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  1. selling my collection with completed sets 1-3 some of set 4 and hundreds of rares, and around 60 extra SRs and set 4 promos would sell for $350 for everything, including card protectors, folders, sleeves if interested e-mail me at x.melendez2001@yahoo.com
  2. let me get the cloud or sephy because then i can trade it to roxas haha
  3. hey even though the game is ending i would like to complete my collection would trade or even purchase some cards
  4. 2x Winnie the Pooh Lv 0 2x Owl Lv 0 3x Peter Pan Lv 3 2x Beast Lv 3 Set 2- 2x Oogie Boogie 2x Captain Hook Promo- 1x Sora Halloween Town 1x Riku Lv 2 i have these maybe not to the quantity but i do have most
  5. hey man i have most of the cards you need except for set 4 e-mail me at x.melendez2001@yahoo.com and we can work out a trade
  6. hey man e-mail me at x.melendez2001@yahoo.com I already traded the disney castle but i have the other 2 and would trade them for the promos from set 4, i'm not sure what the promos are though, but i do need them all can you remind me what the promos are? and we can work something out
  7. would you do leon and yuffie for them?
  8. hey i'm interested in 1 of each of your haves, check out my list and let me know, sorry i don't have any of your wants
  9. lol scan it again buddy don't want doubles for trading?
  10. wow thats it? i was hoping for more help than that
  11. here you go Set 4 Sora lvl 2 R x1 Sora lvl 3 SR x1 Sora (Valor Form) SR x1 Sora (Wisdom Form) SR x1 Ansem lvl 10 SR x1 Roxas lvl 1 SR x1 Mickey Mouse lvl 1 SR x1 Minnie Mouse lvl 1 SR x1 Diz lvl 1 SR x1 Captain Pete lvl 0 SR x1 Donald Duck lvl 4 R x1 Goofy lvl 4 R x1 MeAlice lvl 0 SR x1 Hercules lvl 3 R x1 Aladdin lvl 3 R x1 Jasmine lvl 1 SR x1 Pinocchio lvl 1 R x1 Jack Skellington lvl 3 SR x1 Dr. Finkelstein lvl 2 R x1 Beast lvl 3 R x1 Jack Sparrow lvl 3 R x1 Simba lvl 3 R x1 Yuffie lvl 2 SR x1 Leon lvl 4 SR x1 Auron lvl 4 SR x1 Firaga R x1 Blizzaga R x1 Thundaga R x1 Kingdom Key R x1 Pot Spider R x1 Pete lvl 2 SR x1 Search Ghost R x1 Sea Neon C x1 Pot Centipede R x1 Phantom SR x1 Behemoth SR x1 Crescendo R x1 Cerberus lvl 6 SR x1 Wizard R x1 Parasite Cage SR x1 Wyvern R x1 Jafar-Genie lvl 8 SR x1 Hades lvl 8 SR x1 Destiny Islands lvl 2 SR x1 Twilight Town lvl 3 R x1 Agrabah lvl 1 R x1 Hundred Acre Wood lvl 1 R x1 End of the World lvl 2 SR x2 Promo Cid lvl 1 NF x1 Cid lvl 1 F x1 Tigger lvl 1 NF x1 Daisy lvl 0 NF x1 Daisy lvl 0 F x1 Kairi lvl 0 NF x1 Kairi lvl 0 F x1 Event Card 1 F x1 Event Card 1 NF x1 Snow White F x1 Tip Card Tip Card #1 x1 Tip Card #2 x2 Tip Card #3 x2 Tip Card #4 x2 Tip Card #5 x2
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