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  1. It's so an huge opportunity for highly thematic encounters than I think it will be more used as a new game itself than just an expansion. Eldritch Horror will have 8 expansions and a ton of cards and investigators. It's time for a new game with Lovecraft country as a new main game board (more regional than Arkham Horror ; more specific than Eldricht). "Miskatonic Valley" will be a good title.
  2. I'm wondering if Resource tokens are limited in number like Focus tokens (2 max). And I'm thinking the Daniela Reyes' starting Asset would be an Automobile due to her occupation.
  3. I've wrongly considered the "cannot be saved" like a canceling of the saving ability, not a preventing effect. Thanks a lot.
  4. Question from a newbie. On the Wildfire Plot card : When Revealed: Each player chooses up to 3 characters he or she controls. Kill each character not chosen (cannot be saved). And on duplicate card from Reference Guid : Interrupt : When the overlapping unique card would leave play, discard this duplicate to save that card. (cannot be canceled.) How the "cannot be saved" effect interract with "cannot be canceled" effect ? Or more simply, can duplicate save a character from Wildfire plot ?
  5. I prefer to use this card several times during the same week. With the Chaos Team, I had a maximum of 2 players ejected during the same week, and both of them replaced by Linemen. We are far from an overpowering effect.
  6. Page 5 of the rules (3-4 managers) : Set aside the Blood Bowl card. Draw 2 Tournament cards Draw 2 Headline cards Shuffle the 2 Tournament and 2 Headline cards The Spike deck is composed of 5 cards (2 Headlines + 2 Tournaments + 1 Blood Bowl at the last position) Page 16 of the rules (2 managers) : Set aside the Blood Bowl card Return all Headline cards to the box Shuffle the 3 Tournament cards The Spike deck is composed of 4 cards (3 Tournaments + 1 Blood Bowl at the last position) I don't see any mention about 2 cards between 3 in the Two managers rules.
  7. Why is it against the mood of Blood Bowl ? You incarnate a manager whose main objectiv is to gain the maximum fans, not to win highlights and tournaments (but this help, unless you are Skaven !). If the other players not contain your game by playing Staff Upgrades because they want direct Fan points, this is their problem. I think this is interesting because a manager must choose between the highlight he want to win and the highlights which are beneficial for the other managers. Else BBTM will loose an interesting game dimension (you are the Manager, not the Coach directly involved on the pitch !).
  8. From different payouts, not different match-up. If you have a team zone with Staff upgrade payout (1 between X) AND a central payout with Staff upgrade too (1 between Y), you will have 2 Staff Upgrades cards at the Revealing step even if you participated and win at only one match-up.
  9. Not exactly. If you collect several payouts from a same matchup, you may keep several cards of the same type (page 13 the rules stipulates the different zone payouts are collected separatly). By exemple you may collect 1 Staff Upgrade between 2 cards for your team zone AND 1 Staff Upgrade between 1 card from the central payout if you have won the match-up. There are several Highlights cards which have this particularity and the other players must very careful.
  10. The first games we focused on Star Players and Fans (you play your game). Then, we focused on Team and Staff Upgrades in order to avoid one player would stack these end-game effects (you counter the other managers game). BBTM is very tactical because you know all the other managers upgrades during the Revealing step and must adapt your strategy during the following weeks.
  11. This the difference between "when played" and "response" key words.
  12. Normally, a player performs a Combat action by playing unit cards from his hand (like performing a Spend Gold Action by playing gold cards). Do you have a specific idea behind this question ? After reading the rules, you may pass (step 2) after Declaring Target (step 1). But after passing, you cannot play any more cards so the defender automatically win (0 versus 0).
  13. In additional rules page 16 "A manager must commit at least one player to a matchup in order to be considered either the winner or the loser". So a 0 Star Power from a downed player is enough for me.
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