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  1. The card is to be bought in the Command phase and put in the play area. From the play area it can be activated during an Action phase.
  2. The squad is only halted if the Op-fire is suppressive and succesfull.
  3. I have not yet tried the Normandy expansion, and therefore not read the card you are refering to, but the cards are made to mix things up and add special rules so why not.
  4. Op-fire can only be triggered by movement.
  5. Assault from lvl 0 to lvl 2 is not possible, however supporting an assault against lvl 2 from lvl 0 is possible.
  6. Have you seen Mike Z's LOS examples? They are very good and visualises all possible LOS issues. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/file/download/25123/LoSexamples.pdf
  7. Log in and go to the support page from TOI official homepage. From there click the link saying "scenario editor and fan-created scenarios", or something.
  8. It is indeed quite hard to interpret the rules covering this. Players who play according to #2: How well does it work when applying interpretation #2? Balance etc.
  9. After having read a post in the forum (that I can’t find again) I became unsure about the MGs Rapid-Op-Fire when combining with other units. Set up: Squad A: 4 regulars (in range, and in Op) Squad B: MG and 2 regulars (in range, and in Op) Squad C: MG and 2 regulars (in range, and in Op) What of the following scenarios are correct? 1. Only the MGs from B & C combine op-fire without becoming fatigued 2. Only the MGs from B & C and the full squad A combine op-fire resulting in fatiguing A but B&C are still in Op We have always played like in 1. but not like in 2.
  10. 1. No, you may not return fire. Being fired upon never lets you shoot back, only when being assaulted (and your unit is not disrupted). 2. That text is a misprint; check the errata in the rules for the correct one.
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