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  1. Ok so a pilot is always a unit while it's in your hand, and you play it, it can then become an enhancement. Now for what ever reason it is removed from play and goes to your discard pile. Now it's a unit again. So my question is when does it switch. when I play it can I reaction or interrupt a unit coming into play. When it leaves play can I reaction or interrupt a unit leaving play. I think one of these two has to be in effect. I think when it leaves play it becomes a unit so it could trigger a unit leaving play effect. Maybe I'm wrong.
  2. Am I correct that if you play Trench Run, the new pilot Luke's ability can not trgger if he is piloting a Vehicle in an engeament against the Death Star. Luke Interrupt: When enhanced unit is focused to strike as an attacker, discard the top card of opponent's deck and deal X damage to the engaged objective. X is the number of printed Force icons on the card. At least the new Red Five can go on a Trench Run.
  3. Let's say I have out, Cultron Cultist (Reaction: After this unit resolves a strike, move an enhancement from one unit to another eligible unit controlled by the same player.) and I activate to move a pilot from one fighter to another. Is that considered attaching it to the second fighter?
  4. How do these cards interact? Double the force icons on all friendly vehicle units committed to the force. Each enemy unit committed to the force loses one force icon. Would it change based on whose turn, or just do both calculations on the base number?
  5. Does Leias Command, deal one damage to each ready unit and (each ready) objective, or each ready unit and (each) objective?
  6. Does Leias Command, deal one damage to each ready unit and (each ready) objective, or each ready unit and (each) objective?
  7. I don't know, he is just going to kill one thing. He could game 1000 guns. Don't get me wrong he is good, but he can blocked with two troopers.
  8. I saw a preview from the upcoming set recently. In it, there was an objective Behind Enemy Lines. Reaction: after an objective enters play. Look at the top card if an enemy objective or command deck. You may move that card to the bottom of the deck. 5 health and 1 resource. My question would be, does that trigger on itself? And will it trigger while your revealing objectives at the begining of the game? My thought is yes, but I'd like some other opinions. It would be awesome to look at you opponents objectives at the beginning of the game.
  9. I feel like that is ridiculous. Why not just have them out it back in their hand? You gain knowledge of their hand here, that should be enough. Knowing they have a force choke is pretty valuable in its self. Making them waste their card on a less useful target is, just being a ...., if they can't read the board then you should probably beat them anyhow.
  10. What hits me is it is a two player game. You already have a two player star wars card game. I guess this supposed to ****** up all the I don't want to buy into a lcg players.
  11. The scim ppde sees alot of play in my area. The objective let's you throw down a instant blocker. The security teams are awsome the capture card is great for edge battles. Very playable. I think the only one that isn't is the Sith one. The Dash one is almost out, not because it isn't usable, but there is just so much better spies and smugglers pods.
  12. I run that with blue squad instead of Aldaraans promise. It runs really fast. 7 targets of opportunity, with a couple ways to expand that, secret informant or adaptive strategy. Lots of blast damage. Very solid.
  13. Ok so the FAQ states that a character that can not be damaged can't have damage reassigned or moved to them. Does that mean Gaurdians of Peace with a Shield and Preparations for Battle can't use protect character while the death star dial Is less than four?
  14. This means that Red 2 focus to strike, and destroys the objective, it must focus to strike again, right?
  15. If you play Luke or Wedge as an enhancement, can they be targeted as such? Like Utinni or Tear this Ship Apart. What about things like Turbolaser Battery, would that destroy then?
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