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  1. Destiny Quest books are very similar to that. At each chapter, you get a map of places you can go and each place is a mini-adventure, while they all tie into the overall story. It also keeps track os some things that happened to you in the past and future events can changes depending on that. This seems similar if a somewhat expanded version of this.
  2. This seems like a pretty standard Choose Your Own Adventure book series like Warlock of Firetop Mountain or (more recent) Destiny Quest. Are there any major difference that would make it more than that? Not saying that’s a bad thing if it’s done well, but FFG seems to be advertising it as something really innovative.
  3. Thanks. Good luck fighting the software. BTW I hope you don't take any of the feature requests as criticism. It's awesome that you're offering this free tool to the community!
  4. Unfortunately, no. I am already cheating in a sense to make this happen as it is. The images for all of these cards are a fixed size. The hero cards are fixed 600x480 pixels. All of the rest of the cards are a fixed 309x480 pixels. Originally, the "window" that is programmed to pop up (the css wrapper) was a max size of 285x205 pixels. And then it uses various algorithms to determine where to display the images based on the number of images found, dynamic borders, concatenation, etc. I basically used some programming to "cheat" the system, and get it to display larger images, by fooling it to dynamically size the window based on a percentage of the true size of the actual real image. Suffice it to say that this was neither easy, nor is it flexible. There simply is no way to provide true dynamic scaling tailored to each individual's taste, if for no other reason than the original images themselves are a fixed size. There is only one of them. And I am NOT about to generate an even greater number of images, and then try to dynamically determine which one to show. Remember, originally, this was an exercise meant only for me as a memory aide/crutch, so that I could participate in discussions with people without having to drag out the game pieces each and every time. Don't get me wrong ... I am fine with all of you providing suggestions, and if I can implement them easily, I will. After all, this is a great community, and I like giving back to it. One last thing. Many people have suggested modifying the programming to force exact matches on names, so that you don't end up with what I call "bleed". For example, if I write the phrase "advanced quest", the prefix Advance is underlined in red because it is a key word for a class skill. But people would prefer that it would only underline when the word "advance" is used, and not any other form of it. I have tried to make this happen. With absolutely no success. When I rewrite the code to implement this feature, other things break. Obviously, I am not going to give up on this, but it may take a while. This code uses some very sophisticated regex, which, if you have any experience with it (or with similar tools in Unix like Awk), you know how temperamental it can be. I know a little about regex (although different languages use somewhat different regex syntax). Typically using "\b" would signify a word boundary. So "\bhell\b" would match "hell" in "hell is for the brave", but not in "hello".
  5. Any2cards, Thanks a lot for the update. It looks better already. Not knowing anything about programming Chrome plugins, I'll make a possibly dumb suggestion. Is it possible to include configurable plugin settings to set the image scaling? This way everyone can set the scale to their liking.
  6. I've been using your plugin and think it's super cool so far. Once request - currently some cards (especially character cards and ability cards with a lot of text) display too small to read the text. Would it be possible to add a scaling option, where you specify a zoom value for the card images? Another suggestion is make the plugin only recognize whole words as keywords. This would keep extraneous highlights for card names that happen to be part of another word.
  7. This might be a better option. So you just cut out with an exacto knife the sizes you need? Is this super simple or is it a bit of work? Thanks for the share. It's simpler than that. The foam is pre-cut into squares and you just pluck out the squares you need to accommodate the minis. No knife required.
  8. I recommend these (http://www.miniaturemarket.com/searchresults?q=Game+Plus+Products+foam) for painted mini storage. You can pluck them to any size you want, so you can store monsters of all different shapes.
  9. Because 3rd edition was an epic fail, hopefully the expansions will make things better by providing "better" content and not just more content. Runebound was always about telling a story, similar to talisman (without the limitation of d6 movement). The 3rd edition doesn't tell the story of terrinoth it tells a weak generic bland fantasy tale. I could go on about 3rd edition's failures but then I'd never stop. I've just cut my losses and unsubscribed from the runebound forum, now I can focus on the descent, runewars and Battlelore games instead. I'm not sure why you would have such a negative view of 3rd edition if you (apparently) liked 2nd ed. While some of the mechanics are certainly different between the two, they both tell very generic fantasy stories (which is fine with me as I like both versions).
  10. Well, I think a "backtrack" button would be a much better solution to your concern than limiting save points.
  11. Is there any reason why the game doesn't save after each activation (hero or monster)? Sometimes I need to stop the game (either because it's late or I need to do something with the family), and I don't always have time to finish an entire round (which can take a while if there are a lot of monsters in the board). Please add this in an upcoming release.
  12. I'd like to second this. I have tried to beat this level probably 5-6 times now without success (getting to 2 lit fires max). If anyone has strategy advice for this level, I'd be very grateful.
  13. I was really hoping for monsters, but this is good too. Maybe monsters in next expansion?
  14. Thanks for the clarification, Morthai. So I guess it's still true that the overlord has no incentive to either play or not play the rumor cards (assuming the rumor quests are balanced, the heroes have as much chance of getting something good as he does). It seems that an equivalent rule would be for the heroes to decide on playing rumors or for all players to just vote on whether they want to play the rumor or not.
  15. I just read the preview for Layer of the Wyrm expansion and it seems that the overlord is one who choose the play the side quest cards. However, I'm not sure what incentive, from a strategy point of view, he has to play them. Does it benefit him in any way or does he basically just play them if he feels like playing an extra quest?
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