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  1. Given that Doom is now on the reprint list it must be selling ok, so I would say the chance of an expansion is looking good. I'm honestly not sure if it needs one, but I guess there are a few Demon types which could be added.
  2. Yikes - 30+ pages not including the dozen or so pages of errata for the quest book. No wonder a second edition is needed. Now FFG if you just produce on of these for Tide of Iron I'd be a happy man.
  3. I have both and I prefer Battles of Westeros personally, but I do also like the Lore cards in Battlelore which add an extra dimension to what migth otherwise be a standard C&C type-game.
  4. Days of the Fox is generally recognised as the expansion with the most balanced scenarios, plus having it will let you play all the scenarios in the Designer Series book. Also, Battles of Westeros is a great game and despite being branded as a "Battlelore" game really doesn't have very much in common with that series of titles. Also, don't be put off by the fantasy book origins - it's basically a game of medieval combat with no magic/dragons/orcs etc. The only thing it really rips from the books are the commanders who are all pretty much human warrior types (ok - there is one dwarf, but think midget rather than beard and battleaxe).
  5. If you're looking for WW2 squad-based tactical games I can recommend, in order of complexity: * Conflict of Heroes * Combat Commander * Lock N Load (as complex as I want to go) I've also got Fighting Formations, which is platoon rather than squad based, which is also ok and not too hard to get a grasp of designed by the guy the developed Combat Commander.
  6. I use Memoir 44 as the taster I serve up to non-gamers in the hope of pushing them into a full on tactical wargaming addicition that can then be fed by games like ToI. If I had to choose between TOI and M44 I would always pick TOI, but when you take time available, experience level of your opponent etc M44 sometimes fills a necessary gap. I actually really enjoy M44 but I do find that some cards can be overpowered in certain situations (for example, Behind Enemy Lines in any game that awards victory medals for control points means that very often a player can win a game in a single turn from a less than promising position).
  7. Assuming that FFG post the rules for Descent 2nd Edition, it may be possible to convert a 1st edition scenario to 2nd edition while only purchasing the upgrade kit, but I wouldn't bet on it.
  8. Given there is a huge white dragon on the cover, I think it might be safe to assume there will be at least one dragon mini in the box.
  9. Mine arrived today on the 20th - good work FFG!
  10. We had a situation the othe rnight where fire spread onto the hex occupied by one of my units engaged with one of the enemy. My opponent argued that he shoud become "unengaged" now that my unit was shrouded in flame but I couldn't find anything in the rules of FAQ to support that. In the end we played it that they stayed engaged.
  11. Maybe they felt they needed a bigger box to justify the price tag? There's no reason this couldn't have come in a smaller sized box like the other expansions.
  12. No - just 8 boards with the one missing. I trust customer service will send me out a replacement soon enough, although it is annoying when this happens.
  13. MilSims must have got a bad batch Aussie Digger - my copy arrived today and was missing board #37!
  14. There were quite a few cards in the original game that also fell into this category - I wouldn't be too alarmed. I assume they're there for people that want to design their own scenarios or for future Designer Series books.
  15. How much did they charge you? It was $92 when I preordered but it's gone down to $86 now on their website.
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