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  1. The tiles are correct, the printed rulebook have errors. See here: boardgamegeek.com/thread/757201/maps-in-printed-copy-are-incorrect-see-ffg-webpage The web rulebook is OK.
  2. Eldil said: What in the what now? It's still listed as "on the boat." I know this, because I'm been hitting the refresh button on the "Upcoming" page every 15 seconds. Where was this store? Sorry, it´s in... Spain.
  3. I puchased mine this morning in my favourite shop.
  4. BigYogi said: so....what will you do in this case: your gnome is located in a room with low water and you open a hatch to a room with high water. what will happen? we played it this way: both rooms have then low water tokens on it. I agree with that.
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