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  1. Thanks guys, you reminded me how great of a community CoC players are. Seems quite unlikely I'll be playing next year though... I have really jumped into other games and activities, but hey, you never know. Marius said: It was a great event, and we needed all the help we could get in defeating Graham... Heh, yeah He has a bad habit of dominating these events. Can't speak for the other Finns, but really I don't think I could have offered much opposition... Like happens everything that's not being used, my CoC skills have gotten super rusty over time. Take care everybody!
  2. Thank you Nomad for the recap of the tournament, it was a good read! I have quit the game some time ago, but reading that (and also talking to some other of the participants) brought back memories. Almost made me wish I had been in Stahleck this year too.
  3. Oh wow, this AP must be the worst so far, from a wording point of view. However, I'd like to see the rest of the cards spoiled. Anyone care to do it? Thanks in advance. PS. Looking forward to seeing how Hata can affect APs from the Dreamlands cycle and beyond.
  4. I found it pretty funny Nyarlazorbec had corrected some of the text errors in his newest version of the excellent deckbuilder. The game's main designer can't do it, but a guy who doesn't even play the game can. And I'm sure most of the people playing the game could. PS. Wrong thread, I know, but thanks to Nyarly for his software.
  5. Great, thanks for the spoilers The_Big_Show! Hybrid said: So what do you think of the typo on the Shub card 'Summoning Circle' ? Disappointing to say the least. Knelt ? WTF ! The whole part of the text is unnecessary. How X is determined was told in the previous sentence. Amazing. Overall this pack doesn't have any cards that excite me (except the Hastur's card).
  6. Just wondering. I'd like to know the cards before I decide whether to buy or pass. Thanks in advance should anyone post some spoilers here.
  7. Hmm, this piece of news left me wondering. Nate said in the article that players can basically do whatever they want with the prizes and play whatever format the please. "Follow our suggestions and play our special events when they appeal, and when they don’t, come up with an event that works better for your local playgroup." Does this mean that the players will decide whether they want to play 3x White-Border, 4x Mixed-Border, Highlander, League... Anything they want? I would've preferred something a bit more clearly-defined, but I guess this is pretty okay. Also: "Of course, we’ll continue to release guidelines, special events, and championship events, --" So the Nationals will again be held in the summer? This is great news. One thing that is necessary for an event like that are clear rules for deckbuilding. And if I may suggest, how about breaking the Nationals/Regionals into parts: You have the LCG-championship tournament (3x WB only) and the vintage-championship tournament (All cards allowed (expect banned ones), 3x). Maybe some other parts as well.
  8. FFGSteve said: Hi everyone, CoC state of the game coming this week, sorry for the delay I hoping to see us deliver these more frequently going forward. I don't want to steal Nate's thunder so I wont spoil anything tonight, look for Tuesday-Wed. for it to hit the front page. See you in madness, Steve Very cool. Looking forward to the report. Actually really curious to see what Nate has to say.
  9. What is all this talk about a mixed-border format? It sounds like Marius is pretty sure the black-border cards will someday be tournament legal, but at the same time, we have all the proof that we're stuck with white-border only. Nate has said there will be no BB anymore, the Worlds are WB-only and the only current format is WB only. So Marius, do you know something we don't or are you simply hoping for a mixed-border environment? PS. I've tested Called by Azathoth a little in a grey-borders environment and sorry to tell you, it's way worse than it first seems. Still, it's not unplayable, it's okayish.
  10. I'm really, really hoping for a similar report of CoC and it looks very possible we'll get it. Even if it's bad news, I just want to hear them from official sources. If it's good news, well, yeah! Something to keep the ball rolling and the fans excited would be crucial. I feel everybody's losing interest due to various reasons. At the same time I know there are still players who'd love to play more Cthulhu. Please let there be a new format...
  11. Fair enough, then. I also noticed that Under the Porch is missing the "shuffle your deck afterwards". It very likely should be there, however, so I'll play accordingly. Next FAQ will contain a lot of errata/clarifications...
  12. PearlJamaholic said: Bard said: EvoCaliber said: Quick question here after my first game, just to clarify Pay 1 or X for effects can be drained from any domain regardless of faction matching right? That's right, "Pay [amount] to do something..." doesn't require faction resource match. this just gave me an idea for a neat set of character/support effects.......pay x of a faction resource to trigger effect. maybe the card would have their faction as part of a standard ability, and another set faction for a strong version of that ability. like a misk card that is pay x misk to draw cards, pay x yog to draw even more cards, or something. That would be pretty cool. It'd be like the AE rare domain attachments, like Agency Stakeout and his buddies. -- Agency -- Agency Stakeout --------------- Type : Support Cost : 2 Subtype : Attachment. Location. Game Text: Attach to one of your Domains. Action: drain attached Domain to choose and wound a character with skill lower than the number of [Agency] resources attached.
  13. Scholarly Plagiarist -------------------- Type : Character Cost : 3 Skill : 2 Icons : CI Game Text: If you win an I struggle in which Scholarly Plagiarist is participating, instead of the normal struggle effects, move a success token from the opponent's side of the story to yours. Repo Man -------- Type : Character Cost : 2 Skill : 2 Icons : C Game Text: If you win a C struggle at a story to which Repo Man is committed, instead of the normal struggle effects, take control of a support card controlled by the losing player. Vengeful Mob ------------ Type : Event Cost : 2 Game Text: Response: After you lose a C struggle, choose an opponent's character. If that character has fewer C icons than all of your characters that are not committed to a story, wound the target character. What happens when you win investigation with Scholarly Plagiarist or win combat with Repo Man but you can't do what the card says you should? So in these cases, the opponent doesn't have any success tokens or doesn't have any support cards. I suppose then you simply don't do anything... Still it's not good when you're told to do something related to objects that don't exist. The problem with Vengeful Mob is almost the same as was with the first two cards. What if I don't have any non-committed characters in play? How do I determine "If that character has fewer C icons than all of your characters that are not committed to a story". Do I suppose my characters have 0 combat icons? Someone should proofread the cards before printing and check if these null pointer exceptions may happen.
  14. The_Big_Show said: I'm hoping mixed, but the best way to handle it would be to have separate mixed and white-border events. That would be perfect.
  15. To the people at FFG who have these issues as their responsibility: Will there be Call of Cthulhu: the Card Game Nationals/Regionals this year? If so, it'd be nice to get to know of that a good while before the events take place. Also, assuming there will be Natls/Regionals, what's the format going to be? White-Bordered only, mixed-bordered, League rules, something else? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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