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  1. Haven't sent mine in yet as I am hoping that a better score will materialise. Of course we're not actually playing in due to the trauma, so fingers crossed for a miracle...
  2. Last time we played I became a cylon after the second deal of loyalty cards. It was fun secretly working against the others, and I won hahahahahhahahahahaha.
  3. sadly in a 2 player game we feel we can't use pete
  4. We attempted scenario 5 last week and I think we were so traumatised I haven't posted in a while. It was bad. The extra toughness of monsters, no way of getting extra clues. GOO waking up a lot faster du to the 12 doom token cap. No unique items for the final fight. I got to say with 2 players this is the worst one yet (apart from the infamous Black Cave scenario in league 1). We eventually got a winning score, but it was bum. I don't even think we can drum up the enthusiasm to try it again. Aarrrggghhhh.
  5. we are fated to always be 2nd.
  6. *sigh* a board game in Scotland would be cool....
  7. the faq says only unspent clue tokens are carried over, so they are ones your chars have personally?
  8. A wide, slightly chipped pasta bowl that is no longer suitable for food. Good for mixing the tiles around in and throwing them in with disgust when the outskirts get full and the terror level increases.
  9. from sc to sc we are only carrying over the clues we have personally with our chars at the end of the game. at the end of 1 and 4 we had none, so that's nice. I guess the second point only comes in with devoured and replaced investigators. I would go with 'every investigator begins the game' means that yes any new chars also get membership as well. I always think it is better to be safe than sorry when interpreting these rules as you don't want to find out later you have to play again.
  10. I agree on the scoring thing, there seems little detriment to being devoured.
  11. they were going to redo the sheet into team numbers like last time so maybe that's it? Or too busy sorting out Innsmouth?
  12. chocolate, waffles and beer - what more do you need?
  13. we had the great rumour too and it was a toss up whether to leave it running to wake him up sooner or get rid of it. we decided to get rid of it just to get the clue tokens and because we don't really play spellcasters so spells are extra baggage anyway.
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