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  1. Wow, that makes the British pretty powerful. thanks for answering my question
  2. Can you have 2 scouts on 2 different squares and come time to gather resources can you gather from both squares? A friend of mine was the english and had 4 armies on 4 different sqaures and also 2 scouts on 2 different squares and thought he could harvest 6 production from his city and 6 production from his 4 armies and 2 scouts. I did not see in the rules where only 1 scout gathering is aloud.
  3. Thank you both for your quick response
  4. Do you deal a shadow effect card every round of combat to an enemy you have engaged but have not killed. I thought the shadow effect was a form of surprise, but once you have engaged them the first round and have not yet killed them the element of surprise is gone during the next round of combat.
  5. It says all of your units are +1 strength. Does this mean all units health is also +1
  6. i know routed units do not apply there strength during combat, but when attacked can they play a card??
  7. i know routed units do not apply there strength during combat, but when attacked can they play a card??
  8. Do siege engines have to be escorted with a footmen or knight and can they move and fight by themselves.
  9. My opponent went to move 3 army figures over to a barbarian village when he reached it it was within 6 squares of my army figures so i played the culture event card mass defection which reads(Choose a square within 6 squares of one of your figures or cities. Kill 2 figures in the chosen square. This may interrupt a figure's movement.) My question is can i play the card after he arrived at the barbarian village killing 2 figures and forcing him to fight them with one army or do i need to kill them after the fight or before he moves. Im not sure when the timing of playing the card comes into play. Thanks for any feed back on this
  10. maybe a dumb question but if we drew ungoliant's spawn early in the game and killed him when we reach the quest 3 card where it says to defeat ungoliants spawn to win the game do you automatically win the game or do you have to find and reveal 2 more spiders, Ungoliant's spawn being one and then fight him all over again????
  11. Quick question. During the encounter phase when you pick 1 enemy to engage and then preform engagement checks does the one you chose to engage get to attack first or just defend. The combat rule says all enemies attack first, but doesnt say that the one you chose only defends. I would think that is the advantage to picking one to attack so you dont waist one guy on defending.
  12. My guess is "yes you still defended because your character was dealt damage before it left play.
  13. also if you have a card that has the keyword sentinel on it. you can attack if your oppenant goes undefended.
  14. hey quick question, can you have 3 copies of Gandalf in your deck.
  15. Thank you RATATOSKR for taking the time to answer my questions. I will check out the FAQ. section and I reread page 24 in the basic rule book. Thanks again I love this game.
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