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  1. OK so I think where we are netting out is that we think Bomb is right, but aren't quite sure due to past precedent. Does that mean I should email FFG, or am I misunderstanding? Thanks again guys, this stuff is confusing, and as Bomb noted, we had four co-judges weigh in on this and were evenly split as to how it worked.
  2. Thanks Bomb... This came up in my top 8 game on Red Saturday. Appreciate the clarification.
  3. If I play Deceit on Euron before he attacks (at which point he would be immune), I remove his renoun and move it to a character I control. Because Deceit is a lasting effect that ends at end of phase, I'm wondering whether I would also remove his stealth if Euron attacks. And if yes, would my character then gain stealth as well?
  4. When someone cancels shadows Adrienne's response, will the person get to see the plot that is chosen prior to canceling? I think not, but this came up the other day. The logic for the other point of view is that whenever there is a trigger that reacts with other cards, the player must identify the target as part of playing the card. Another example is Die by the Sword. Does the player identify who is targeted before the opponent decides whether to cancel?
  5. @Krang: Don't let Dan get you down. I freed myself from the Borg's DC chapter several years ago, and so far not too much anxiety from being disconnected with the "Hive." @Dan: It's been awhile since we played. When are you going to make your way up to NYC next? You missed a fun Thronestoberfest!
  6. This deck was a "tempo" deck that was closer to aggro than it was to burn, though it had a good amount of "lite" burn in it (Dragon Knight, Pyrophobia, the 3-2-2 winter plot, 2x Meereen Tourney Grounds, Venomous Manticores, etc.). The Targ deck was very fast...not rush, but gained the upper hand quickly. I think the 4 Swiss games I won were over in less than 30 minutes. The rationale for SoI is that Targ burn is pretty good at tearing apart aggro builds, but runs into trouble against heavy control. Basically, a control player can slow play the game until they drop a Favorable Ground or have what they need in the long game. Of course, a Targ heavy burn deck can do the same, but Targ heavy burn (KotHH, HoD, etc.) tends to be a little weaker to Greyjoy, which I thought would be popular. So I was looking for a solution that would allow me to play a tempo Targ build that didn't lose to heavy control. SoI puts a lot of pressure on heavy control builds, because the opponent can't hold cards in hand and must choose early on whether to win challenges (play characters) or setup the late game but lose a lot of early challenges. I also think the psychological effects of SoI (and winter generally) are pretty strong, because the opponent is forced to play in a way that they normally wouldn't. Again, this typically means the opponent will play more aggressively, which in turn means throwing down more characters that I can kill, rather than locations that I have trouble removing (1+ cost locations are tough for most non-KotHH Targ decks to deal with). The trick to a deck like this is really building the winter + SoI mechanics into its core. In addition to the 3-2-2 winter plot, I played First Snow of Winter, so that an opponent running weenies would need to decide whether to discard them or bigger characters at the end of dominance. I think at least half of my characters had Ambush, and I played 3x Ambush from the Plains and 2x To Be a Dragon, so that it really felt like I could ambush anything I wanted...and if I got hit with my own agenda, Ambush could bring the cards back. Winter has the added benefit in a Targ deck like this of (a) choking out the opponent, so that they play fewer characters, allowing me to concentrate my burn, (b) run the 3-2-2 burn plot (forgetting it's name) as a "soft" Threat from the North that combos with Pyrophobia to choke out an opponent (and generally works well with other burn), and © allowed me to play the new Kingsroad locations to keep pressure on an opponent. My loss in elemination to the eventual winner had to do with his solid playing and my lack of familiarity playing the deck against Stark. We don't play a lot of Stark in NYC, and I had forgotten how to play Targ against Northern Cavalry Flank, No Quarter and some of the other Targ staples. I just haven't had time to do playtesting much recently. I think if I played that matchup 10 times though, it'd probably split evenly between the two decks, and may just come down to whether the Stark player draws multiple No Quarters in the opening round (as he did) or I draw Ambush from the Plains + Company of the Cats or Horseback Archers. All in all, I think the approach worked fairly well, but it needs some fine tuning. For example, I think I cut out too much draw in the final version (I cut all copies of Samwell, for example), and I had an especially tough time keeping up with Britt's Harrenhal (on setup) and various search effects. In fact, I'm not sure I would play Targ SoI in the current metagame. I think the main problem was that I didn't face any heavy control decks. The closest thing I faced was another Targ burn deck (HoD Dragonpit), my only loss in Swiss. And while mirror matches are always tough, and this deck was a control build, the main reason I lost was that my influence grouped at the bottom fo the deck. (Not saying I would have won--his deck had more burn, which tends to be a decider in mirror matches--but my lack of influence for 4+ rounds basically put me out of the game.) In the end, if the metagame doesn't have a lot of heavy control, the SoI agenda just doesn't add as much as it needs to. I'm going to do some more testing with the new summer agenda, which I think is probably better for Targ in an environment where aggro is more prevalent.
  7. Imagine how awesome this could be... then multiply that by the number of people named Walder Frey. That is how neat Thronestoberfest will be. See you there!
  8. Greg, I'm so sorry to hear about this. We just had a small pipe break in our ceiling... A few thousand dollars in damage, which hurts when you aren't expecting it, but I can only imagine a flooded basement. I was looking forward to the event sand had already cleared it with my wife. Sorry buddy. To follow up on Dennis and Vaapad's post, we are holding an event. Won't be a replacement to the fantastic gathering Greg had planned, but will feature some of the best competitors in the country. Many of the past world's and nationals champions are from the east coast, and attend NYC events regularly. I hope others will consider attending, but even if it ends up being more of a regional event, will be a lot of fun and unequaled prep for world's the month after.
  9. The charity raffle involved mire than 20 prizes and sold nearly 100 tickets for a total gift to charity of $250. Special thanks to Dave (Vaapad) for organizing this event!
  10. 23 players, Aaron (Targ TLV) vs Morgan (Martell TLV) in the finals.
  11. There's a lot of discussion on CardGameDB and agotcards. CardGameDB has a forums section that is similar to FFG's, but the software is much better. I think most of the conversation that happened on FFG now happens there. Agotcards has more users and a bigger international presence, which makes it better for looking at decks and keeping tabs on the large European tournaments. I don't like the chat/forum software quite as much, but I do like the card lists and search. Also, unlike CardGameDB, agotcards focuses on AGOT exclusively.
  12. Danigral said: We are now a confirmed 27 people for DC regionals, which is shaping up to be our largest and most competitive regionals to date! Although unprecedented and unanticipated, we have to cut it off at 32 entrants and create a waitlist beyond that. Sooooo, email your meta-mates and tell them to RSVP with me asap if you know anyone. ach.dan / gmail NYC will have 2-3. If you don't have two spaces saved for NYC players, please reserve those spaces. Thanks!
  13. I'll be there, and looking forward to seeing all of you!
  14. Surprising that there was only 1 Martell player. Is this a product of the popularity of GJ in the meta? Based on my playtesting, and what I've heard reports of at recent east coast tournaments, Martell TLV is a pretty strong build. They have gone against a variety of decks, including GJ choke builds, and seem to be pushing through. I suppose that in a choke-heavy environment they could hit a few obstacles though.
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