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    3rd Haritanian Irregulars "Chemists"
    Homeworld: Haritan, a mid-sized Hive World, Segmentum Pacificus
    Military Speciality: Chemical Warfare, Urban Operations
    Order of Battle: 10 chemical assault infantry companies (classified as heavy infantry)
    Commanding Officier: Lt. Colonel Hector Sebastian Sethi, assisted by Commisar General Fabius Reventi
    History: Haritan is an unremarkable hive world located in the Segmetum Pacificus not far from the border of the notorious Sabbath Cluster. The local industry is famous for the high grade chemicals - particulary ionized gas for plasma turbines - which makes the local aristocracy very rich, thanks to the commerce with the Adeptus Mechanicus. According to the imperial records Haritan was among the worlds reclaimed by Warmaster Solar Macharius during the first phase of his legenadary crusade.
    The world doesn't appear in any imperial record for the next century when the Administratum called for the first Guard Foundation. Apparently elements of some schismatic cult had infiltrated the upper echelon of the local goverment and military, as a consequence they refused to carry out the foundation. The local ministrorum and few mid-tier military officiers were outrage by this insult to the majesty of the Imperium. Within a few weeks many priests started to proclaim the need for the local population to rise against their corrupted governants and rstore the rightful servants of the Emperor. The goverment fielded their PDF regiments to silence the preachers and secure several key installations across the hives (like the Astrophats towers and tha Arbites prencits), it was the beginning of the Haritanian civil war.
    While the bulk of the PDF remained blindly loyal to the goverment a few mid and low level officiers (non above the rank of captain) choose to side with the Imperium. These man and their supporters, while hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned, were able to provide a tenacious resistance, hoping that the Imperial forces would arrive soon. As the months passed the loyalists were forced back into the lower hives were they found an unexpected help. The workers of the lower hives were an incredibly tough breed - thanks to centuries of exposure to the worst byproducts of the chemical industries- and fiercely loyal to the Emperor. The officier saw the potential and started recruiting them in irregular formations arming them with whatever piece of gear they could salvage. These unlikely crews proved their worth in battle, especially when it became clear that their super-polluted environment had made them extremely resistant to many chemicals. Pushing the chemical factories in super-production, the loyalist were able to get a significant advantage and keeping the schismatics locked in a stall until the arrival of the Imperial fleet.
    The Adeptus took over the planetary goverment and several Inquisitorial units were dispatched to ivestigate the planet but, in the meantime, the problem of raising the regiments remained. It was captain Horatio Raasi (later Colonel of the Haritan 1st) that suggested to recruit and reorganized the workers into proper Guard regiments. He cited their physical endurance and fighting spirti as decisive factors, he also underlined the benefit of using chemical attacks as mean to retake key positions without damaging them. The Munitorium wasn't happy to field troops with such high apparent level of mutations, but the benefits and the need of the Imperium outweighted their concerns and the first four Haritanian regiments were founded.
    Miscellanea: being chemical warfare specialists the Haritanians' kit is quite different from the standard guardsman's. Instead of the usual flak armor they use a sealed acid-proof carapace with redundant chemical locks, this makes them highly suited troops to operate on several death worlds. Their units field an unusually high number of flamers, modified to deliver clouds of high pressure gasses, defoliant, nebulized acids or other chemicals. As a result the Haritanians are a high manteinance troop, which makes them very close to the Adeptus Mechanicus.
    The rebellious past of their homeworld had brought the Haritanians under close scrutiny of the commisariat, to the point of assigning a Commisar-General to each regiment.
    Adventure Hooks: the Haritanians are fielded alongside an elite regiment of the Guard. Their reputation and their almost abhuman status makes the cohexistance almost impossible. When a Haritanian unit is butchered outside their barracks the situation start to escalate. And things only get more compplicatd as the medicae exams reveal that all the killed were further mutating. Who is the real culprit then? The rival regiment? or perhaps a concerned comrade?
    RPG notes: the Haritanian are my attempt to convey the idea that there's a thin line between human and mutant. What is a simple local trait for someone, might be considered a dangerous mutation by another. The Haritanian exist on a thin line between serving the Emperor and being purged as mutants. The toxic flamers use the same rules as the Tox Spray Flamer described in the Inquisitor Handbook for DH.
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    Woodclaw got a reaction from Gamiel in 100 Regiments for Only War   
    "Only Akrepians and scorpions can survive in the desert and you, my dear commisar, are neither." (Recon-Sergeant Eward Tayi to Commisar Elim Agevus)
    31st Akrepian Light Recon "Desert Scorpions"
    Homeworld: Akrep, a mid-tech Agri World, Ultima Segmentum
    Military Speciality: Long Range Recon, Raiding Operations
    Order of Battle: 6 full strength Light Recon Companies, 4 Independent Long Range Groups (fully motorized), 1 permanatly attached Valkyrie Squadron
    Commanding Officier: Major Erwin Ijaz (the Valkyries are a nominally independent unit commanded by Wing Commander Titus Macharius Lawrence)
    History: despite being classified as a Agri-World, the bulk of Akrep's main continent is actually a desert, the local population is concentrated around the various rivers that cross the desert were vast cities and hydroponic farms can be exist. The vast expanses of arid land between the settlement are impossible to cross without vehicles or local beasts of burden. For centuries the various city-states have been locked ina state of guerrilla, were each one funded warbands of desert raiders for preying on their neighbours when the hydroponic culteres hit a bad year.
    The Akrepians have proved very adepted to hit-and-run tactics and raiding convoys and installations, thanks to their warband training. It's usual that these warbands forms the core of each company, this has proved both helpful and detrimental for the unit cooperation. While each company is usually a highly efficient - although too familiar for the taste of the Commisariat - structure, the inter-company rivalry is fierce. Still the Akrepians tend to fight very well together, based on a sort of "only I can kill my brother" spirit. At the same time the Akrepians are also very independent - although not as much as some infamous Death-World Regiments - they don't take kindly on having off-worlder ordering them around, unless they have proven their worth and their wits. Those few commisars that have understood this principle have found the Akrepians excellent soldiers, those who have not usually tend to be "left behind" during a long range operation.
    Instead of the usual armored vehicles, the regiments from Akrepian are usually fielded with light multi-wheeled-drive vehicles. The 6WD Tauros Venator pattern is especially popular, not just for its ability to cross almost any terrain, but also for the heavy firepower provided by the twin-linked autocannons or lascannons.
    Miscellanea: the 31st was among the regiments fielded during the 3rd War for Armageddon, during the operations they were fielded along the 12th Tallarn as exploration force attached to the 50th and 51st Steel Legion. These regiment were awarded the Macharian Cross for being able to stall the Orks advance across the western desert for five days.
    After the losses on Armageddon, companies B, D, E and J were reorganized as dedicated Long Range Recon Groups, usually tasked with the mosta dangerous patrols. This kind of arrengement is fairly typical for the Akrepians.
    Adventure Hooks: Company-Warbands C and F of the 31st are at daggers drawn for an ancient feud and this time some of theirs won't settle for anything but blood. Major Ijaz is trying to keep the thing under control, but what if his own subordinates are fuelling the situation? And to complicate the things the commisar doesn't look like a forgiving kind.
    RPG Notes: due to their role the Akrepians lacks any kind of heavy tank, which force them to rely on speed and outmanuvering to face superior opponents. On the other hand all their members are accomplished drivers and capable of jury-rigging their vehicles (which the Mechanicus doesn't appreciate).
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