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  1. I think that this is the fan supplement being talked about; http://www.liberfanatica.net/Necromancy.html Cheers, Alp
  2. you could get the dvd from amazon.co.uk no problem (it is europe encoded I think but not really a problem). I think it is even on sale. http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=solomon+kane Yup, on sale for £3.55. Alp
  3. a movie that has been out in Europe, an still not released in the States? I am amazed as I considered this a major production. It is a good film (although some thought it was only average). If you play a witch hunter this is a target rich film for inspiration and I reckon a must see for WHFRP fans. Take from it what you will. Other notable films include ironclad, season of the witch and black death. Enjoy the film for what it is and let us know what you think, Alp
  4. I would also love a copy to augment my existing computer aids. My email is alp@manx DOT net cheers alp
  5. There is going to be an article in the upcoming LF9 about handling problem players and group unity / dynamics. It looks really good and useful. I know that the LF9 supplement is in final page layout, so if you could hang on a bit, you may find some really useful techniques and ideas there. I am not sure of the expected release date, but it should hopefully be fairly soon. Cheers, Alp
  6. If you download the demo version of fantasy grounds 2, and the ruleset that Neil Foster wrote, you should be able to accomplish this and more. You can create your own libraries for monsters, NPCs, items, actions, talents, etc, and use the inbuilt initiative tracker and combat screens to do this. You could use this only as a tracking and management system without the requirement for others to log into the VTT. Maptools is another version of this but the library functions are a bit more limited. Either will work well as a game management tool, so you could check out both. Whilst Fantasy Grounds is commercial the demo will do all that you have suggested - it will just not function as a true VTT. Maptools is free and Gitzmans ruleset is good, but you would need to program a bit more into the ruleset (I think). Both programs can be programmed with custom modification files and rulesets, and both have a WHRP 3rd ed ruleset for you to play with. They even include the 3rd ed dice roller. Alp
  7. This may be of help. It is a fan made doc for 2nd ed. http://ratujmywfrp2pl.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/herbalism.pdf It may give you some ideas, Alp
  8. I own and still use both 1st edition and 2nd edition, although only for reference at the moment. I would happily play in any of the WHFRP editions and love them all as a system / environment that I truly enjoy. I am like Ceodryn, as Warhammer was the first system I ever purchased, but have dabbled a bit with Dragon Age, Palladium, Beyond the Supernatural, Shadowrun, Starwars, Startrek, MERP, Stormbringer, Elric, etc. The one system that I never really took to was D and D, although the source material is very inspirational. I have always played warhammer and always will. Alp
  9. Matchstickman said: Sorry to butt in but I have played a lot of RPGs over VOIP and have used Skype almost exclusively, is there any reason you're not considering that program? I have also always used Skype and never found it too much of a problem. In fact that was what we were using. I think our problems only arose due to the GM's connection speed. i.e. Ceodryn was unable to host both Skype and FG2 sessions at the same time. This was easily resolved when one of the players (me) took over hosting the Skype call. The connection with FG2 was still a little buggy, but again, I think, due to host connection speed. We were also only able to get Ceodryn back into our Skype call intermitently. This gave us a great player discussion forum, with the actual game played via chat. Not a great problem, but a bit of a pain in a demo of the FG2 ruleset where we were all bursting with questions. Skype is a great program and I use it almost exclusively. I think the Chaos gods must have conspired with the speed demons on that particular occasion to throw a few spanners in the works. On a few other occasions, in past online games, Skype has dropped a call connection but quickly recovered them. Again, I mainly suspect local connection speeds as the cause of these. On a side note, I played in another online session last night and the GM used Teamspeak 3 with the players using a client connection. With only a brief glimpse at the program it seemed good but quite complicated, and we had few if any problems. Alp
  10. Had a really good night, and a bit of a late one at that, i think I got to bed at just after 3am. I must say that I am impressed with FG2, but still need to learn more about it. I have played with maptools in the past, and both systems are good, with FG2 having a higher degree of polish / visual impact. Online gaming is good with either system, and it really comes down to what you require of your 'tabletop'. I am seriously considering getting FG2. The main thing is that it enabled a worldwide community to come together and have a good, pleasant, and fun evening together from some of the furthest reaches of the internet - Morning for some (I think Fenderstadt and Brent were just heading out for lunch when we finished), the US (Ceodryn) bringing us all together and envoking the scenes (For a relaxing - in the loosest possible interpretation of relaxing) afternoon, and me in a windswept and cold European environment (Sneaking into the bedroom so as not to wake my long suffering wife up - she has hardly stopped laughing at me since "the Hammer Incident" in Eye for an Eye, but I have got her hooked on RPG console games when she is middle aged (48)). I played Birgitta as an unruly and desperate junior roadwarden obsessed with saving her mentor, but pushing her to her most reckless and wild aspect of her character. I am sure that it would have run smoother if she had not been such a pain in the <select anatomy here>. As with any online experience the first concerns are with the technical issues and I strongly suggest - No Matter What VT you use - that the first session is teething problems, ironing them out, character introductions / generation / etc. The next session you can really go wild.. urm I mean Reckless. Having suffered lag and connection problems we found that it was more efficient if one player hosted the 'chat' session (Skype was being a real grumpy 'mare) and the GM hosted the VT session (Have had this problem in maptools so this is endemic rather that systematic), and would maybe look for a different chat system. I think that we all agree that it is vital for the GM to have the ability to use OOC chat to guide and explain - this would have eased a few tense moments I can assure you all. It is also really handy to use a VPN like Hamachi as this eases at least half of the problems. Ceodryn did a great job bringing us together, and showcasing FG2, albight with a few technical issues. We all had a great time, and I for one would happily play again - I feel that this is a concensus opinion. Thanks again to all involved - some interesting ideas developed, but above all Thank you Ceodryn for making this happen - I take my hat off to you. Again, thanks for all the work that has been put into last night, Ceodryn. Alp
  11. Hi, You could try this for some background ideas about ogres; http://www.ogrestronghold.com/downloads/WFRP_Imperial_Ogres.pdf I know that there is at least one other ogre fan supplement on the internet that could be useful. Cheers, Alp
  12. I would love to join and see what FG2 can really do. I have played in maptools before. Cheers, Alp
  13. I can't upload an image here, but would be willing to send you a copy of a rough 'career' card I am working on as well as a a few action cards by email. My email is alp AT manx DOT net if you would like a copy. Alp
  14. Hi Yepesnopes, If you are thinking along the lines of rules for seafaring / river life Liber fanatica's next volume will be based around the empires waterways. I also have some ideas regarding using a vessel as a "PC Character" with slots for crew, etc. If I can get my writing head on I will submit this concept on the LF forums. Cheers, Alp
  15. I suppose the spell could be used in a perverted amethyst order pseudo anchorite / anchoress type situation whereby the said mage bricks him / herself up in a room and accepts donations of food, etc from the surrounding populace for sage advice / education in magic, lore, history / protection of a sacred relic / etc. Thereby he / she removes almost all risk (apart from age) from their lifestyle, but hangs onto the last glimmers of life. As I see it the spell is a once only as it can not be cast again whilst recharging, and the mage would die the instant it does stop recharging leaving no chance to recast it. I do like the idea of a pseudo anchorite bad guy directing his mineons, but unable to take direct personal action. Shouting at walls because they messed up, but not being able to affect them physically apart from the odd ranged spell in line of sight. Alp
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