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  1. I have to see if I can dig up any of my old Drops. If I find them I'll email ya =) Sorry Garrett!
  2. I forgot the most important shout-out! The Canadians for giving us a place to stay our first night, and for giving a **** when my fever came back and making sure I was comfy. I swear i thought Danny was going to cry he was so worried! =P
  3. While I'm sad I missed Werewolf (We play that in sci-fi club at school like every other week since we have the main building to ourselves until like midnight), I'm glad all you guys had fun, and thanks for the shout-out! And remember (in relation to your team shirts) QUICK! CHANGE THE CHANNEL! =)
  4. And so it comes to this. No, it has nothing to do with my incredibly scrub performance this year at Worlds after my decent performance at my first Worlds. It's more personal-related that I hang it up for UFS. It has been fun, but as the future looks right now, I don't really forsee myself having the time to play UFS anymore. Originally, I was so sick of the Grey Wars. Antigoth and I had a great conversation (BIG thanks for that, Brian. You REALLY put my mind at ease on the subjects we covered). But there are matters in life that will have my attention in the future, and I don't forsee myself really having the proper time to play the game anymore to the point of relevence. I'm going to say that I had an amazing time this year, despite how bad the event went. It was nice, for one, to see Bittner complete the Trinity of Character Cards for UFS House (those team shirts were awesome, btw). It was also nice to actually see Paul show some emotion and talk a bit! Not that anything's wrong with ya, dude. But, like, whenever I saw you, you had such a plain look on your face. Smile a bit more! =). OMG the italian restaurant. The love letter, the toasts...Scott coming over and saying Knight Breaker and Pasta over and over with me. So pringles. That dinner was awesome. James making fun of Goo was hilarious too. For those math majors-If you divide James by 3, you get Goo. =p. The whip cream in the face to Jeremy, Paul, and whoever else was great, too. Goo and I party-boying our way out of the italian restaurant was great. It was so great to finally meet Archimedes. Dude is seriously awesome, and it was a long-time coming to meet him! You never did tell Santa what you wanted for Christmas, btw! =p. Scott...Pasta. Pasta. Pasta. Knight Breaker. Knight Breaker. =). I know you loved that card I made you. DON'T YOU LOSE IT, OLEXA! Shinji...if only you didn't scare the piss out of my bladder when I walked into the dark bathroom and out of nowhere i hear a "Hello!" Dance your butt off, dude =p. Thomas. Not sure of your board name...but that random hot anime chick that gave you her number...GET ON THAT, MAN! Distance is nothing in this case! Awesome guy, too. =). The Brits for a strong showing. You guys were more or a less a pleasure to have. Andrew (DaiAndOh) for sitting at the top table for a round and doing pretty well in the end, despite the last 3 rounds! Bad luck happens! I can sit here and give a whole bunch of shout-outs, but I rather let you guys post away. I will say this though-I can easily have Goo make me a deck and make an appearance here or there. If anyone wants my email address, add me as a friend and I'll PM it to you. Love you all =)
  5. I want to say this now. Shinji was a pretty good guy irl, despite the fact I never really got to hold much of a convo with him over the trip. Not gonna lie-I wasn't exactly ready to roll out the red carpet going into Worlds, but after this Worlds, I have to say that no one should hate. However, scaring me half to death when I went to go pee in the wee hours of sunday morning? Will do without next time! I so thought you were Andrew since the way you said hello was kinda like how he did. And this kid can do some DDR. SERIOUS DDR. =p
  6. Pre-new ban list, Spinta was broken beyond hell. It has now come down to the level of overpowered, one step below Broken. Why? Chun-li is gone. That's why. If there's one thing the previous 2 ban lists accomplished, it is that they banned most of the enablers. Chun-li just broke the card to hell, because she could start messing with what you did on your turn with the card for much too free of a cost. Sure, Akuma+ A New Low can do that now, but that requires having another card out, Responding and making a 4 check to pass the Response cost, responding again with a foundation, and then having to make a check of 6 for Spinta (A New Low requires you to make the check at +1 difficulty). As supposed to Chun-li, who was all "What, two forms? BLAM! Free response, eat that." And one comment about damage redux and Omar's deck. I played against the deck last night, and lost 2-1. I only won game one because he got 0 Seals, 0 BRTs, 0 Red Cyclones, and only 1 Abelia's out to which I had an Oral Dead (to hell with the fools that thing Oral Dead is not as useful anymore. That card won me game 1 vs. him since he couldn't do any recursion against me.) In game 2, he had 2 BRTs, a Red Cyclone, and 2 Make a Difference out by turn 2. I proceeded to scoop at that point. While my deck isn't the greatest example of how awesome damage redux works (I don't attack much), the point remains.
  7. God, this new banlist made my deck so much easier to play now... I think we're in for a VERY fun Worlds.
  8. Potm has won me games in conjunction with No Memories along with the draw power. It is very practical in this deck so far. It also helps me push over the damage I need if I'm short some change in damage. The thing about it is that it enables some things in this deck and, despite the lack of a big damage pump, still finds itself as useful. Scroll of the Abyss+Kings Games. Life gain of KG. KG+No Memories (With Path out, of course). KG+Saikyo. KG+Unorthodox. It is a great defensive piece. Free Will, as much as I do agree with you, is a necessary evil. I've been very unlucky with checking my Menuett's, and without Free Will, I can only get my Menuett's back with Free Will. I'll keep the attack lineup you recommended in mind, however, should I choose to generate some more damage if it is necessary. I do agree on Huge Wrestling Army. That is basically the first card to go if I need to fit something in, and Buddist would find it's way in, along wiht some tinkering of the 2x ratios. I want to see how it plays out now with the Ban list, but trust me, I've been trying to convince Andrew (and I've got backup from some people, too) that HWA isn't necessary.
  9. Good recommendation. I'll take it under advisement, though I'll have to play with the checks a bit to make it all even out. Buddist is kinda on the bubble right now. Not sure whether it's in or out.
  10. Be careful, Garrett. Air is going to take a pretty hefty power sap.
  11. So, DaiAndOh came up with this fun idea. Then the bannings happened. Then I had some ideas. Out came...Death Blanka. Characters: ::Blanka:: x1 Actions: 10 Power of the Light x4 2/3 +2H Preventing the Curse x3 2/3 Dan’s Taunt x3 6/5 +3H Assets: 9 Path of the Master x3 2/5 +?? Kings Games x2 3/4 +1M Scroll of the Abyss x2 3/5 +2M The Evil Doer Destroyer x1 4/4 Attacks: 3 Menuett Dance x3 6/2 Foundations: 43 Free Will x4 2/5 Inhuman Perception x4 2/5 +1H Saiko-Ryu x4 0/4 +3H Unorthodox Training x4 2/5 +2M Trapped in a Nightmare x3 2/5 +3H Rev’s Calling x3 2/5 +1M No Memories x3 4/4 Oral Dead x3 2/5 +1L Huge Wrestling Army x3 1/4 Alluring Beauty x3 1/4 +1L Destiny x3 2/5 Cursed Blood x31/4 Hulking Brute x2 3/4 +2H Perfect Sense of Balance x2 2/5 Side Board 3x Seal of Cessation 2x Warriors Dream 2x Military Combat Arts 1x Perfect Sense of Balance First things first. Yes, there are only 3 Menuetts. When I get my 4th, it'll go in. First thing people see is Dan's Taunt. Yes. Dan's Taunt. Have I used it? Yes. Has it won me games? In the limited games I've played, it has already won me a game. On a good go-around, I've drawn all 65 cards in this deck (either via them being checked, in play, or in my hand) by turn 4. Now, you may say that with only 20 vitality, I can't survive that long. Originally, that was the case. Then Unorthdox training, Kings Games, Scroll of the Abyss, and Evil Doer Destroyer went in. I live!!! This deck is still in a testing stage, but I can honestly say that with the bannings of Olcadan's and Chester's, I feel VERY good about this deck. I basically lost to Magnus's Ibuki deck because of those two cards. Revenant's Calling and Destiny would have eaten him alive had it not been for the accursed card. I'm not really worried about milling myself out because most of my deck utilizes both my momentum and my hand. I'd REALLY appreciate the thoughts and comments. This deck is just so fun. And don't give me any make it Chaos suggestions. That's just not very imaginative.
  12. I do hate sounding like an ass, but boo Spike boo Makai. =P I still love you and love that one of my Canadian brothers won! =)
  13. Hopefully I'll be able to catapult Death into a winning state with these new bannings going into effect. I won't have to lose to Owlface anymore. Well done, Shane. =)
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