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  1. Merry Christmas When you rest you recover strainequal to endurance , excess endurance recovers Damage. That is clear. I would like official clarifications for the following. Clarification 1:- If you have no strain to recover then yo can just use rest to recover damage up to endurance. You do not have to have any strain. Clarification 2:- Does the same apply to the recovering strain ability using a surge during an attack or is it restricted to strain only. I have been playing as 1, recovering damage but for the surge only to recover strain.
  2. Agreed , probe were OK on my copy but AT gun turret not as pic, lugs on main body and not even, holes on turret that are not the same size as lugs. The pic clearly shows lugs on turret. Very difficult and guns in danger of damage when you attempt to prise in with help from flat blade screwdriver. I can see some injuries if using a tool and it slips or breakages if you dont . FFG need to quality review this and offer advice / video on how to assemble especially for those with little modelling or practical skills.
  3. Maybe its just licensing in Australia as this would have been caught in EU at Essen or USA at GEN Con as license lawyers are pretty sharp and need to act quickly.
  4. Organised Play and Game Night Kits. Material to promote score and reward those taking part. Prizes could be anything from unique cards to accessories or models. Scaled from small events to big competitioons., run by game stores or clubs.
  5. I will be painting but I have Myth to do first. Today I bid at £15 ($20) max two eBay items one with 20 minis the other 40 figs with Revenge of the Sith Starter Game and won bothhttp://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/301418411585?_trksid=p2059210.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT So have enough to replace all game units + play skirmish , may have to copy some deployment cards. Now I have 3 games including WOTC. When expansions arrive and finished painting I will sell on WOTC stuff so win win win.
  6. @Torresse That is a great way to learn Probability Stats, do it physically, then automate , the next step is to use formulas for correlation , Mean, median , SD etc. You then get a good idea of the most common result as well as the average and how much variance from the average. The stuff us gamers learn by playing and osmosis. The old Avalon Hill articles "..by the numbers" and valid stuff for any General or midshipma or Engineer (me) The good news, these are all available in excel. Michael Herrmans Channel on you tube has lots of tutorials for excel and statistics. A lot of your excel sheet could have been done with the formulaes. Keep it up and remember mathematics always has an answer and you can always work out the rule (formulae) like you did, by hand.
  7. "• When an initial or reserved group is defeated, except for unique figures, the Deployment card is returned to the Imperial player’s hand and can be optionally deployed during the Status Phase." The first time an initial or reserved group is deployed it does not cost any threat. When it is deployed after being defeated is it still free to deploy?
  8. I never hought of that lol. I wasn't sure which forum was more active , I only purchased this week and I have found some FFG games tend to favour one forum or the other. I am sure there re no forum rules against this and often I have found multiple some appreciate cross forum posts.
  9. Battlefield Engiineer. Reaction ....remove 1 focus token from a target enhancement you contol. What is a target enhancement in this context. A unit or objective can gain focus but can an enhancement card? I cannot find this in the rules. Does this card mean remove a focus token from a unit with an enhancement ? or should the word enhancement be replaced by unit (This makes the most sense)
  10. Partially correct, however, I never said I liked/disliked the app. I don't know what all it does aside from determining some basic game movements. But I am seeing a lot of people hating it simply because it's an app.At least the people who have some level of optimism about the app are willing to wait and demo the game or read a review or even one more article from FFG before throwing up their hands and saying "A mandatory app? I'm out!" In the old days you could download a web site or section of it and replay it offline. I know I have some stored. I use an android tablet , about 3 years old , it works great. Many of my old files don't work and some new websites won't work. Browsers evolve, security patches , operating system changes. Its an uncertain world digitally. I accept that. I just don't want to buy a game that is reliant on hardware / software technology that will change over time (fact).Will FFG invest in supporting it as technology changes, we will see. If they commit to that for say 10 years or even 5 years then it may change some ppeoples mind. I have written and supported games software and even small things can be a nightmare, maybe inside knowledge has made me cynical but I have a right to my choices and hopefully to express them. This is a community and passing on concerns and warnings should not be an issue, this enables informed choice and risk assessment. Buying a game and waiting 6 months plus for errata/faq (Arkham Horror) with community support is not to bad, though I prefer official support. The same for a broken app is likely to mean the game is unplayable.
  11. So far a lot of what you've said doesn't seem very factual. All I have seen most nay-sayers come up with is the whole 'I don't want to look at a screen (for whatever reason)' and 'it will be obselete in X years'. One is really a personal preference that has no bearing on the game whatsoever, though, this is pretty flimsy for now as it looks like there is only one person who operates the app and the others do their job. So you still have 3 quarters of the game to play that are (specifically) app-free. (This could change based on the ruleset.) For this reason, I would suggest people try to find posts from those demoing the game at Gencon. They will be able to shed more light on the actual function of the App (as well as if all players need to see it or just the one player). The second thing is really more fortune-telling than anything since the game isn't launched and sales figures aren't available. Sure, everyone is up-in-arms, saying they won't buy it because of the app; but really this happens with Call of Duty every time they release a new game. FFG has a history of producing a boatload of expansions for many of it's games, I couldn't imagine them not supporting this game, but that's really just as much fortune-telling as saying it will be unplayable in 10 years. Lastly, this statement is nothing but emotion. I added the emotional comment to a subsequent post. The rest were facts even my preferences are facts. They just apply to me.I am not a nay Sayers. I have not criticised the game only the format and that I will not buy it.
  12. I was listing my reasons for not purchasing this game if the app is crucial. I know I am not alone. You do not need to stray far from board gaming to see companies seeking opinion from their likely audience for new ideas and products. This one sort of snuck up on us. I do not kid myself that I have any influence overr FFG apart from a count of 1 who will not be buying this game. I wannted to make it clear and factual rather than emotional. Many big companies , FFG included, do not produce errata for paper based games e.g. produce the game and then move on, luckily gamers have resources or consensus based answers etc. If there is a bug in the app what will happen. The contractor/progrmmers may have moved on. I have seen apps from major corporations fall into these traps. Read respnoses on google shop etc. I am dissapointed they chose such an Iconic game for their hybrid game. Time will tell.
  13. @steve, I wasn't feeling entitled.It was an idea that I have seen other companies do via polls, to forum members. FFG know our tastes if we have recorded game ownership. I am quite sure I was clearly expressing my opinion and thoughts. I was not condemning their choice at a hybrid ugame or even suggesting it was a new idea. Although I think it is for FFG. I get the feeling from you that I shouldn't be allowed to voice an opinion. You are clearly able to read more into my knowledge and motives than I am.
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