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  1. I'm loving this new direction for the game. Keep'em coming FFG.
  2. My answers below based on my understanding of the game: When a strong hold is on the board it's placed over a razed city location. Does the stronghold add its 400 strength to the locations strength when it’s being assaulted? No During taxation does the stronghold gain crowns equal to the location it's in? No If a card refers to cities on the board does it include the stronghold location or is it referring to only those locations with a plastic city on them. Does not include the stronghold Do you gain influence for your stronghold in the upkeep phase? No When an un-exhausted noble(s) is attacked does it become exhausted? No Does it become exhausted if it retreats to an adjacent area? No the rules state that a noble that cant retreat has to retreat to its stronghold where it then becomes exhausted, is this the case if it made a legal retreat to an adjacent area that also happens to be his stronghold? No Can town levy's move with the noble they are assigned to? Yes, they must move with the noble and cannot remain in the city.
  3. At what point can troops be transferred to a Stronghold? I have seen this discussed in various threads and different forums, but I haven't seen any definitive answers, just suggested houserules. From what I can tell, the rules as written do not allow for troops to be transferred from a Noble to a Stronghold. I understand that Mercenaries can be assigned to a Stronghold when purchased, but can troops assigned to a Noble ever be reassigned TO a Stronghold?
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