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  1. Lars said: isn't there a rember me box? if not there has to be a way to not have to log in every time (i've logged in like twice since the new boards opened, i just don't remember why) Yeah, there's definitely a "remember me" box. I, too, would find it annoying if I had to log in each time. Also, I agree with Kennon's post. I guess the discussion boards do offer a lot of options, but few are intuitive to the experienced discussion-board person. Whereas before I frequently popped in to post something, for whatever reason I find things a little more cumbersome now. (Perhaps it's just a matter of me changing...but I still find it somewhat frustrating.)
  2. Sorry to double post...I just realized that applications for League Play and the Hedge Tournament are due December 29th. (I realize that info has been there awhile, I've just been busy with other things.) Has anyone applied for either of these? It would be nice if we can at least set a date for the tournaments. I can probably set something up in the DC area if people would like, but I think Glen Burnie would probably be the way to go for the Hedge Tourney. Is anyone registered as a Night's Watch there?
  3. Ah, the minisight is the sort of thing I was looking for. Though I can't say I love the alternative, I think this is much better than what I originally had experienced. Was this burried somewhere or am I just somewhat careless in my navigating this website? Also, I guess I'm beginning to understand the friend thing. It's a bit annoying to do the whole friend thing for a community like ours, but as long as there is a pm-type mechanic, that works for me. Thanks for enlightening me. All in all, thanks for the responses guys. While I'm still feeling a bit underwhelmed by the current website--dark and dreary isn't for me--and I don't much care for the word processing mechanics, it looks like it isn't as bad as I have been thinking. The minisite is also a big improvement...I'll have to bookmark that. Thanks!
  4. I have a number of grievances that range from major frustrations to minor annoyances. (Feel free to add your own to this list. Maybe FFG will do something, though I wouldn't cross my fingers.) 1. Any AGOT news/information/etc. is difficult to find. Whereas I previously often visited www.agameofthrones.com, the AGOT-related news is constantly burried by news of other FFG products. The discussion threads are similarly difficult to navigate--one must go through a series of pages just to get to the "A Game of Thrones Discussion Boards." AGOT is NOT EVEN ON THE FFG HOMEPAGE!!! (At least not at the moment I'm writing this.) Nothing about this new site is intuitive, and many things are counter-intuitive. (For example: If I had heard of AGOT but not the "LCG," I would look for it under the "Collectible Card Games" category and probably never realize it exists under an alternative "Living Card Games" category. 2. The "news" page has a sophomoric, unpolished feel to it. Though I appreciate news about AGOT, there is rarely any and it often appears insignificant amongst the various other posts. Moreover, the blog-feel makes the news appear unthought-out and unofficial. This is certainly not the way to get new players involved. 3. The discussion threads are terrible. Typing, the most basic aspect of a thread, reveals technical problems. For whatever reason, every time I hit the new paragraph ("Enter") key, there is an additional space in my text so that I have to skip lines when all I really want to do is insert a paragraph break. Other similar annoyances have also come up, though I'm drawing a blank at the moment. (It's possible the problem is with my web-browser though, as I prefer to use Firefox over IE.) Also, I still haven't figured out how to send personal messages to people. If there is no messaging system, I would be both perplexed (this is one of the most basic features and an important one--I am definitely not going to post my mobile phone number on a public discussion board) and disappointed. 4. I have a sneaking suspician that many of the frustrations I have with the discussion board are intentional. Did FFG choose this structure because it in some way allows them to track us "customers" more easily? Even if unintended, the current FFG site forces visitors to navigate through a series of pages to get to their final destination. This feels a bit like being hearded past other FFG products in a way that is vaguely reminiscent of being shepharded around a tourist visitor's center full of unwanted solicitations. (For future reference FFG, none of this is going to make me buy non-AGOT products. In fact, it is having the opposite affect in that I am frustrated everytime I visit FFG's site and would only ever buy another FFG product if a friend that I trust recommends it to me. My friends that play other games are less likely to recommend things on the discussion boards or elsewhere if they are similarly frustrated by the new FFG site.) 5. Last but not least, this site is f-ugly. Even if "cool" at first glance, the dark colors ensures a dreary feeling and makes spending long amounts of time on the site depressing. (Remember, in website design, "simple" and "bright" are usually preferable to "complicated" and "dark.") Also, the uniformity of the discussion threads across FFG's site reduces the personalization and community aspects of the old threads. Whereas the threads used to feel like they were created for AGOT players (even if, in fact, this was only because a few AGOT pictures had been well-placed), it now feels as if our threads were annexed into some larger, impersonal and almost immoral regime. (If the old threads were the Apple Computer, the news are the disappointing Microsoft variety; if the old AGOT site were a handcooked hamburger, the new ones are the McDonald's $.99 version.)
  5. I am also working on a draft cube as well (http://tzumainn.com/agot/decks/deck.php?current_deck_id=15677). I intend to incorporate all six houses and a little bit of some of the neutral fun stuff, such as Wildlings, Night's Watch, etc. Players will also bring resource-providing locations as a draft supplement. (I have yet to decide which of those will be included, but they will probably include the seas and various other influence/gold producing locations.) I will also make a second draft list of plots, with various resets, search plots, etc. (I think this will be more fun than the standard "draft pack" boringness.) A quick note...I have intentionally left out what I consider "annoying" or "unfun" mechanics, such as deck-discarding. In general, when possible, I have tried to create synergy among the houses and even between houses--knowing that many people will choose to treaty. I also want each pack to be filled with great cards that make choosing the right ones difficult. The following draft list is not quite complete, however. I still need to add a few characters, locations, and lots of events. I also need to balance out some of the costs--I haven't checked, but I wouldn't be surprised if the current gold curves are a bit whacky. As I am making these changes, I realized others might have great insight into what a good draft would include. Please offer any suggestions, constructive criticism, etc. and I will make changes according. Thanks a ton! http://tzumainn.com/agot/decks/deck.php?current_deck_id=15677
  6. thebraz said: I'll be in D.C. from the 5-7 of January. I haven't touched my cards since Gen Con. Let me know if there's an evening when folks might be around. By the way, I started a Meetup group today and I have added an event to the page mentioning your visit from afar. I'm still not sure which day works best, but let me know what works for you and we'll go from there. Cheers! On a somewhat related note, if anyone here would like, I can expand the Meetup Group's "DC-area" to the East Coast in general. I wasn't sure if other people already had other websites, etc. that they used and I didn't want to step on anyone's feet. Thanks!
  7. wampa8jedi said: I already posted in the Virginia thread, but thought I'd toss my name in the hat here as well. I'm in central VA until August, and would love to play in the LCG format. DC proper is probably too far of a treck to make, but northern Virginia could easily work for a weekend tournament. I would be surprised if we don't hold a few northern VA tourneys in the next 3-4 months. Keep checking this forum; I've got to remember to check the other VA threads more frequently as well.
  8. Great to hear you'll be in DC! I will definitely be interested in playing a few games...not sure which day is best yet though. I have talked to a couple DC people and they aren't sure what their plans for early January are yet, but I suspect we can rummage up a couple more people for a small get together. Just a quick note--most of the people around here are playing LCG now, so bring your LCG deck along if you have one. If not, we can play core set or we can build something here. (I have a decent Lanni deck that I think will be fairly competitive.) I'll post here once it gets a bit closer to the time and I know which days work for people.
  9. I've been anxiously awaiting new spoilers--I've gone hunting on FFG's and Tzumainn's site several times just to make sure I didn't miss anything. That said, I'm not usually the one to start such a thread, I will however chime in on one. If that's what this thread has become then "FFG, please post a new spoiler!" By the way, my hope is that there's some sort of location discard in there. I doubt it will happen, but an alternative to Warhorn would be very well received. Also, a couple more plots would be pretty hot, considering most of them rotated with the shift to LCG.
  10. Good question, Lars. I'm not sure about Glen Burnie, but Finite and I were looking into one of us signing up as Night's Watch for a place in Washington, DC. So far the best store I've found is a hole-in-the-wall sort of place that is far inferior, but much more accessible, than Glen Burnie. That said, GB is still the central location for all of us so I think someone should be a Night's Watch and I plan on attending many tournaments there. By the way, I had originally hoped we could get a tourney going for this Saturday, but it looks like pre-holiday plans, school finals, and various other interference make it hard for most people to attend. (Finite and I may still meet up to play a few casual games on Saturday, if anyone happens to be in the area and wants to stop in.) When people are back after the holiday, I think we should get something going in January. Does sometime in mid-January work for a GB tourney? Any specific dates good/bad, etc? (At this point, my preferred format is LCG, so that we can prepare for a regionals that we will inevitably want to host sometime in early summer.) Lastly, as far as meta numbers go, some of the DC players are working on expanding the player base. I haven't heard much from Casey or the northern VA crowd, but there's a few new people in the DC area. (Right now I count 4-5.) I'm hoping we can eventually get a rather solid base of 6-8 DC metro area players that can attend tourneys in VA, MD, and (maybe) beyond. Any suggestions for meta-growing would be great. Now that I'm no longer a student, it's a bit tough to get people involved, but I have a couple more people that might be interested that I'll try to get involved after Christmas.
  11. I always thought it would be neat if there was a Wildling version of Jon Snow, so here it goes... Jon Snow (2 Gold, 2 STR, House Stark. Bastard.) Military icon. You may play Jon Snow without a gold penalty. While you control more Night's Watch characters than Wildling characters, Jon Snow gains a power icon, the lord trait, and all Night's Watch characters get +1 STR. While you control more Wildling characters than Night's Watch characters, Jon Snow gains an intrigue icon, +2 STR, and and cannot be killed. The pricing on this character could be adjusted somewhat, but I think a mechanic like this would be both Nedly and fun. It would capture the spirit of Jon Snow. Here's another... Littlefinger (3 Gold, 3 STR, Ally.) Intrigue icon. Stealth. If your opponent has more power on his house card than you, increase Littlefinger's printed gold cost by 2. If you have more power on your house card than your opponent, Littlefinger gains a power icon and the lord trait. Littlefinger cannot be discarded from play. Challenges: Pay 2 gold to change the claim effect of the current challenge to that of a power challenge. (Limit once per round.)
  12. Well, I don't think Lanni-control/kneel will be unbeatable, but I do think a different Lanni build can be extremely difficult to beat. A Lanni deck with about 35 2-3 cost characters (including 3x Castellan and 3x Enemy Informer), lots of draw (3x events, 3x locations, and possibly also Qyburn's Informers), and other tricks makes for a strong build. Play several claim 2 plots and flood the board, forcing the opponent to do the same. After emptying their hand--something that won't be difficult to do given Lanni's intrigue superiority--you Valar. Lanni's draw mechanics kick in again and you flood the board again. With the natural control mechanics that are already in the deck (Note: you do not need to build them in...in most cases they will exist in the cards you play), it is easy to overwhelm the opponent. You can, of course, mix up this strategy depending on the house your opponent plays. For example, Lanni can Valar earlier against Bara power rush, and get out kneelers fast (using heralds to pull Castellan instead of Chella, etc.). Against Stark, just discard their hand ASAP, then Valar. A couple claim 2 plots will probably enable you to Valar on turn 3. Again, I'm not saying that these types of decks will be unbeatable, but with surpise pumps and deadly in the form of events, and characters like Bronn and Chella (Chella is probably the only good, playable location control) on the table, it's difficult for other houses to compete. And for the record, the Targ deckbuild that uses Xaro's Home to draw takes tons of locations and quite a few attachments to ensure the draw engine is reliable. I've been experimenting and the Targ draw engine works nicely, but I usually can't get it going faster than turn 3 unless I'm lucky on the draw or run fewer than 25 characters. If I cut characters, I'm less likely to draw things I need--very detrimental after a reset. If I cut events, I have fewer tricks to compete. (Given Targ's comparative lack of gold, it definitely needs challenge tricks to win.) Lastly, the comparative lack of gold (compared to Lanni) means that after Valar hits, it is more difficult to build back up. I don't think it's impossible for Targ to beat Lanni, but I would be surprised if top-level Targ decks consistently beat top-level Lanni decks.
  13. After playing around with the cards and building a few decks, I feel Lanni will dominate this meta. Even if that house doesn't win every tournament, I think it will almost always place well. I recently built what I admit was a crappy Lanni deck and played it against a Targ deck. (I interrupted Finitesquarewell's studies to do so.) Basically, I think Lanni's massive draw, lack of effective location discard of any kind (poor rotating all location discard without replacing it with something), Lanni's gold, kneel, and tricksy events make it really hard to compete. Unless I'm missing something it just doesn't seem like another house can compete. In order for other houses to have a chance to compete, here's what I think they could use (skipping Martell and GJ, which I think are currently unplayable at a competitive level): All: House-specific or neutral location discard. (Warhorn doesn't count--you have to have White Raven out, then win a challenge, and all that before an opponent discards it.) Targ: More draw would be nice. More influence for the ambush mechanic would also speed things up. Targ probably has the best characters (dragons) right now, but these aren't enough to balance against Lanni's draw engine/resources. Bara: Probably needs a faster way to claim power, or more renown guys at the very least. Even in a good draw, with the summer knights and the Black Raven out, I doubt you can win by turn 3. Turn 4 isn't all that great because once Valar hits, you have to start over and Lanni will probably have kneel control by then. Stark: I haven't fooled with them all that much, but I suspect they have the same draw problem as others. It's really too bad War Horn costs 2 gold (should be 1 gold) and doesn't have any other benefit while it's not winter (such as +2 strength or gives the character a power icon). What do you all think?
  14. Wow, that's too bad about NG! I hope that you guys still plan on running tournaments somewhat regularly, because I still plan on coming sometime in January/February.
  15. finitesquarewell said: That's a hell of a lot of players you guys have down there. Given I could work out how to get there by train/bus from DC (I live in Alexandria, very close to an Amtrak station...) I probably would be interested in coming down on some weekend to play in a Saturday or Sunday tournament. Likewise, we here in DC/NoVA will be starting regular tournaments up soon (once every three weeks or a month). The location we're looking at is a gaming store in Falls Church, VA. Will let you guys know more on that once we do. Just post here if you guys are planning on hosting any weekend events down in your area, and I'll see if I can't get down there. Erick Butzlaff Just to echo what Erick said, we're looking to get some regular games going on (I'm not sure the Falls Church location will work yet though). In any case, I would also be very interested to meet a few "Hampton Roads" meta players. Definitely post your tournaments online so that we know what to plan for!
  16. By the way, I saw that someone on the NYC meta proposed MeetUp.com as a tool to organize gameplay and attract new players. Anyone know much about this or think it's worth a shot? It would be great if we could get a group of people that are regularly interested in tournaments, or just casual play. I still haven't talked to CaseyVA in awhile, but I'll try to call him sometime this week and see if anyone in VA still meets regularly (most of them didn't post online even when they did play). If need be, I'm sure enough of us will have extra cards (especially considering the LCG format) to build extra decks or bring them along for newbies/occassional players to participate.
  17. kpmccoy21 said: I could make any Saturday to Glen Burnie, but I would prefer not the 20th. Has anyone seen Tom, Bob or Mike recently on the boards? Saturday is just fine, though the 20th is probably realistically the only time I can make it in December. Shall we shoot for early January then? That will give people enough time to get their chapter packs, get decks built, and get everything they need to do done for the holidays.
  18. Just to qualify what I said (because I'm not sure exactly how to edit posts in this forum yet), Tzumainn did post Walder Frey and another couple of spoiled cards on his website. That must mean he is still playing the game (I hope he never quits!).
  19. ktom said: I'm having a conceptual problem with this whole "friending" thing. With no PM system and the inability to see e-mail addresses of people who are not friends (assuming the e-mail isn't hidden), I have no way to talk to people who send friending "invitations." And I think that's something of a problem. Here's a situation that has happened more than once: I get an "invitation" from someone. I don't recognize the name and my (one) game is not even in their library. My assumption is that this is a user essentially "phishing for friends," which I have no interest in, but how do I know for sure? I'm concerned that maybe they found me by location and are interested in looking at my (one) game, but have no way to ask about it other than "friending." I can't ask them why they sent the invitation. Am I reading too much into this or do other people see the inability of users to talk privately before "enlisting" as friends a problem? Lol, I didn't realize this function even exists. I guess by default I'm following Stag's lead.
  20. Stag Lord said: Has anyone heard from Mainn lately? I haven't noticed any updates on his AGOT site in awhile (even a few he said he had planned aren't there yet). Not sure what's happening....
  21. I was thinking that while we wait for the AGOT season to get started in January, it might be fun to play some Thrones online. Specifically, I was thinking it might be fun to get Raven Evolved going (http://tzumainn.com/agot/raven/). Both the Core Set and the new Chapter Packs were released this summer, right? If so, it's been 3 months (or was the requirement 6 months?) so we should be able to play them in Raven Evolved. Even if we can't, a lot of the Core Set cards are reprints, so we can use those. (By the way, does Tam still visit these forums?) On a separate, but related, note...Hey Tzumainn, I don't mind scanning the images if that would help you upload the files on your site faster. -------- By the Way FFG, if you created a game like Raven Evolved that allowed players to play the most up-to-date games online, I would pay. I'm not sure how much, but definitely the $10/month that people pay to play World of Warcraft (the amount I would pay depends on the number of other players). You could also give away hours for online game time as prize support at tournaments.
  22. Finitesquarewell and I have been talking about getting a tournament going sometime in December or January. We were thinking of meeting somewhere in DC or northern VA, but if people want to get together in Glen Burnie that would be just as good. In terms of format, we could do standard, though I'm getting anxious to try out the LCG format if anyone else is interested. (Also, I think Finite may be ordering some 5KE boosters so we might be able to draft those if people feel like it.) Anyone interested? If so, what date(s) are good for you?
  23. This is a thread for players on the East Coast--everything south of NYC (but includes Northern Virginia). Our meta frequently plays in Glen Burnie, and some of the Northern VA players have a nice shop in Fairfax (I think, or is it Falls Church?). Some of us are based in DC as wel. New players welcome! TOPIC EDIT: For clarity
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