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  1. Agreed, I will likeley shelve Warmachine in favour of Legion. I also concur that pre-painted minis are a double edged sword. Pre-painted may bring in new people to the hobbie but alienate others, that being said I re-paint all my x-wing minis as I love the hobbie aspect as much as i love playing, so each to their own.
  2. I would love to see the Star Wars franchise expanded to encompass a mass ground combat game. Utalising a hybrid of the new rune wars/armada rule set we could recreate the battles of the clone wars etc. I suggest that 15mm scale be used (ie shrink down the imperial assualt minis) so that we have companies of storm/clone troppers, squdrons of speeder bikes, AT-STs etc. I know for my gaming group this would be a must buy and scratch an itch that no other company can meet.
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