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  1. doc_cthulhu

    Ranking the Scenario's

    Five characters with stat of even 3+ have at least 30 tries within a round if we didn't miss something in the rules. Add clues and some items (and/or higher stats) to the mix and there you have it. In addition the monster requires (iirc) six Mythos Phases for us to lose the game. We might have had a perfect group for it and our strategy might have been flawsless but it still was the first try. We did spend about 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours arguing about solving the puzzle and it was even more stupid than me getting flooded by monsters with decreased Agility in Dearly Departed. It might be that the app doesn't in fact make the game harder with more investigators or that the changes are only minor. Nevertheless the Mythos Phases left us mostly intact until the end. Two characters were insane but none of the investigators had any setback wounds/insanities. Maybe we were just really lucky but in any case the adventure did not exactly encourage for a replay. It was interesting for the 1st time through though.
  2. doc_cthulhu

    Ranking the Scenario's

    We have only played three scenarios yet Dearly Departed, the intro (which name escapes me) and What Lies Within. Of those three I liked the intro and Dearly Departed but actually strongly disliked the What Lies Within. Which is quite interesting since it's the most Call of Cthulhu RPG -like of the bunch. The ending was such a big let down for me since there was no way we could fail it with 40+ tries between our investigators. It just took too long with almost nothing happening and nothing really threatened the characters.
  3. Just had the chance to try this game yesterday. I just had to write lengthly about my/our experiences. Here's a link to my ramblings: http://blog.guildredemund.net/2017/07/20/trying-out-mansions-of-madness/ Spoiler: I was hooked.
  4. doc_cthulhu

    The Daily Empire Thread

    The Daily Empire has a new(second) admin! I hope the reign of Rangdo marks new era for the blog with the host of new WFRP games coming.
  5. Please don't let it be Age of Sigmar...
  6. doc_cthulhu

    4 player reviews?

    In my experience playing with four heroes is actually harder. Since they all start with lower amount of health prey effects things in much more chaotic way. It might not be so easy to optimize the actions since each player also has their own opinion.
  7. doc_cthulhu

    Warhammer Quest 2e = WFRP 4e?

    Apparently you can get it with 105€ from Finland. What the hell is going on?
  8. doc_cthulhu

    The Daily Empire Thread

    There seems to be a lot of problems for the Daily Empire. We changed recently our domain provider and it has caused a number a issues I haven't been able to fix. I can only randomly access my mail account (since it was linked via the provider from the original email) and cannot upload anything. This doesn't mean that the Daily Empire is going away. It just means I haven't been able to upload anything new in a while. I'm not that good with html anymore so I cannot promise things will be fixed asap. I have a fellow admin though who I have contacted to help me out but he's extremely busy. So if you have sent me mail/things/whatnot do not worry. I will quite likely be able to post them at some point. I just don't know when.
  9. doc_cthulhu

    Which adventure to buy?

    Witch's Song is one of the few pre-written adventures ever I have been thinking of running.
  10. doc_cthulhu

    Culexus Temple Assassins

    Wrong sub-forum, pal. This is for Fantasy.
  11. doc_cthulhu

    WFRP 3.5 or 4e - truth or rumour?

    There's always the upcoming Zweihänder.
  12. doc_cthulhu

    Where do I start? What do I need?

    If you haven't yet you should check out the Starter's Guide to WFRP3 posts at the Daily Empire. There's even a flowchart of what to buy!
  13. doc_cthulhu

    The Daily Empire Thread

    Send 'em! We moved our domain to a different provider recently and are still fighting some minor setbacks but hopefully I'll be able to upload them next weekend.
  14. doc_cthulhu

    The Daily Empire Thread

    Thank you all! I might not be as active in updating it as I once was but I still hope it keeps at least some dice rolling for WFRP.
  15. Oh man... My darkest secret revealed yet again... No. I'm sorry to say this, but I haven't found the time and inspiration to write it. At some point I had quite a lot written for it but the my computer broke down and I changed from PC to Mac. I still might have some files on the old hard drives and could quite easily write a short summary of the story as it was supposed to be. Main reasons for not finishing it lie in the fact that I haven't played WFRP in a few years. The second part of the campaign was quite big effort and turning the first part into a complete scenario was even bigger.