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  1. An absolutely awesome game which I hope gets expanded on for years to come, with both new heroes, and new quests.
  2. I am glad that the cards didn't have names, it makes it easier to think of "hiring" a new bright wizard rather than resurrecting one! Of course, in a campaign, a list of names should always be kept, if for no other reason than to honour the fallen over a goblet of mead.
  3. I have a feeling that many players aren't using elites thanks to the prevelance of Klaivex warleader. This card, may change people's builds.
  4. Fluff-wise, I guess slavery by use of Mindshackle scarabs. I would have thought the neutral card "Backlash" would've raised some eyebrows..
  5. Just sayin' Got mine at my flgs in Horsham, UK.
  6. Thanks for the replies. It's bad enough that the clue turned up as a combat card, glad it doesn't give the hunters +2 att !
  7. Whilst battling the Hunters from Mordor, the shadow card drawn for their combat was a "Signs of Gollum" clue card. Does this clue card count as "in play" for the Hunters text?
  8. anyone else have a problem with google chrome with the utility. I cannot seem to send the result (though it worked through IE on the same machine)
  9. I'd love to see the inside of the box. it's sounds a bit extravegant...
  10. How about adding a light tank unit to each nation? How about somesimple rules for forest fires?
  11. I waited, and waited and waited. then saw the price and have stopped waiting. I really cannot justify nearly £50 for an expansion.
  12. dj2.0 said: * 1 Zhar Token - only one suggests its a marker like the first player token. or a dunwich horror style token....
  13. next time I post, i'll read all the posts, and the new faq before posting!
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