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  1. Sorry I'm really trying to be more active. Everyone sound like they're having fun though anyways. I spent all last week playing 358/2 Days, realy good game in the end.
  2. Ah I feel bad that I haven't been on in such a long time, but I got really busy moving and getting started in college... So what'd I miss and how's Break of Dawn treating everyone?
  3. I'd really hate to see the team disbanded...especially since most of us are members from back at the old FFG forums. But your the founder digi so its entirely up to you.
  4. I haven't played in a long time and I know its late, but if anyone wants a match just reply on the forum.
  5. Sorry demon. I'd have played you if I'd seen that, but next time we're both on I could definitely use a match.
  6. Its been a few days since I got on but Roxas is pretty cool. Don't know if anyone's asked this, but Roxas's text doesn't say he can play Nobodies/XIII as friends. I'm assuming he can be played as a friend, but can he use the other OrgXIII members as friends is my big concern?
  7. Y'know Oathkeeper makes a pretty good point with Xaladin and his spears. It doesn't say anywhere that he has to be your player to use that ability so as far as I can tell, yeah he's right, Xaladin could just be in your friend area and you could still use this effect. I like the spears and the idea to challenge twice cause even if you lose the first one, you're pretty likely to win the second one at least. My only problem is how good are your odds of having four of them at once? Might be good, but might be one of those cards you use once in like every five duels.
  8. Better yet, he can get rid of your opponents Sephiroth! Major plus for those of us who didn't get one in L&D. Xaladin may not be that impressive but any OrgXIII memeber is pretty cool!
  9. I can see people just making one big OrgXIII deck that has every member and their cards and just rotating their main player as they see fit to. I think that's what I honestly plan to do, assuming that I get enough Nobodies and members.
  10. Auron is definitely gonna be useful. As for Xaladin, yeah we expected something like that, but I didn't expect the being able to play other OrgXII memebers as friends too! That could be very useful...
  11. Why Traverse Town? Ah who cares...you read the other posts...go to Traverse Town! Now!
  12. Hmm...getting back to being only semi-active are we team? Well, hopefully Set 4 will change that!
  13. I'm more surprised that someone didn't already start this thread already, but that's beyond the point. So, with Break of Dawn coming out at some time this month, FFG has started the card of the day again. I'm curious to what everyone thinks about some of the new cards (and the new designs for them). So lemme know what you think everyone!
  14. So many hammers! Can't dodge them all...
  15. Ah its too bad you're selling them, but I would like to see what you have...
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