatic, not necessarily a new race. I've gone past that stage. Imay even say that I don't want to see a new race if this is going to mean a year's worth of expansions just to bring it up to par with the others. A few new units won't cut it anymore.
  9. Green Spider cannot store Lore anymore not any other creature for that matter. Personally after the Creature rules have changed we use only the Blue Spider. Green Spider has lost its power. Moving 4 instead of 3 does not offset the Blue Spiders power level. I agree on all other points made above about the other creatures.
  10. 1} Use Battle Savvy rules in all your sessions regardless of scenario. 2} That is all.
  11. fragmaster2

    Invader cards

    lishai said: What invader card desk do you like most?And what invader cards are your favorites(expect spawn cards-all invaders like spawn cards!) I'll be quick. The basic deck is simply broken. The Invader doesn't actually have to think in order to be able to kill marines with the basic deck.. There is only one strategy: Wait for the triggering condition to be fulfilled, play the uber-card, frag the marine then repeat. It's a mindless auto-kill, autopilot deck. It is the reason that this game is so underrated as a "broken and unbalanced mess". This game is a gem but this deck and its sheer broken-ness made lots of people bashing it and shelving it. It deserved better. Use the expansion deck to actually play a good game. Over and out. P.S. Favorite card from the expansion deck, I won't bother with the basic deck: Earthquake. You can do so many nasty combos with it.
  12. You can use our playtested house rules if you want: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/540183/our-house-rules-playtested-for-at-least-3-years If you only use SOME of the above home rules I cannot guarantee that the result will be a balanced game. If you do use ALL the rules then I can. If you don't really care about other home rules and your concern is only Tick Blast then I'll just copy-paste from the above link the rule that we used almost immediately after seeing how worthless was Tick Blast two years ago. 5} Tick Blast allows Trites to move before detonation but they lose the Scuttle ability and their normal attack for that turn. {so that the Invader can actually plan something with his Trites instead of just waiting for it to happen. Also the Scuttle ability is removed for that turn so that the Invader cannot exploit it and use the Ducts to make easy Blast attacks to marines.} Know that this change will increase the power level of the Invader giving no advantage to the marines to counterbalance it. That is why I advise you to use the full home rules if your group thinks that it's time that you change the game in order to be more enjoyable. The rules are heavily playtested and are balanced for use with RanDOOM, a random scenario generator that you can download from DOOM's BGG page. That way you can have an endless supply of scenarios and a balanced ruleset to go with them.
  13. Scy800 said: I would never make berserk into a pickup that can be used whenever the marines want, that's a tad to strong for my tastes. It's not. Trust me. Every scenario that gives a Berserk token to the marines actually wants them to use it to kill a nearby big monster. BUT if you use the official rules the Invader can avoid your Berserker easily. If you make it a pickup then you make it useful but not too strong. A marine that tries to keep his Berserk pickup for the last room will not live much longer since the Invader will actively try to kill him in order to make him discard it. What this home rule does is make the Berserk token useful for the marines and not a trap like it is now. How many monsters can you kill with two turn of Berserk action anyway? The Invader isn't going to stand there and let you punch his big monsters for two turns. BUT at least you can kill one big monster which is actually what Berserk should do in the first place.
  14. Berserk was one of the first things that we houseruled immediately after playing a few times along with Plasma gun {Aimed instead of Accuracy1} and Pistol {infinite ammo}. Now ALL pick-ups are carried just like Adrenaline and can be used at the beginning of the marine's turn for two turns, the turn that they are activated and the next. IF however a marine carrying tokens is fragged, he loses all of them. Berserk as is, is pretty worthless. An experienced Invader will use it to his advantage. It's actually a penalty and not a bonus for the marine that picks it up. A clever Invader will get 5+ spaces away from that marine every turn or just let some Imps in his way. A Berserk marine with no Invader in his 4- spaces range is completely worthless. If you want you can see our full house rules here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/540183/our-house-rules-playtested-for-at-least-3-years
  15. b_fortner7 said: Looking carefully there is a minor difference regarding the Special info at the bottom of the card. The original Dwarven Crossbow card states "When used on the move, reduce the number of dice rolled by 1". While the new Dwarven Arbalest card reads "Wnen used on the move, the number of dice rolled is 1" - Notice there is no meantion of Lore tokens on this card. This differs from the Human Arbalest from Hundred Years War which reads "Cannot be fired on the move, even at Point Blank. Do not collect Lore tokens". There is another very real possibility. The Lore notation is removed because it is assumed that you are playing with the game's OFFICIAL rules which are (yes indeed you guessed right!) BATTLE SAVVY rules. There is no need for the Lore notation anymore because no ranged weapon collects Lore anymore. As for the Dwarves having heavy machinery this is consistent with the typical Dwarven stereotype. I don't find it weird at all. Dwarves in almost every fantasy setting are great fighters AND great constructors/engineers of castles, war machines and explosives. It's only natural that Dwarves have the heavy artillery.
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