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  1. Hi As I'm going to play scenario Communication Breakdown soon I got one doubt about this scenario. The scenario says that Leia cannot be attacked or receive Wounds when standing next to not-wounded hero. 1) Does that means that she cannot be a target for Imperial ability cards as well? I mean cards like i.e. Prey Upon Doubt Imperial Class Card. 2) Does that also means that she will not receive damage from friendly fire (like Blast)? Thanks for answer.
  2. Yes. That is what I was asking for. Thanks for clearing this up.
  3. Hi I want to be sure I understand those two Mythos cards correctly. Are At Midnight Effects for those two cards holds only for one day as per usual mythos cards, or they are kept permanently?
  4. Hi I want to ask if such situation is possible. Turn Start. Starbuck is in space area. She moves and then takes one action. She uses her second action to play Executive Orders on someone who is in Command. Command person uses two times Command location by taking 3 f.e. attacks with unmanned vipers and then launching another one... what uses Apollo by launching himself that way. And he has one action left. Turn ends. Possible?
  5. Hi I have a question about some situation. What if last jump before New Caprica phase brought Scar to game (Mining Asteroid destination card). Does Scar crysis is skipped or is he waiting for fleet to come back?
  6. Hi One more question about Cavil rules. His ability says "Place 1 basestar (..) or if all basestars are in play, you may remove 1 from game". I need clearing up following - can he remove basestar if only one is in game (playing for humans ) or he can remove it only if two are on board? Also can he "replace" basestar as one action f.e. two basestars are in game, then Cavil takes an action of removing and placing basestar for purposes of "healing" basestar? Or he can do it only as two actions - first removing damaged one and then in next turn place new-undamaged one? Thanks
  7. Hi I'm new to TOI and I don't get it. Rulebook says "The Action Phase is broken down into a number of Action Turns, during which a player must take the number of action indicated by a scenario". Can someone please explain me how this look is game? I simply don't get how many Action Turns are per one Action Phase. Is there so many actions turns per action phase to activate all units? Regards
  8. Laoghan


    So every attack roll of 7-8 on a die can destroy Scar? Doesn't matter what attack type it is (nuke vs basestar, Pegasus location, etc)?
  9. Hello Got a question regarding Scar cylon rider. Beside what is written in rules, is he treated as normal Cylon Raider? I mean can you destroy it with Nuke (if he is on location when Basestar is destroyed with nuke with additional raiders), or by area attack (via Pegasus location)? Or is it possible to destroy him only by Vipers? For now we were playing treading him "special" so no nuke or pegasus attack could destroy him. But I want to make it sure we Scar status clearly. Regards
  10. So there is no limit to Super Crisis Cards in Cylon player hand? And if they turn Cylon they appear at Ressurection Ship so they won't waste more time travelling there. So after turning they can prepare by waiting few turns drawing Super Crisis Cards (of course they will waste some time). Anyway thanks for answer. I simply wasn't sure if they can take multiple Crisis Cards by waiting at Ressurection Ship location.
  11. Hi Just a question for confirmation. Do I get rules correctly that if I cut chain of influence markers then on all locations ifluences are reduced to one? I mean if fe. 3 locations are cut with several ifluences each they are reduced to 1 token PER location cut? Regards
  12. Hi We are playing Battlestar Galactica with Pegasus Expansion so we have revised Cylon Locations on main board. On Ressurection Ship Cylon as an action can draw Super Crisis Cards. And that is where my problem appears - how many Crisis Cards a revealed cylon can draw on his had when he is using this action turn by turn? Or revealed Cylon can have only one Super Crisis Card on his hand? regards
  13. It even looks so that League 2 isn't officialy finished... or it is forgotten...
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