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  1. I don't have the Beta rules which may address this. I'm a little confused about determing initiative during starship combat. It seems counterintuitive to use PC values when the state of the spacecraft, themselves, seem to be just as important, if not more so, such as who is moving faster, who is using evasive maneuvers, etc. This isn't really addressed in the Beginners rules. Any insights on determining Initiative during starship combat?
  2. Make sure you check under the box insert for the Attrition die. That's where it's packed. It has 2 blank sides, 3 sides with a single skull and one side with two skulls.
  3. One other thing about Reanimates...in the "Resurgence of the Dragonlords" scenario you probably *do* want to keep one around for the final battle to soak up any Attrition you may have to endure...unless you're feeling lucky with your Attrition die roll.
  4. I played a few games tonight (solo) with the Undead and I did not find them to be a powerhouse, necessarily. To win the 18-strength battle for the end game you pretty much have to load up with the 5 point Units (the one with the extra point bonus) and neutral card (Demon, I believe) . Reanimates are only for the early and mid-game. They won't help you win the final Boss battle. The Reanimate card only lets you rummage through the Discards to find another Reanimate. This tends to only be profitable about 50% of the time when a few turns have gone by since the last deck reshuffle and the discard pile has collected a significant number of cards in it again. And the fact that the Reanimate only has a strength of "1" doesn't necessarily add a lot of power, although sometimes it's enough and I found that, generally, it is a good thing to be using and discarding Reanimates so they can show up down the road to help your defense of the nastier Event cards. Some of the enemies that you fight from the Event deck become "rewards" but are really two-edged swords that can bite you for your trouble. The second stage event card that screws you if you have "rewards" in your play area is pretty nasty. It's better to do without the meager reward that the "reward" Enemies provide than expose yourself to the nasty Event card.
  5. I wish had had the time to be obsessed with anything, at the moment. No, I'm a casual gamer but I am definitely interested in having the experience of playing AGOT. Most of my gaming occurs when my family assembles for various holidays in whatever far flung parts. This is fun but the quantity of such experiences in one year can be numbered on one hand (although the quality of the gaming is quite high). Hence, I find myself as often as not enjoying games solo in the form of discovering how they play, their mechanics, etc. My wife and I have played most of the FFG products at least once. I enjoy the occasional war game (EastFront is currently getting some of my attention as well as Asia Engulfed), so my tastes are all over the map. As soon as I can figure out how to use this forum to actually communicate with you offline, I will! If you can figure out a way, you can beat me to the punch. I look forward to continuing our dialogue and seeing if we can make AGOT work out for us. Perhaps some others lurking on the Peninsula will chime in, as well.
  6. I'm in San Carlos. Well....now we're getting somewhere.
  7. I think the "fewer than 6 cards wording" is to make clear that if your hand if full with 6 cards, you are not entitled to draw a card (temporarily have 7 cards) and discard down to 6 cards. If you already have 6 cards, you cannot draw a card, period.
  8. Checked my new cards including Core set and Chapter Packs which have been "stewing" for a couple of weeks in their Ultra-Pro clear sleeves. I see no trace of ink bleed or ghost images on any of the sleeves.
  9. It's a bit dizzying all the changes in forums lately. So, I apologize if my question has been answered previously. I'm on the San Francisco peninsula. Anyone else out there interested in drumming up some interest in informal games? I'm a newbie and would like to try this game with someone other than my wife (who has so far tolerated my attempts to force her to play the game, just so I can figure it out, but I am overusing my credit there). I know there is an active meta in the East Bay but that's a bit too far for me. I would say anything from S.F. to San Jose needs a "Peninsula" meta. Anyone interested?
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