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  1. Translate to Spanish language by Edge Enterprise is announced in its web.
  2. Hi all. You can get a lot off art of this game (and Arkham Horror, Mansions, and more) compile in spanish forums, at this link: Imágenes de La LLamada de Cthulhu (Chaosium, FFG, Pelgrane y más) 14-04-14. rar (720 MB)
  3. Thank you very much, Nyarlazorbec! What about to add the new promo cards?
  4. The spanish edition ( "Terror en Venecia") is announced to september.
  5. Nyarlazorbec said: Hi there, A small preview of what's coming next... Cheers !
  6. Excellent! Thank you again, Tiziano. I've found this image yesterday in Deviantart, and I place it in the Official Post of Call of Cthulhu CCG/LCG Images (spanish forum).
  7. Thank you for show your art, ndsing. Ir somebody want to see more art for this game, visit this link. (spanish language, sorry. )
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