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  1. geki

    Creating a Terrinoth Bestiary

    All of them are included in the list.
  2. geki

    Gentlemen of Fortune: Fantasy on the High Seas

    Looks very interesting. Just a question from a cursory overview: your copyright notice at the bottom of the page mentions Wizards of the Coast (rather than FFG). Is this simply a typo or is there some WotC connection in theme or setting that I am missing?
  3. geki

    Creating a Terrinoth Bestiary

    The As a start, I listed all of the creatures and units (but no individual characters like Splig) to be found in Descent, Battlelore 2nd edition, Rune Age and Runewars. For each unit that had a direct correspondence, I listed the page number in the Genesys books. For some I suggested some possible correspondences (some more straightforward than others). I also list what source they come from (with Descent being the default, BL being battlelore, RA Rune Age, RW Rune Wars). I left out clear duplicates (i.e. things that are present with different names in different games, like Troll from descent and Giant Troll from RuneWars, who share the same art from 1st edition descent) and super generic units (Dwarf Forger and Elven Warrior come to mind). the link with (for now) just the list is at https://www.dropbox.com/s/fcq85f6j8g7iyc1/Terrinoth Bestiary WIP.docx?dl=0 which I also try to attach to this thread. the next step, beside individual creatures, would be to get a guideline for wound and attack conversion from descent to Genesys. Are wounds 1 to 1? I suspect that’s the case for act II monsters, but I have made no comparative analysis yet. terrinoth bestiary wip.docx
  4. geki

    Creating a Terrinoth Bestiary

    That would be great. I’d be glad to help with the stat out, or with the listing. (Beside descent, Rune age has a few interesting figures from different races and lands)
  5. Link? I’m terrible at reddit but curious about this
  6. I really like this idea for groups who are familiar enough with the system to want to spice it up a bit (that’s definitely not me, not yet). It reminds me quite closely of the Burning Wheel system. i am way more skeptical on the matter of talents, since it would make it very tough to get some of them. Nonetheless an interesting optio
  7. geki

    Verse and Rune Magic vs Arcana

    So, just to be clear (thanks by the way): do the runes act as implement ONLY for Rune Magic?
  8. geki

    Verse and Rune Magic vs Arcana

    Thanks, that’s why I asked. I knew something was missing. I’ll go back to reading, but this helps a lot.
  9. Hello. While I understand that Realms of Terrinoth is first and foremost a setting book, and only secondarily a source of additional rules, I am nonetheless a tad confused by the rule set for Verse and Rune Magic. From what I can gather, the two skills do exactly the same that Arcana does , in terms of 1) access to magic categories (attack, dispel, etc) and 2) gaining access to it (certain careers have it a a career skill), with a detriment (needing a Rune or a musical Instrument) that is 1) not balanced by any advantage and 2) easily ignored once the characters have their own item. I was wondering why, then, the system provides us with a different skill than simply saying that Arcana can be channeled in different ways, including singing or through the use of a Rune, depending on the caster. i really feel like I am missing some details, albeit small, that makes the three approaches to magic different beside the narrative difference. any help would be appreciated.
  10. geki

    Adversary Attack Damage

    More generally on this topic: is it +1 for uncanceled success including or beyond the first? (I.e. is the actual minimum damage 5 or 6 in the example)?
  11. geki

    Summoning Templates (WIP, Need Feedback)

    Link appears invalid
  12. geki

    Character/ NPC Inspiration

    Do you happen to have a collection of these (and the locations, most importantly) in a more accessible format than a thread post? a Dropbox or google drive shared folder would be amazing.
  13. geki

    BJZSN's Custom Classes

    We're currently playing a full campaign using Ninja, Druid and Pyromancer. Jury is still out, but so far we find The druid to be very well balanced, conceptually interesting, albeit possibly a little boring to play. The ninja generally ok, maybe the weaker of the three. Part of it is due to the fact that while his starting ability is nice, the other feel not particularly useful in general. The pyromancer seems the strongest of the mages we have played, with the possible exception of the geomancer with stun. Piercing 3 (even for a fatigue) is super powerful, and the fact that the target needs to be burning is a little limitation, since you want pierce on the big monsters anyhow, and those you will be attacking more than once anyhow. We just selected the 3 square path attack, but haven't tested it yet. We'll adjourn.
  14. geki

    Faction Flavors

    What is "U" as a color? What is "Bant Hexproof"? I have not beeing playing Magic in a while.
  15. geki

    'Hoth' mechanic seems lazy

    To be fair, there are two different mechanics which you seem to condense in one: 1) On the one side, the "if you control more" mechanic, which is very thematic with the Battle for Hoth: it is the only moment in the trilogy - or in the saga, for that matter - in which gaining ground and position is crucial to the fight (beside being by far the most imponent ground battle). I agree with you that, if repeated, it could lead to weird situations: "Oh, I have more Hoth than you, you have more Bespin than me, nothing anyone can do about it", but this will be mitigated by the variety of decks. Having a Hoth-only deck, in the future, will mean sensibly limiting one's choices. 2) The other one (if you have something "Hoth" named) is instead a more radical mechanic in SWLCG, the very clever (in my opinion) use of "traits" to create a thematic feel. On this note, I am thrilled, but I fear the diluition of traits. Best Geki